Spring, 2023 KOI vs G2 – Highlights | Week 2 Day 1 LEC Spring 2023 | KOI vs G2 Esports W2D1

They dont really have a lot of Movie game agency or a reliable Lane to play to. I think that they could consider attacking bot with Eureka and said, but the problem is theyre going to be permanently pushed under the battle of the junglers. You know early game actions doesnt have to flash here, so you can just gon na hop over him bro. I can Flash up for tempest, good ball, kill leap, strike, Destiny, Gold Card, Broken Blade, locked up, and you ask for blood and koi deliver here. It is nice play according totem. Upgraded though I saw his division is good, so they have TF ultimate yeah. Oh Flash in Planes flash away from Han summer shouldnt be down to 300 HP now and the queue as well, but still no stand up locked up in those turrets start to do a lot of work. Dream B for the grenades short for Mickey trimby pops out. A gleaming quill and will heal off a little bit Marion could look for a little bit more theres, the sixth Applause absolute disaster in the bottom Lane. They tried to make the play happen. Marang didnt even get a chance to use his ultimate Mickey wait. No, no! So its he loses Vision on the first kick hansama then ults him, so he gets stunned as hes in the animation of the second kick thats absurd. As Mountain looks for the kick in the mid lane, caps flashes away body block now has to retrieve broken blades on his way as well.

Good jump Away by maurang should have the Safeguard back up, but yike CLA would have secured the kill the amount of utility from G2 theyre Trucking smokes, theyre, chucking, mollies, Im pretty sure Ive seen. I know the orbital strike this game as well. Destiny hunt summer no cleanse no flash nowhere to go Nan Summit with none of his teammates left for them will be shut down. Comp takes it its huge because youre able to bounce something back on the map, so thats, a large part of white, hang on a second theyre looking to collapse onto Larson in the river being said, the target seismic shove just short, then the grenade gets the slow Mountain going in season desist theyre going to try and keep comp alive and he dashes and Dives across the wall. Perfect juice is the ultimate that you you see, koi were holding all of their Shields, all of their utility until someone went too deep. Quite such a strange team to watch at times the shagenda goes in Dodges. The damage hes got the hyper hes got the movement speed, hes got the boomerang. Hes got the Autobots into the destiny. Oh, it was stopped. How is Destiny stopped? Mickey must have stopped it with a grenade. Thats absurd Mickey keeps his mid laner Alive. Now Broken Blade is on the chase season. Was this going in as well, and man round will fall? I would love to see how Larson was dissuaded from joining the fight.

Yeah hes going into gender will take him. In fact, its trimby, with the ignite Broken Blade now, perhaps overstepping a little bit, because hes still able to collapse and make it a one for one. Caps continues to play on the edge and uh its just a tricky situation for yike a couple of times to see him a bit over. He can see some desist into the seismic shut up and trimby still able to dash away, but he like slaps him away. Another much better position to assist his team. The dragon begins actually looking to contest Broken Blade does have the TP, of course, that lands double TP is coming in, which again is going to answer a little bit of that. Knob are built up dragging down to 2 000 broken by going in last flashing away twin B already caught. The point is coming out. He cant go in, though Earth is already. There gets the Smite onto the Drake trim below dashing and dancing and weaving his way wet round and summer will fall and has to Splash Away and Koya winning the fight they find. One trim be answered, Broken Blade, low television synced in by Khan, but me Julians, broken hell, get him as well. The knob into the wall is Mickey pools, chaps the last man standing in the fight at least Jake trying to do what he can to come in, but Mavericks Tech back into it, a double for Coy.

They get the Drake, they get the fight and they get everything that they to try and assault his engage away, but he finds a way on to Han Sama. He locks him down and jagenda is able to find that kill now. Yike does have access to the pits. Shagendrazole is up in three seconds, the Arrow coming in as well. That hits shagenda not back into the pit, and now yike can look for it. Two thousand and shagenda flashes in the way of the ball breaker yike can do nothing about the Gnar that stands in his way. Tp, coming in as G2 look to invest a little bit more into this fight, but even with the Weavers whoosh again is on the right side of it. As is trimby. Seismic sharp was wide Trinity survives again and turns it back around Mickey able to join the fight as well G24. Anyone in the bot Lane Larson looking for the rapid fire coming season desist going in onto con, but yike is so deep here. The rest of his team, nowhere to be even away from the seismic sharp chigender, can join the break from the top side as well, and trimby gets in with a charm once again sacrifice himself for the good of the team. Shagenda will take this to make sure that Marin could get away the tower balls and now with the destiny in Larsons. Looking for a little bit more, the cleans away from Hans summer koi continue to advance.

First misstep hes made this game. It builds the wild cards. Well, send Mickey to his maker as Corey look for the win. Look at this come yet to die this game and with the Nexus in their eyes, koi its looking to get a big upset win over G2 koiko from opal to amazing. In the course of a week it seems hansana stand up, koi may have to back away G2 continue to fight even at deaths door, but after last weeks performance I thought the regular season koi had returned and hit against G2. They put them to the ropes TPM. Once again, this didnt work out too well for you last time, G2, when you over chased, you overthought the cease and desist available for yike flash up in probably 20 seconds time, but in the end G2 will blade as he tries to get something back and now The collapse on the Hard Summer, no flash, no plans. I know where to go calm dominating now on the Kaiser 6. 0. 8. Back to the mid lane, only one minion stands back to a bonus applied to this turret. Mccoy dont seem to give a damn about that, as they will take it out: shagenda keeping four players of G2 away from the action and Im about to send them to have an early bath. That seems aim knock on the way the G2 would have liked. Mccoy very happy the Gnar once again from shukender hits only air, but it doesnt really matter.

Koi are just too far ahead broken plate, though, with a good double stun. The seismic sharp coming out come still alive on the back line here, Larson has to flash away. Should end him in the minion heart will chase out caps the arrow just wide as convey with a side step bit. Sides Bishop, not enough. She gained up on finding another kill and another inhibitor Tower and inhibitor will force again. They might look for a little bit more Broken Blade, no flash Mickey the same. Oh, this is back up. It seems it should end up, decides against pursuing any further conflict. However, the dragon up tpn as well ready another team willing to give this one up. It seems awesome coming in and Mickey going back to the Fountain six feet under buried with the rest of his team. Yike, trying to trade on to come become wins these Im afraid try as you might. You cant take down the Kaiser, underkilled and undefeated. Today, it seems red card for Larson its his best Reggie cosplay pops, the stopwatch getting gold, something Reggie hasnt done for a long time. Gold Card coming in as well as Broken Blade, chased out by last and down towards the bottom side and summer finds some solace in the fountain, but all hell be sipping is tears of defeat as comp takes the Nexus and toy. Take the win big win for Coy and a much needed performance from the organization right now.

You never really know what youre gon na get.

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