NASA, Pi Day, Mathematics, Mars 3 COMMUNITY TOKENS THAT WILL MAKE MILLIONAIRES! HERE'S WHY? #dogelon #lunaclassic #tonic

I dont, want to waste. No more your time lets talk about the first project, which is tectonic now. Yes, I feel, like tectonic, will do anywhere between a 10 to 50 x in the next Bull cycle again family. I like to be realistic and conservative, but tectonic falls into that Community project with utility, because youre able to do stuff like steak, land borrow and family, they even have nft staking, and I think the projects thats getting into nfts now will reap the benefits. When we see nft start to take off family, so extremely bullish here on tectonic, it has that Meme coin type of feel, but also a legit YouTube T in the space rivaling products like Ave, compound and maker. You can see. Tectonic has held up even in the midst of all of this capitulation, and we got plenty in the community of tectonic calling tectonic The Peoples Bank. So when we see these centralized Banks starting to fall, maybe products like tectonic and other D5 products will start to Excel and family tectonic market cap is only a 20 billion dollar 20. Excuse me: 20 million dollar market cap anywhere between 20 and 30 million and family. The fully diluted market cap here is sitting at 93 million. So keep that in mind. The circle Lane Supply is 22 percent of the max Supply. But again, we know that this project is part of the ecosystem and just based off the awareness that were going to get with the crypto.

com marketing. I feel like this project has a bright future in the next Bull cycle. The next project I want to talk about here is dog along Mars, so you can see here. Family Dollar Mars is sitting at 6033. Ive talked about Elon token plenty of times on the channel. So if you are part of the channel, you know that you know this channel is about everything Elon Mars. Now you can see here that the market cap is sitting at about 183 million. The circulating Supply is 55 of the max Supply here, and people are going to say well Millie, why? Why are you so bullish? On the Elon token, we have this liquidity here as a meme con listed on five different chains, polygons Solano, BMB, Cronus and even ethereum family, and when we swing over to The Ether scan were seeing binance wallets, yes, binance wallets load up on the Elon token, in The midst of the holders here constantly Rising day by day, so when I, when the next Bull Run, comes around, I expect a lot of fomo with this project theres over a million people on the watch list and 445 000 people on the official dog along Mars. Twitter page, they also boast a unique utility with the partner ownership here with Medusa Foundation, who ushers in 90 being the new 50 by 2030.. So when you add the off chain, utility and stuff like um longevity scientific research, as weve seen with the Methuselah partnership with NASA, I feel, like Elon token, can easily 10x to 50x in the next Bull cycle.

I feel like it has a bright future and many people will fomo and ape into this project because of the hype of the community. So yes, this is one of my top Community mid cap projects that I think that will do extremely well in the next Bull cycle. The last project I want to talk about – and you might have seen this here on the thumbnail, its Tara, Luna classic so contrary to many beliefs, I am extremely still bullish on Terra Luna classic, especially here under a billion dollar market cap sitting at 738 million family And the fully diluted market cap is 855 million. So I like the fact that Im getting able another opportunity to DCA in Terra Luna classic under a billion dollar market cap family – you can also see here. It boasts that uh interoperability. The liquidity here listed on a plethora chains, Avalanche polygon link which has its own chain salon of BNB and, of course, ethereum. So Im expecting a lot of liquidity to pour into Terra Luna classic when the next Bull cycle comes back around. I see this project easily hitting one penny, which is a 60 billion dollar market cap. Now they asked well Millie. Why are you so bullish here on Terra Luna classic? Well, not just the strength of the community, the many influencers and the fact that its always trending on Twitter, its also a hyper deflationary token here, as you can see, many burns happen consistently here with Terra Luna classic and the burns are led by binance quarterly burned.

So this project is also deflationary and can even appreciate over time. So when you think about that aspect, maybe that one cent can turn to five cents, so Im extremely bullish on Terra Luna, classic its one of those utility tokens that have a mean coin feel with such strength within the community, and I expect this project to easily Go anywhere between a 20x and 60x in the next Bull cycle. Alright, so those are my three Community tokens that Im extremely bullish on yall. Let me know in the comments you, your favorite Community tokens also check out the links in the description.

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