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Oh, that is a massive trailer on the offensive end. He said according to their account, coburn got fouled 27 times, tuesday against michigan state, and that was pretty good defense, but a turnaround for reavers in a tie. Ballgame cards in the post, they’ve had three lockdown defensive possessions: three tough shots for wisconsin early as damonte williams, pirouettes for two, the senior for illinois. He wants it pushed hard fred, frazier wrap around damonte williams, shot ready and he buries the three and right now. They’Ve had them they’ve, missed them and they’re down yeah they’ve had the looks they just haven’t done. Anything with it and they’re sliding to the rim is georgie bichonishville, with some nice moves without the basketball coming to the ball in the lane, as you just said, and then they’re getting back to shooters, really uh wisconsin’s doing neither really slid over on wall, and here Comes frazier, seven minutes in wisconsin’s one for 15. and the love from damonte williams to coleman. Hawkins leads to a great guard. Timeout referees aren’t calling travels like they used to. I mean honest to goodness: it’s like all right. There we go micah potter for three othsen is usually very good when it shoots well it’s been extremely cold. So far, damonte williams has eight of the 16 for illinois six and five on the average and after that hit to the face he took from matty sissoko of michigan state. He is still out, as they will count that basket and a foul for micah, potter and io does not appreciate the continuation potter.

Don’T raise up. Tell you what that’ll make you crazy as an assistant, we always talk about head coaches that make consistent nuts telling me. Stop calling kofi io he ain’t wrong, io’s, not playing kofi in that’s right, oh layup, for anderson cabela’s, really a prober there as coburn backs in muscles in and scores goodness. Gracious knows who he is all pitchers want to be hitters all hitters want to be pitchers right forever and for always, oh that’s, a big three for wisconsin to draw within nine for anderson, okay, micah. He and anderson have done the bulk of the scoring taken away by davison and he scores wait for davison. The turnovers mount for illinois that’s number 11. Music. A lean forward catch and shoot got a three wisconsins within four in the defense they’re getting them aren’t. They jason, i mean they’re hanging around it’s, not the only way they’re gon na win, but nate reavers, making those a big way. They’Re gon na win the same with micah potter when he gets in there two against an illinois team, that’s, still fighting for a number one seed down the stretch in the big ten they’re at michigan at ohio state to close iowa. To close this, a huge set of three opportunities for the badgers, who give it up Applause for the challenge, but that’s finished by frazier, but michigan state now has won three in a row. Yeah michigan state looked really like michigan state and you know i’ve been saying, always agree with it.

Yeah me too corbello the floater not this year, but coming up a couple. Maybe next year i don’t know demetric trice, mid range foot on the line. Two zigzagging spinning and he scores down 11. They just did not shoot the ball very well from three in the first half at all, reavers tested again and missed it short again. He’S got another chance that one’s good. I like duke to win big. You do. I do, i think, duke, is really good. You can see how he gathers. I was wrong earlier i’m, not wrong here, no baseline off the spin constant players. By the way you see 636 games. They all have the option to come back next year with everybody getting the extra year of eligibility, one of the players of the year in the big ten out once again today, wall down deep, creates space for two coleman hawkins, no bishop really clamps down on the Rebound and scores – you know, no, oh williams, didn’t think shot. Coburn does, as he stuffs it all miss for anderson in the lane, and then urban meyer texts me right after grandison knocks down a three illinois by a dozen would do well to chip into this lead with him off, throw it inside. He took another three right. Well, he’s gon na be good. He already is good, but he’s gon na be a difference maker potter for trice in the corner, big shot, he’s got it last.

One might end it at 2 a.m. That’S, a big, no thanks miller for two he’s made a couple of really big shots for them today and and then it got obviously enhanced. Even by bo ryan. I mean it’s incredible here: davidson swatting at him and i don’t think coburn loves that per se coburn off the lob on the inbound but put a lob up. Kofi coburn. You know you talk about stepping up right, isn’t, that the words that everybody uses you got to step up, maybe it’s corbello, oh miller, juggled it. It turned out okay for him and now coburn leans for two 14. The first meeting and illinois win 17 7 in the second meeting, here’s coburn, again down deep on the welcome mat and he stops on it. Couldn’T get from one side to the other. You got ta get from the top to the bottom and, frankly, coburn great hands, that’s the other thing shooter, but his hands i mean his hands – are so good he’s. He catches everything corbello great again on the gas pedal. He’S got a little bit more action without io potter. Oh wisconsin needed a couple of those earlier it’s, still a 10 point game and in the realm of possibility, but it’s going to take shots like that much with a 10 point game in the ball. Now, until that poked away by kerbelo, he’s really struggling with turnovers – and he had a couple early today but my goodness as coach said, he’s alpha moved by davis, just slowing it down you don’t need to go crazy.

Now you need to go trice cans of three it’s, a six point game. I wouldn’t follow any of these other guys, but williams. I would have thought about in coburn, damonte williams, step back, oh huge, shot, beating coburn and got him in foul trouble, but there it is you’re. Gon na see, switch right. There here comes another one: trice knocks down another three it’s a three point game. In the conversation for a one seed, even without its star guard, kurt bellows he’s got the first psyche of the free throw shooter. Two point game you got ta make one got ta make two. So you got ta, go oh yeah down to 20 seconds now trice over frazier. He got another one tries to make him, throw it somewhere else clean inbound to trice demetric trice heaves up another one. Oh no way now let’s see if his foot was on the line. Right now it looks like it’s a two on the call that’s what frazier makes, which he does. He gets it two dribbles he gives it up up the floor. They’Ve got to get a look and they’re going to get a whistle and a foul in the corner, and you hope you can get tries to ball right side for a shot right there. It is rebound for illinois and grandeston, and one make here for jacob granderson. Should put it away for the illini all year, they made the big ones that’s for sure.

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