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This is smart trader, today’s video is gon na, be on amc and gamestop, and both of them are running crazy. Game stuff is closing in on 200. Once again, it ran to 200 after hours and then now it’s. Just pushing up higher amc, though, is following the gamestop hype and guess what we got in on this way earlier again around like 570 that’s, when i made the video on saturday and then around six dollar – and i mean it’s – been absolutely a blast to ride this Stock once again and making some good money now, amc is nearing that 11 mark. If you go to the daily chart, we talked about how 10 was gon na, be a resistance which it was a resistance. It came back down to nine dollars and then, of course, after i was shot back up over ten dollars, now has a gap to fill all the way to that 13 level. 1275 13 level is where the gap fill is so watch out for that gap fill tomorrow and i’m gon na caution. You guys a little bit later on in the video, but once that 13 breaks on amc, we have room to run to 17 to almost 18 and if that breaks, we have room to run to uh. You know 20 plus, okay, looking at gamestop here, look at gamestop moving after hours. Oh, you know, went to 100 actually and then now coming back down a little bit, probably gon na come back down towards like 160 170.

. You want to see if gamestop stays above 160 tomorrow, maybe pre market we’ll see how pre market works out. There’S no guarantee with this stock anymore, because you’d never know pre market could have a massive sell off and the stock just goes down so keep an eye on both of these stocks. Again, i want to caution you guys, remember i’m, no financial advisor make sure you do your own due diligence, but i want to caution you guys on each one of these styles, because last time these two stocks ran up like crazy and, of course, a lot of Retail traders came in and played these stocks remember that these stocks have a lot of people at the top right. We have people who bought in at 200 and have been holding on 200. We have people who bought in at 300 and are holding 400 and are holding those people are gon na look to sell. So if you do go in on these stocks, make sure to take some profit, you can take out the initial amount that you invested and then keep the profits and let the profits right. If you want to do it like that, but make sure you secure some profit, don’t bag hold like the first time if you didn’t, learn from the first time make sure you you know, do your work that this time, because if you don’t, you know, if you Don’T sell it this time you might get caught on once again bag holding all right.

So i you know this is like a second chance for everybody and i think that you guys should take advantage of this second chance. But then again you know this anything is possible. The stock could go to like 500, who knows and if it does we’ll play it. Uh somehow we’ll look for a way to play this now. You know gamestop has gap to fail all the way to 217 250 to 17 level, so you’re gon na kind of keep an eye on that next break of 200. If 200 brace is going to try to go to 215 217, and if of course, if that level breaks, it has room to run to 300, which is very possible. Keep an eye on gamestop, keep an eye on amc and, of course, keep an eye on all the other stocks that move with it. I want to take you guys to this stock right here and before i go ahead and do that make sure to smash the like button and subscribe to the channel, because if you don’t uh, you know, gamestop is not gon na go to the moon, and you Know it really helps me out a lot if you do so um and, of course, guys. My discord link is down in the description. If you guys want to check out my discord. Uh my twitter, as well as my instagram, are all down in the description below. If twitter is where i post uh stock alerts, rather stock ideas, rather than alerts and um, you know, instagram is where i share my 10k portfolio every single day in the highlights, so you guys can go ahead and check that out and of course, don’t forget your Two free stocks from weeble – all you have to do is open an account deposit.

100. You get your two free stocks. One of them is valued up to 1600 and if you want to trade gamestop amc after hours, we will is your broker, because they’ll allow you to trade from 4 a.m, to 8 p.m, so check them out, get your free stocks all right guys. So the two stocks that i want to kind of briefly mention one is mrna. This is an earnings stock to watch. Mrna has earnings tomorrow morning, market, open, okay, pre market, open and uh, and what i want you guys to be ready for is if the earnings is really really good and mrna rallies up a lot, make sure to take some kind of play on this, because this Is gon na push towards plus 200 plus because that’s what i think it’s going to do, but you know obviously do your due diligence, but the thing is: mrna has gotten so many good news and the amount of vaccines that they’re going to be selling is going To be massive, and because of this like, for example, today, i got a bunch of news and of course, after hours is up five percent because of news like this, where um you know, mrna shares climb after hours, uh after company i’m, not coming after co, says A variant specific vaccine candidate ready for trial that’s a very good news for mrna. They also released another news saying that their main plan for 2021 is to raise the supply of dosage.

For up to 700 million. I mean minimum 700 million to working up to supply. One billion doses, that’s that’s a lot: okay, that’s a lot that’s a lot of profit right there so keep an eye on mrna. I think there’s. A lot of potential mrna is completing delivery of first 100 million dosage of kovan 19 vaccine to u.s government. By the end of q1 of 2021 that’s a lot of profit right there so keep an eye on mrna in case it goes crazy in the morning with you know, good earnings, and if it does have bad earnings – or you know, expectation to the earnings – is bad. I don’t think it will have bad earnings. I think they’re going to do really well with the earnings, but in case they drop after earnings, look to buy the dips, maybe around like 120, possibly are 110. I think that’s, where it’s going to try to go to and bounce off of their you know. Potential entry on the dips on this plate looks really good for the future, because i think this stock ultimately is gon na go past 200 very, very easily, and you know dip buys on this. One is pretty easy if earnings reaction is really bad and it goes down so keep an eye on mrna it’s, something that you should keep an eye on in case they have a massive massive earnings and rallies to 200 dollars could be a good potential options play As well now, the other one that i want you guys to pay attention to is ford and the ford motors or f is the ticker symbol, and the stock is recently just like literally today broke out of its 52 week high at 12 and twenty cents, and Guess what it’s rallied to twelve fifty twelve forty? Actually, this is not only a daily breakout.

It is a weekly breakout that is happening and on the monthly chart we’re seeing a lot of you know, we’re, seeing a massive trend up, but we’re also seeing a lot of potential towards that 1337. To even like that 1350 i mean the obviously it’s gon na. Go and try to get to that 1337, which is big resistance. We saw it happen in the past. It tried to get over that like multiple times and couldn’t. Do it, and now it has room to run to that 13. 30. 37. So keep an eye on this. This could easily go there easily push high towards 1337 and if it breaks 13 37 it has room to run to 15 to even that historical high of 17 and 84 cents. I don’t know if that’s the historical high, i think that’s that’s. What momo is telling me, but you know it has lots of room to go up if that 1337 breaks. But right now ford looks very good because on the daily chart at the at least for the short term, it is about to go up because it just got a major breakout and held that breakout very well again. Keep an eye on ford, keep an eye on mrna and, of course, amc and gamestop. These are also ones that you want to keep an eye on. Amc is over 11 right now, and a gamestop is over 170, so keep an eye on these plays, and these could easily go crazy i’m, not saying to buy into them.

Just make sure you keep an eye on them, set up, set up a plan and if you are playing this stock, make sure you secure some profit guys alright guys, so that is basically it for this video guys. I hope to see you guys on the next video make sure to subscribe, like the video, as well as all the other stuff stuff, and all of my links are down in the description.

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NYSE:AMC, GameStop, Stock, NYSE:GME ($GME) & AMC Stock going to the moon? AGAIN

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