Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball, Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball, Big Ten Conference, College basketball Purdue at Indiana | Midweek Battle In Bloomington | Feb. 23, 2021 | Highlights

The only senior on the roster for indiana jumped over by bush he’s got that trick up her sleeve. Also, take care of business says the center right here, the stuff black. Now the attack and now jenna otech tries to put it away. Applause, edwards, that’s newton, who pushes it up bush picks out cleveland. She splits the gap and purdue tested in the first set, but they prevailed 25 20., especially if you’re not going to win this one. You want to make sure you get some momentum going. It was 1910 at one point in the second set and purdue puts it away there, but she got the sense that indiana was able to the way they wanted it to perhaps i know they didn’t win the second set liz, but there was some improvement in that. Second set for the hoosiers, even toronto, fc having a pretty good run up in the great white north i’ve learned a lot about toronto. On this side, otech serves one hot to stock. Him and edwards looked like it may have been touched, but now it’s a point for purdue gray, gosnell freshman from charleston south carolina serves for the first time in this match, and newton puts one right at her palms, yeah that’s, a fire west beld sets across the Way to fitzner that center to center combination does not work, also got six digs two blocks and can play anywhere on the floor. Stockholm pushes it to otech the libero and jl johnson tries to channel a grace cleveland and she swings through it that time and puts it on the hardwood puts it in play.

Grace cleveland. You know we were talking about this in the break offensive player because she’s going to get you right in the head. Applause tried to pancake it, but purdue gets the point: that’s right emma ellison and emma terwilliger to serve for purdue nice to see her progression. Yeah high school, all american comes in as part of that 15th ranked recruiting class for steve aird highest in program. History, Applause, awesome, fingers bush sets alice that one popped back to newton and ellis gets another crack at it, and this time she finds some space yeah. She found the line too ellis playing in just her 19th set this season. Her ninth match Music Applause. Edwards. Has that one turned away and a point for purdue illegal contacts. This is the youth and just being athletic as indiana. You just want to be athletic and play and that’s what steve aaron is allowing his team to do and then we’ll make those errors along the way, teach his team how to win, how to prepare, how to handle the ups and downs of a big ten volleyball Season, Applause, edwards off the block and out of bounds and purdue’s done a good job on her edwards has committed four errors in the match: newton pushes it over Applause, Applause, really good server. She plays the angle there and that is the back row. Edwards runs into the wall of trammell in cleveland, match point for purdue armstrong to west beld, and a rare mishandled by bush.

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