Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, Anthem, NBA Says Dallas Mavericks Will Not Play American National Anthem For Remainder Of NBA Season

If anyone has noticed or hasn’t noticed, they’ve actually not been playing the american national anthem before any of their home games this year and mark cuban went out, and he announced that guess what we’re still not going to do it rest of the season? No national anthem. For the mavericks – and i mean i think without saying – we all probably know why it’s obviously kind of to revolt, but at the same time it’s like does it set a precedent? Are we going to see other teams following this does even like? Does it even matter nowadays just well like it matters? How else are you supposed to know when the game starts? The game starts after the national anthem that’s. Why every sport in north america works? No other team has done it. I don’t know about you. I didn’t notice. I had no idea well how’d, you know the game started. Then that’s Laughter with that being said, though, like the fact that they’ve been doing this for already 13 games, they’ve already had 13 home games between the preseason regular season, and it hasn’t become news. If they were to take a knee on tv, it would become news if they were to have a hand on the other person’s back. It would have became news, they haven’t hasn’t hit the news yet and it had to happen in a way where billionaire big talking head mark cuban came out and made a statement about it.

You know what i like mark hughes i’m, not trying to talk bad about. Mark human it’s just or do we really live in a society where we don’t even notice these things, unless you physically see it if something just disappears, it’s just gone um but it’s. Definitely a protest and i’m just very surprised. We haven’t seen it so far, but i can, i can see other teams doing it, especially around the nba, especially around the reasoning. Now that the reasoning why they’re doing it come out, i don’t know if the other leagues would do it um. The nfl is obviously over until next year, so we all don’t, we don’t, know what the long term effects of this could be, but if the whole nba does it, this could be a cross sport thing in north america, yeah and i mean, like you, said before, Getting into a more how much would a guy like mark cuban love to be the figurehead of the one who started it all i mean just pump his ego up even more if you have to but again obviously jokes aside regarding cuban um yeah, it goes to Him, like he actually stated like hey like if my players want to take knee in a respectful way, like absolutely i support that i’m, proud of them. I condemn them everything good in that regard, and you know what, if i could go on the court and take a knee with them, i would join them like, so this is his way of obviously joining them in these movements and showing his players.

Like look, i care about what you guys think and it’s telling other nba players too, like look if you want to play for an organization that doesn’t only care about playing basketball, come to the dallas mavericks and we’ll, do what we can we’ll, listen to you and We’Ll try to actually incorporate change in our organization and see what we can do around the nba. So i think very good on cuban in that regard and dallas has been like that for a while um dave i’m, not sure if you realize back back on nba 2k 20 last year’s edition they would anytime you played as dallas. I played them in the gm in the my league mode and they proudly said almost every single game that dallas has been sold out since, whatever year it was in the early 2000s, because any tickets that they don’t sell. They give them away to charity and that’s. The kind of contributions that mark cuban has been become known for as much as he does have a big ego, he’s, definitely known to help out the community, and this is his way of supporting his guys. Yeah and, like i said, it’s just it’s gon na be interesting to see if other teams follow especially like on playoff team time, where maybe people don’t notice it as much and they don’t make a deal of it. Because, again again, i can forget how many games this year, i’ve taught my head, but regularly 82 at regular season games so 72 this year you forget something like you’re not usually going to tune into every game.

Most people won’t playoff time everyone’s watching people are going to realize there’s, not a national anthem and i think that’s, probably one it’s going to pick up a lot more track too, especially whenever there’s a very high chance of like dallas in the playoffs playing in la In the first round, for example, like that it’s going to be national news at that point, it just hasn’t been so far and that’s. The only reason why we haven’t seen it but we’re going to see a lot of articles come in coming out about it and we’re probably going to see a lot of other teams making statements, because their players are out there, probably on twitter retweeting. These tweets right now and going guys let’s do the same thing so there’s a good possibility. I don’t see any nhl doing it anytime, soon, uh, but in in the nba, where they’ve been kind of the forefront of this, i can definitely see it happening yeah.

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