Super Bowl, Hip hop music, 2021 Kodak Black HONORED at Super Bowl LV Party, Fans claim he is a CLONE

Today you know there was uh two fallen fbi agents in broward county that had small children. We actually sent the letter over to the fbi director in miami that kodak is offering to pay for all three kids tuitions going forward and it’s always very important, and you know it’s always very important to code what’s, the form if you’re a black, never give up On our black men, remember you always a team, and this is a new shot. Please do what you do and still continue to be great and i’m gon na hug, my brother Music, so kodak black project, baby, the finesse kid is back in the news here. We go again: hasn’t been three weeks since project baby got released and already people are calling him a clone. I can’t even make this up, but all jokes aside looks like 2021 is already off to a good start. Kodak black got a presidential pardon. I didn’t even know that was a thing, and now he is back. We are waiting for first day out, part 15, i think i’m, not sure. So, ladies and gentlemen, breaking news of the day i’m sure you’ve already heard kodak black is out. Project baby has finally made his first camera appearance, televised appearance whatever you want to call it like any other person who just got released from a maximum security prison. The first thing you’re gon na do is pull up at a super bowl party, because what else are you gon na do screw the home cook meals? I want to be at the super bowl kickback, all right.

All right, i’m kidding, relax, kodak black actually stayed away from all the social media for about two weeks, but now he is partaking in social activities. I think he went to johnny dang and he’s parting up a little bit that’s. Okay, he can. He was in prison for like a year and a half, if you guys don’t, remember, kodak black was actually arrested at rolling loud back in 2019. Yes feels like a decade. Apparently it was a whole situation where he tried to buy a gun earlier in the day, but he couldn’t because of his prior record and that’s how he ended up behind bars through the course of his entire sentence. We heard the guards were beating him up. Some people weren’t getting their letters and a bunch of other unfair things were happening to kodak black, then out of nowhere rumors start flying around that the president might pardon kodak and on january 20th, project baby. The finesse kid walked out of the prison with the snipers. The zos, as i mentioned earlier, kodak, did take a couple weeks off. He just wanted to get his mentals right, that’s, okay, however, now there is footage circulating online kodak is out and about going to super bowl parties getting iced out. Apparently he was honored at a super bowl party for his community work, which is just great to see. Hopefully, kodak stays out of trouble. I literally say this. Every time i make a video about kodak getting released, i say literally the same sentence.

Hopefully kodak stays free. Hopefully stays out of trouble because he needs to just keep dropping hits. We can’t have project baby behind bars again. This is like the fifth time i’m saying this. Let me know below, are you guys excited for new kodak music? Are you not? Let me know below? We still haven’t gotten a first day out, part 25, so i’m waiting for that. But let me know below. Thank you so much for tuning in your boy, alfred out, Applause, Music. I just Music Applause, Music, smoking loud in a foreign world independent. I don’t want a deal. I just want a meal plus i’m hungry. I just want a meal i ain’t eat. Yet i’ve been up all night.

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