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You could be falling into a big kind of lie, a deception that you probably will not see, but thank goodness for the Sun theyre on the defense. Now your person starts to build a wall, they allow you only until where you can come through. I feel, like you know that someone is lying. I mean youre suspicious. You have the doubts you have. You have basically um, like you know when you wake up, and you just have this emotion and you know like something is not right, something something is not making sense. Your first card is seven of Swords. Oh, the fox that what Im seeing here is a symbol of someone being mischievous and like planning something against you. It feels like someone that you cannot trust, which means it can be in your work environment, or if this is your romantic connection, your person has been keeping secrets. Now this energy is triggered because, all of a sudden, your person tries to pick fights with you. And I see that here because if I have a swords being carried by the the male figure here and thats the pride and they dont like to reason with you. It feels like your person acts out of, like out of nowhere is just different, its just different. They start to get angry. You know throw things you know in a way like Words towards you that they know thats gon na hurt you so theres. This dark energy in this connection, with the seven of Swords, its a very cloudy, like a brain fog, kind of thing, where you just dont, understand what is going on between us, but before we start also, I forgot to mention on April 19th.

It is a perfect time for you to do your cleansing because it is going to be the solar eclipse and we do ship same day. You guys can check it out. It comes with an instruction, and I do suggest for people to cleanse before the solar eclipse. The energies at the house, two of swords, youre right now, I feel like youre, just playing like you dont know, because this has a blindfold and you feel that I dont need to like youre trying to uh, like you know when you tiptoe and you dont want To break the eyes and youre just kind of getting the feel of it, thats the two of Swords, youre just trying to get a sense out of this its, like. I wonder: Im thinking Im trying to process this youre just slowly, um youre, just slowly seeing things now, especially in your chart when sun is in Pisces in your seventh house, and it illuminates it, and these are the Luminaires, the Sun and the Moon. The sinus is great energy that nothing done in the dark can be kept hidden. Now we also apply this um. If its a House of Secrets you just have to move, if you have any placements lets just say, you have Venus in Leo okay and youre running a Venus Dasha Venus in the 12 is secrecy. Eighth from Venus, of course, is your seventh house. Then again, a partner can keep secrets from you, and this is what it is now with Jupiter in your seventh house.

You could be married to this person now. The two of Swords is a Crossroads. What do I do because the next is the Three of Swords which means like you may try to separate with your person. You are youre thinking of it now the empress. Hopefully there is no Queen of Wands. Then we know there is a mistress here, theres someone who could be cheating but the empress, the way that they see your character here is or you as a person is. You are very much the like think of a person who loves to give youre a giver. A nurturer, the one who will always check up with the person how theyre doing you initiate things you get the the emotional bond and then you fall for that kind of uh, feeling and emotion. Now this Empress, okay, this is showing the willingness to suffer. For the sake of love thats, you youll do everything for love and you do connect with this person for sure with that with Venus over here – and I just mentioned Venus interesting, because this is empress now – and I did forget to mention also, I didnt have to Put Venus in Leo Venus is in the eighth from the ascendant for a Virgo ascendant or a moon in Virgo, Venus transits, the eighth house and rahu. Is there rahu and Venus right here? You could be falling into a big kind of lie, a deception that you probably will not see, but thank goodness for the Sun.

It will illuminate it now. Eighth House is a secret affair, intimate Affair rahu. Is that desire insatiable Venus? Is that pleasure? So clearly, there is either you lusting for your partner or vice versa. They are lusting for you, but if theyre, not with you and theyre, avoiding you with the seven of Swords, then clearly theyre lusting over someone else, King of Swords can be an Aquarian and the Ten of cups, the Taurus you got Libra now from what Im seeing Here is uh when I mention that you love, you makes it to it that all their needs is always taken care of emotional needs. That is, with the tender cups you make the world go round for your person. You make everything go away: theres, no problem its fine, its okay um. You feel that theres, this Bond theres this connection tell now. We also have to look right now, because moon is in Sagittarius in the fourth house, which is youre very much uh still feeling comfortable Comfort over here. It is the ruler of your tents, all those are your 11th, which only means that you probably um feel like. There is a you know like this. Is someone whos like? Oh, we do get along when when things go well, you know when things go. Well, its fine, its good, you know, um from what Im seeing its like. You have been either talking to your family youre talking to your friends and trying to explain, also whats, going on behind closed doors, youre opening up.

Okay, because I see here, you could be with your you know: girlfriends or boyfriends – I dont know about it, but the people that you are confident enough to share your problem. Okay, so you have been opening up now, nine of Cups over here with the seven of Swords. This is a kind of person who loves to drink, who loves to go out and celebrate and party. You know this is, you know, eat and you know eat drink and you know for tomorrow we may die its expand, basically its a its an energy where it can be excessive. You know it doesnt work, basically, nine of cups with uh with the seven of Swords. This is someone who doesnt think if theyre hurting someone, it is self gliditious, they just think of themselves, and this is the character of your person, the lovers and the two of Swords Im, seeing here Virgo, where youre really trying to understand what kind of connection you Guys have you do feel that um Soul made connection with the two of swords and the lovers. You do feel that this is the person that I love. You feel that you know that your personal intercups with the lovers, though, feels the same way its its thats. Not a question here, the question is more about their loyalty and being monogamous to you, not the most monogamous card, nine of ones. It is known as the player, so you probably – and you know yourself here – that you are connecting with someone who hasnt been consistent.

So now, with the seven of swords in the Knight of Wands, you have been thinking and processing because it doesnt add up anymore the times that they spent you the times that um, like you, dont, have to investigate here. You know, like womens intuition its there for a reason, which only means that its a gut feeling if youre married with the Ten of cups and then whoever youre married to comes home, your stomach starts to churn. You are ruled by the sixth house. I mean youre. The natural sixth house Virgo, your tummy, would drag you know. You know the way that they touch you. You know the way that they kiss you if they ever kiss you in a different way from the usual way. You already know something is telling you something is not right, King Of Wands, theyre, hot and cold. Now, remember I told you, the argument comes from anywhere any place. You know like you could be like like having fun going out and then you ask about it its like. Oh, what happened over the weekend and then it was like what do you mean like theyre on the defense? Now your person starts to build a wall. They allow you only until where you can come through isnt it. Yes, hmm, but the thing is people come to us readers when they cant give up Star Card antenna cups. This is a card of Hope for love. Hope for connection hope that this soul, mate will be with.

You hope that everything you know this is about. Like wishing, will we be together? Will they be honest? Will they be loyal? Are they playing me because the star card is you are willing to heal the situation? Okay, so find out more Link in the description box below for the extended reading.

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