Cat, Zoom Video Communications IN FULL: Jackie Weaver reveals all about THAT Zoom meeting

You have no authority here, jackie weaver, no authority at all. She just kicked her mouth, no, no don’t! She kicked him out don’t. This is a meeting called by two counsellors illegally. They now elect a chairman. You know the cop because of ice chairs. Here i take charge, read the standing, orders, read them and understand them. Well, it would appear that jackie weaver did think she had authority, because that was the very moment that the chairman of hansford’s, planning and environment committee was then removed from the zoom call last december. The recording from that meeting all 18 minutes of it has gone viral. Well, jackie weaver, the council host, who made that decision has been speaking disguised katarina vertotsi, to explain exactly what happened at the now notorious meeting these things don’t start on the night they start before and for me, um, you know, democracy is is hugely important. I mean it starts with town and parish councils. You had um three councillors who had done all the right things. You know they follow all the rules and they still weren’t getting it yeah. So they had tried to get the chairman to call a meeting. He refused um. They asked him in his capacity as clark to hold a meeting. He refused, so they exercised their right under the 1972 act for two councillors to hold a meeting. So they put a lot of effort in to trying to make this meeting happen and they’d done all the rights and for me, that’s hugely important they’ve done the right thing.

You know they hadn’t just come in and said you know: we’ll ride roughshod over everything and we’ll hold this meeting. They’Ve done all the right things, and then we have um the chairman who comes in and says i’m, not in effect i’m not going to allow this meeting to take place and you don’t have an awful lot of time to process what’s going on. At that moment. It’S happening immediately, and i did what i felt was the only thing that i could do to enable them to hold this meeting. Otherwise, it would have been shut down, hence putting the three counsellors ultimately in the waiting room where they left, i mean you know they had the opportunity to come back into the meeting if they wanted to participate with the meeting, but they didn’t want to participate in The meeting they wanted to stop it, you know i did expect it to be a tense meeting. I never expected to see behavior like that. I mean the idea of tensions within you know a um, you know, local democracy is not new, i mean it. Can’T have been doing this job for that long. I think everybody just gets on really happily, but i’ve never seen anything like that. I don’t think an apology would mean a great deal to me. I think what i would want is some kind of recognition from them that maybe they didn’t do the right thing. I wouldn’t even put it as far as an apology, um, but just some kind of recognition.

We could have done that differently. That would be good. Do you think gender has a role to play in their in the tenor of how they were expressing themselves? I think it’s difficult to think that it didn’t um. I i mean that there are a number i haven’t memorized the whole thing yet, but i think there are a number of occasions where they certainly refer to me in a very derogatory way, um, so that you know it’s hard to say that no sex doesn’t play Any part in it, i think it probably does. How does it feel to now be in this? This strange position of having you know the world feeling, like you know, go jackie. You either, i think it’s the go jackie weaver is is um.

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