NASA, Space suit, Axiom Space, Astronaut veils spacesuit prototype for Artemis 3 Moon mission

Personally, I think this looks amazing. One of the differences between this suit and the suit that will be on the moon is that it will. The moon suit will mostly be white, so well, replace all the black with white and thats really thermal reasons. So didnt want anybody to to get that mixed up, but other than that, I think this is just a fantastic, fantastic, looking suit. So, on stage, uh on the light bound is mounted to the the visor assembly into the helmet bubble, and this this essentially gives the astronauts lights. All of this is mounted on the helmet bubble, which is amounted to what we call in this configuration of our suit. The hard upper torso, the gloves, are a critical part of the suit design, especially for microgravity Evas, where youre using them for hours at a time to translate to operate tools to hatch on the back. Actually, you can see two hinges here, so this suits a little bit different than the suits of kind of today thats used on the space station. This is called a rear entry design because this box affectionately known as the backpack, we call it the the portable life support system. So inside of this box are all the parts and the components to keep to kind of keep you alive, oops Ill. Let Jim do some squats and lunges and and just show off some of the some of the mobility uh, that the suit has and demonstrate some different movements.

Theres. A variety of joints that weve put as well into the lower suits didnt. Have many of these types of joints that weve put in this suit, so the astronauts will be more comfortable, have an easier time while walking performing tabs Im so excited to be here today? This is this is a great example of what Innovation can do its. This is going to be such a much more flexible suit, and the range of motion is really going to improve the astronauts ability to do all those tasks that theyre going to do while theyre out exploring on the lunar surface and eventually on Mars. You know when I look back on the Apollo program when all of us look back, we look at those iconic images of the technology that enabled the astronauts to make those first steps on the moon, their space suit and now were developing a spacesuit for a new Generation, the Artemis Generation, The Generation thats going to take us back to the moon and on to Mars, and it is going to be so exciting when that first woman steps down on the surface of the Moon on Artemis, 3 shes going to be wearing an axiom. Spacesuit so were gon na and – and I cant wait to see that happen – we have not had a new suit since the suits that we designed for the space shuttle and those suits are currently in use on the space station.

So 40 years weve been using the same suit based on that technology, and now today, Axiom is going to innovate, theyre going to take what NASA has provided in from the testing that weve done, and they will now take and come up with more functionality, more performance. More capability and were very excited about whats, going to be happening so the suit we have a lot of tough requirements on it, so these guys have their work cut out for them. The Moon is definitely a hostile place and the South Pole is going to really be a challenge. So a lot of thermal requirements. We are really looking for improved Mobility so that our astronauts can operate more efficiently and effectively than they were able to do.

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NASA, Space suit, Axiom Space, Astronaut Reveals Artemis 3 Moon Mission Spacesuit

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