I hope you all are excited for the patch coming tomorrow. Im going live for an overview of it right, as it drops make sure you guys, set your reminders for the stream its going to be tomorrow at 1 pm Eastern. So less than 24 hours now also Id like to say that early access content for growing together is also out right now, guys so make sure you search up on YouTube to find some videos, Im, sure theres stuff on Instagram and other social media platforms. But it seems like the Sims team is actually giving us like a direct warning guys like an official warning for tomorrows patch update, and I dont even know if theyve done this before. But this is how you know this is going to be a very, very major patch. Honestly, before I was saying this is probably going to be one of the biggest patches weve ever received. I think this is going to be the biggest patch weve ever received for this in, for I even think that this is going to be bigger than toddlers theres, just so much that is coming with this and its not just infants either. I hope they have the patch notes ready to go for tomorrow, because I definitely dont want to wait around super long after one oclock Im excited to read what exactly is coming: whats being changed and every single little detail, and I also hope that they have thrown Some bug fixes in there as well, because I know theres still a lot in the game that isnt really working right, but theyre definitely gon na have to be fixing more bugs after tomorrow.

If we get bug fixes anyways because I mean were getting a brand new expansion pack and were getting a new life stage, show Im sure there are going to be some imperfections. That is to be expected. So the Sims Direct Communications Twitter account tweets tomorrow March 14th. The infant base game update releases in The Sims 4, which we already knew this update, will likely conflict with externally created content. So please remember to remove any game mods and custom content in preparation for tomorrows release, so theyre, basically saying hey, we know you have mods. We know theyre going to break. Probably all of them honestly. So here is what you can do. Of course, warning you about it too. Theyve released another tweet here with a link to help EA for backing up and resetting the Sims 4, which is nice. This update will also come with new skin details and numerous bug fixes okay, so there we go. My question has officially been answered here, so there is a lot coming with this guys if youd like to back up your save files in advance for this release, here are instructions on how to do so. So, of course, links to all of this on my website. In case you want to check it out. This means business guys. This for sure means something huge if you havent already expected it, but basically confirmation from The Sims team that its coming and it is going to be massive.

I have not bothered with my mods. Literally, all week, not even gon na even play my game until this comes and for sure well start my mods folder from scratch Im not even going to attempt updating everything Im just going to start it from scratch, basically so buy these Tweets. In other words, pardon my language, shits gon, na hit the fan tomorrow, literally its going to be massive popular mod creator of wicked whims. Even tweets tomorrow comes out the growing together game patch March 14th. Many mods will require updating for many different reasons, so get ready to wait or play offline, see you on the other side, Skull emoji, so even turbo driver knows its gon na be a doozy tomorrow. So I say in preparation might as well get it done today. The patch isnt out we still have a day, while you guys are watching Early Access content. I say sit and kind of play around with your mods folder back up your mods back up your saves back up your tray folder back up everything in a secure location to where you know nothing could get corrupt or deleted or misplaced or all of that stuff. I would just completely clear out your mods saves in tray for the official game for when this updates and then slowly update things, especially mods CC and put them back in and slowly put back in your saves and all of that stuff into your tray folder.

Just to make sure everything works and functions properly because there have been times where, if you have your tray, folder full of things or your mods folder full of things when you update Ive, had things completely just deleted, just completely gutted out and I wasnt able to Get any of my saves or Lots back like it. Just got rid of everything in that folder and I would hate to see that happen to you guys, because if it happens, it doesnt go into your recycling. It just disappears and you can never get it back again, so focus on today to work on your mods tray, folder, back up everything onto another drive, maybe a flash drive or something or onto a different location on your computer and when tomorrow comes. I guess. Well talk about it, then, because its gon na be a big one. I love you guys. Take care happy sending enjoy Early Access.

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