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I love where it’s, exactly where i should be. I didn’t think we were actually going to see you in the arms of the man. You love. Oh, we haven’t left bed since christmas eve. Oh really, oh joan, oh wow, lovely, so that’s a proper honeymoon where’s, this camera there he is okay. I got it i’m, not a camera person dan. How are you, ladies, so you don’t need the maldives or cancun the best place for a honeymoon, i suppose he’s snuggled up in bed exactly why go anywhere exactly we, i don’t you wouldn’t have seen, but we were just looking at your beautiful photos of your wedding. Oh, my god, stunning, absolutely stunning. Thank you. Thank you. So how did you meet? How did you two meet um on the property? This is like the magic place to live. I guess um. He was working here and i got stuck here during covet and we stuck together and that’s that’s, actually you’re, actually you’re back together. This is actually your grandparents. You bought this house from your grandparents 25 years ago. Is that right? I did yes, i bought it about 25 years ago. My grandmother lived her life out here and i’ve just been home for the last year, and a half renovating and now it’s, just gorgeous i’ve renovated all the cabins we’re putting in a dock it’s a gorgeous piece of property and um and then and dan and his Kids are living here too, so we’re having a good time, your wedding, absolutely gorgeous um.

It was a obviously a really intimate ceremony. Is that because of what’s going on at the moment with kovid, or did you want it just to be the two of you and a couple of other people? I think we prefer to be by ourselves, but it would have been nice to maybe have some family here, but there’s. Definitely no problems like someone that wasn’t invited or was invited. We just were here. We had um a really beautiful quiet ceremony and our witnesses were the first nations people that came to do a cedar blessing on us, get rid of all of our demons. I’M still working on that dan, obviously you’re in the lockdown at the moment. But how do you think you’re gon na feel when you, when you you’re out of lockdown and it comes to um, pamela’s hollywood style of living? Do you think you’ll be able to cope with that? I don’t think we’re coming out of lockdown. I think we’ll just stay in lockdown forever. I love her so dad this is gon na seem a ridiculous question to the whole world. But what what did you fall for pamela? That gorgeous being i couldn’t resist? She couldn’t resist me and what about i mean? A lot of people are dreading actually coming out of lockdown you’d be surprised. They are going back to normal life. It seems like you are in this. Well, obviously, this cocoon this. This is really like.

You know the beginning of a relationship when you actually shave your me of legs living for it. Yeah are your legs shaved? Pamela, oh well, here, i’ll! Take you guys under the covers. If you want always every day, oh, and is there a real romantic connection, because this is this house that you’re in where you got married it’s, where you spent a lot of your childhood isn’t, it pamela was that was that, did it make it extra special, the Wedding yeah: well, my parents were married here and they’re still together and um. I think it’s a lucky spot it’s, just a really i don’t know we’re upside down, but it’s, okay and – and it was simple in every way – wasn’t it no diamonds, no heels. No. Just hunter boots because it was raining and the my the veil was dragging in the mud, wow good, canadian girl, oh god, what is different about dan what’s special about dan? Well, he’s, a good guy he’s, like you know i would have. Maybe we would have met well he’s, the kind of guy i probably would have met. If i would have stayed home and not went around the world and got crazy. I mean i came home in one piece, it’s nice to be with like a real man who can actually change a light, bulb he’s, very useful it’s, the new thing. It is very sexy, a man who could do a bit of diy and check yeah.

I get it i’m with you. Well listen. We are not gon na disturb you any further because it looks like you have business, so it’s been lovely spending time with you both in bed. I think that’s, the most unusual chat. We’Ve ever i know, but you know i just loved every second of what and how in love they are, i know all around them. It was fabulous. Joe would have like farted under the covers and pulled the thing over that’s.

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