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Obviously we have the best staff in the country. They did everything they could to prepare us. We still have we’re still two days out from our game, so we still have more, obviously game shape to get to, but at last few practices have been great. I feel like guys, are getting a lot out of it. Coach talks about winning the day, and i feel like every day since we’ve been back we’ve, been winning and guys take care of their body getting their shots up and it’s a matter of no time until we play sunday. Uh next up is uh daniel dash from maize and brew. Jawon mentioned turnovers, excessive fouling and wobbly legs as some of his takeaways from the first practice back uh. I guess with such a short turnaround, what goes into combating ross uh it’s, really just a lot of it’s, mainly chemistry, being off for a week and a half two weeks, not playing together, uh it’s, really gon na affect timing, uh so we’re. Obviously, when you come back, you got ta, find the timing again. Uh know knowing your players, their strengths, weaknesses, uh, just making the right decisions. Turnovers could obviously be playing too fast. Legs are tired, fatigued, uh, just kind of getting that kind of like that game, shape that mental shape back of just getting up and down, and obviously just playing our game. I don’t try to do too much and play the michigan basketball that we know next up is uh chris ballas from the wolverine.

I say a lot of people on social media saying they thought you guys should have played illinois yeah. How badly did you want to play that game and what’s? Your reaction to that? I wasn’t like too upset, because i know man like i’m. I was sitting on a couch mainly for a week and a half two weeks and working out a little bit here and there i don’t, i don’t know if a lot of players are ready to exactly get right back into a game right away, but obviously playing Illinois is like one i have circled on my list and they told me uh. I asked a coaching staff and some of the ad that there should be a postpone, so we should be able to see them later down the road. Maybe if it’s a reschedule uh possibility but that’s one game i’m, really like hoping uh they reschedule. Next question is from connor brennan from the michigan daily yeah isaiah um i’m, just wondering what the reaction was from the players from you um. When you got the notice of the 14 day i was shutdown was, i was upset uh just because we were playing such great basketball. I mean you know you take some away from all your brothers, your family, something we love to do, but it was for a greater cause. I understand i respect a.d his uh commencement. Like the reason the decision like it was. It was a great decision and i thought we just learned a lot.

It just has people be more grateful to being in the gym, be around uh? Other brothers, like i said, and playing basketball what we love to do every day, so it was. It was hard to do at first, but then again you just had to let it go and like coach talks about one percent each day we were at home working out. I think i heard him talk about the workout videos at home, so we got a lot out of it. It’S not like. We were just sitting there like dwelling on in the dark room. We were just trying to be as positive as possible and then obviously you’ve. Never experienced something quite like this, but as a senior. What did you kind of? What was your message to your teammates or what advice did you give some of the younger guys don’t don’t stop uh. Just because we’re shut down doesn’t mean we can’t still get better. Each day, uh do your workout don’t don’t like try to be lazy. Don’T don’t think this is a vacation like we’re still trying to do something here: we’re still trying to win championships. So that was my main message to him and obviously just being a leader and a big brother to him just standing there here, especially the young guys telling them like tips of stuff tips of advice, what to do obviously stay inside, but obviously hey it’s a good Time to catch up on your homework watch some game film, like coaches, like the coaches, we’re doing and just kind of reevaluate yourself, it’s a good time.

I told them, i said, treat it as like an all star break. You know you get to have time off your legs. Look yourself in the mirror. You know just you know self revaluate and i feel like a lot of guys, did that and we’re back to getting back to playing basketball. We love to do so. We’Re all excited thanks. Uh next up is john borton from the wolverine. Yes there. What uh has shaun deeb brought to this program this year in terms of both skills and attitude, grit, uh and heart uh, shaun d’s, a guy he’s the dark horse. He is the heart of the team um, i heard coach, say he’s, a reason why, who we are today and a thousand percent? He pushes us all in practice. He pushes us in games he’s. Just one word to describe. Shawnee brown is inspiring. He inspires all of us where he plays defense, his smile every time, no matter what it is just affectionate and you can tell it rubs off on a lot of them and he was a hard worker he’s in the gym every day, getting shots up.

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