Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball, Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball, Big Ten Conference, College basketball "They're Still Crying about 2013" | John Beilein and Mark Titus Get Acquainted

So i imagine that’s what he picked that’s my guess it’s. This is so hard to answer because there’s two games that really changed: michigan basketball and it was that loss and we really fundamentally changed everything we’re doing and then in 17 we lost at home to ohio state and we ended up after that. Winning 12 of the next 15 and the program never stopped. I mean we basically wanted a highest level effort after that february, 4th loss so uh that i’m glad we didn’t lose that game on february 4th because it woke us up, but the one on the 10th because it’s the last game of the season. We had to go all year, i mean we had to wait till next year to get out of that. The season was over. That one probably hurts the most. Oh, i don’t have any questions about 2013 they’re still crying about aaron craft being fouled. Probably they still think that’s a foul. I watched it today there was, there was no foul, it was one of the greatest games. Ever we had those really flashy uniforms on tim, hardaway went crazy and then trey burke got some things done at the end. So there’s no question that’s what he’s going to say, listen uh. He he already made all the points for me uh. I wrote down 2013 at michigan, i put in all caps tim hardaway, foul that’s, what i wrote down, which coach. If you go back, go back and read the articles.

Your own player was asked about it and he said i think i got a little arm. He admitted in the post game press conference. I remember this game as being um. When i, when i was playing at ohio state, we got the better of you more often than not, and then right around this time is when the switch got flipped and michigan in ohio state sort of became like a real rivalry. I remember this game being the turning point where i was like. I think i might hate those guys i think. Like i turned the tv off, i was so disgusted uh coach mata, you know like you, could see his face after the at the end of the play in overtime, craft gets fouled it’s not called he’s got that look in his face, like we were just screwed And i remember i remember just being so upset and i was like i think there might actually be a rivalry here and so that that’s my that was 100. My answer there’s no other answer we could go with and then you guys go on to to the final four and we lost to wichita state. That year we felt like we had a team that was good enough to win the title too and man. That was a very frustrating year started by that game. This one was tough for me, because uh, ohio, state’s had a lot of great players, and i certainly wouldn’t say that this is the the best player.

Although some people would feel like he was the best player. This is the guy that stood out to me as a guy who would thrive under john beeline, and that was d’angelo russell. I just feel like he’s an offensive savant coach beeline is such a great offensive coach that i it’s it’s insane to think of what he could have done if d’angelo russell was running point for him, not even close, not even close j sean, tate, deshawn, tate, the 6’4 power forward. I would love to coach anywhere at any time uk. He did so many things in washington play and now people are realizing how good he is. He’S, really good players. So as good as d’angelo russell was right, j sean take brings, it was. Was you could watch him over four years grow and just get better and better yeah? He he loved trey burke, he just loved trey burke. He wanted him, probably a columbus guy. He probably wanted him back there. They already had aaron craft. I mean they were really good, but he he secretly wanted. He really wanted. Trey burke did you guys give coach my notes or something this is uh. This is getting a little personal here that uh. I i of course it’s trey burke, trey burke is from columbus. He grew up a buckeye fan uh his teammate jared sulliner is already a buckeye uh. The fact that the it was all there and – and you come down to columbus coach.

This is an active ward, some in some places this would be considered an act of war that you come into columbus, ohio and take a guy who’s going to become the national player of the year and you don’t feel sorry for it. I to my knowledge, you’ve. Never apologized once for it, it is. It is unbelievable which what you did to ohio state with this um, so a hundred percent trey burke it’s. Definitely a trait right, there’s! No other answer. I think this one’s pretty obvious. This is the most pesky player, maybe in big ten history it’s, a guy that uh everyone is pesky and synonymous has become synonymous with ohio state because of this guy it’s aaron craft, i mean the guy uh, i can’t imagine a big 10 coach. You get to ask this question: it doesn’t answer aircraft. You could fast forward 100 years and i still think people will be talking about aaron craft and diving on the floor and the rosy red cheeks and drawing charges and all that stuff yeah. You now now you’re on the right track here that that’s a no brainer right there, that aaron craft would be the one i mean you have dreams about him, i’d be designing the offense, and i said well, let’s do this. No, we can’t do that. Aaron’S going to be there let’s do this no aaron’s going to be there. You know it was, if you remember the the game in 13, where we tim hardaway hit the three threes uh, that we stayed the hell away from aaron craft and tim.

I don’t know who tim was scoring on, but it wasn’t aaron craft, oh boy. I uh. I didn’t. I didn’t think as long about that one about who would be the most pesky he might not like zach novak. Maybe maybe he might think that, because zach is zach is j, sean, tate, right and he’s, an indiana guy, you know mark from indiana he probably would have would have yet you thought he was pretty tough guy coach. You got me peg, zach novak’s, the answer. He’S! Not a basketball player, he was a hockey player that somehow ended up i’m convinced he got to ann arbor and he walked into the wrong door when he got there and showed up at the basketball practice – and you just threw him a jersey, uh, the guy he He he was not happy on a basketball court unless he was bleeding in some way um. He just seemed to. He was a big like the ball bounces out of bounds. Already the ref blows the whistle and then three seconds later zack novak’s diving to make the save after the ball’s already dead um.

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