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This is perfect for hard to reach places and it helps keep your fingers away from the flame whoa. Do i smell thats right fun. Do time big, easy reach, the ultimate, lighter perfect for candles, grills and so much more greetings lovers: international superstar john legend. Here with a very special gift for you im going to, let you sleep with me: well, not sleep sleep with me, im a happily married man, just regular sleep, sleep treat yourself to some well earned self care. By listening to my new sleep cast on headspace its your once in a lifetime opportunity to sleep with me, sort of sweet dreams, lovers start your free trial tonight that at d firebird with multi gig speeds is pretty next level. Huh yep its gon na change. The game no, but like its really gon na change the game, i know its way faster internet, which means i can stream in 4k to every room in the house yeah, but its not just that its reliable. So it wont let me down when im deep into multiplayer end game, its actually 99 reliable, but whatever whats more important is that now we can maybe start creating content differently. Obviously uploading huge files producing content and live streaming, it all at the same time, buddy yeah. I know, but do you, though i mean this level of connectivity, could open up a door to the future. Yeah buddy, creating and consuming content is about to add a whole another level, its like a super highway of bandwidth, crazy, good security, crazy ping, yep, multi, gig speeds could change the way we game forever.

Oh, my god, youre zac efron. Do you even game bro? You are again bro fishing games, nuts, Music, my fellow gods. The dark skies have spoken. It is time for susan i to retire, but where will you go? Zeus? Sorry loose? I need a charge in this. Oh thanks its not drunken science. Im heading out, dont forget to take peggy for a walk, yo zeus, a little juice thats. It im done with this place, well see about that everything. Okay out there baby yeah, oh peggy, i figure you could use a little picnia, all electric all electric, the bmw ix electricity in its ultimate form: bmw, the ultimate electric driving machine nervous, yeah. Oh blaze brings back so many good memories. Remember our road trip in 97., Music, our first real heart to heart, ive, never seen any of your movies, not even the ones were in together. Hey do you remember when that stalker kidnapped us, yes, laze? Was there Music blaze? Do you have a barbecue or a cheddar jalapeno? Oh remember, when we stumbled into that turf war. Remember when you bought your first house, those are good times. They were golden. You ready, seth! Do you i do and janet do you thats? Yes, Applause space, the boundary of human achievement, the new frontier Music, its not time to escape its time, to engage its time to plant more trees, its time to build more trust time to make more space for all of us Music.

So while the others look to the metaverse and mars lets stay here and restore ours, yeah its time to blaze our trail because the new frontier it aint rocket science, its right here, Music new blood like seltzer, hard, soda, classic cola, Applause, loud flavor, the mayor must See this hey, hey! Wait! Where are we excuse me? Music, excuse, whoa citizens theres a new flavor in town. I declare bud light seltzer hard, soda, the loudest flavors ever Applause. Music. Nice ride want to give it a spin coffees enough excitement for me. Come on Music. Very nice, catherine, what the hell hey all right is that eugene levy. Where are you be there in two seconds well cock a doodle doo, send them watch the coffee. Music ill drive, shotgun Music, wait if it was delivered with ubereats. Does that mean i can eats it Music, this candle tastes funny, not bad, but funny, and thanks to ubereats, we dont even know what food is anymore. Look how decision food Music we cant eat most of this. No, we cant eat any of this Music that bags a liar yeah. I just got so excited: hey kevin ken, oh yeah. What are you doing eating mixed nuts? This is how you eat nuts, mixing them all together and shoving them in your mouth. Like an intermittent fasting squirrel, how do you eat nuts one at a time like a regular person? I teach you that medical school kindergarten? Actually, oh, you met the height requirement.

Okay, you know theyre called mixed nuts; it tells you how to eat them right on the can. Well, all my little babies deserve respect one by one. I get whats going on here ken you like to eat one nut at a time because thats, all your little child hand can hold. I mean look at that cashew. It looks like a banana in your hand. My body prefers this protein at a controlled pace.

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