Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games, Internet leak 6 Fans Believe There Is A SECRET Message In Rockstar Games NEW Trailer! (Grand Theft Auto 6)

They just released well be talking about all of that in this video today and a whole lot more, so this trailer is actually for the Los Santos drug wars, last dose Mission and speaking of that, a lot of people are reading this wrong, especially with a lot Of the posts that are being put out on either Rockstar social media or on their newswire, a lot of the posts say you know the finale of Grand Theft, Auto online, Los Santos drug Wars, the last dose that is not the final Grand Theft Auto Online update. In fact, Rockstar have actually confirmed that more updates and more DLCs are coming its the finale of this update, Los Santos drug war. So it is not the end of Grand Theft Auto online, nor is it the final DLC, but there has been some confusion regarding that. However, because this was a significant expansion, Rockstar put out a trailer for the last dose missions and I actually want to run you through some of the lines that fans are getting kind of interested in. They sort of think its a secret clue. Take a listen to these lines right here, Im afraid our time isnt up. Yet this is for your own good. I can bring peace to all Music, okay, so the lines I played for you, Dr friedlander, says Im afraid our time isnt up yet and GTA 6 fans are translating this as oh, no were not done with Grand Theft, Auto 5 in Grand Theft, Auto online weve.

Still got more to come, so no GTA, 6. Quite yet, then, the next line that I played coming from Dr Isaiah Freelander is also this is for your own good and what I think fans can interpret, that is that Grand Theft, Auto 6 is not finished. So obviously, because its not finished and it cant come out wouldnt, you rather have some content in Grand Theft, Auto online and GTA 5. Then nothing at all thats kind of how Im interpreting and then finally, him saying I can bring peace to all and what GTA 6 fans are interpreting here is that once Rockstar does release GTA 6 and when they do officially announce it, it is going to bring This calming peaceful presence Over All of the video game ecosystem in world, as everyone will finally just be able to get excited about it and another thing: the very last scene we see in that trailer a plane flies away from Los Santos in the exact opposite way That it does in the first GTA 5 trailer, which Ill show you guys right now, a lot of Grand Theft, Auto fans believe Rockstar, was trying to put into that last trailer that they put out. And what do you guys think about it? Do you think it is legitimately a hint, or is this just a coincidence that the lines of dialogue that Dr friedlanders say kind of match up to how were feeling regarding Grand Theft, Auto 6.

and again this wouldnt be the first time that Rockstar has used a Trailer to sort of acknowledge the community and how theyre feeling and possibly the things they want to say, but cant actually say them. Remember the first Grand Theft Auto Online heist, trailer wed been waiting over two years for it: Rockstar used Lester, Cress and a voiceover line. That said, I know youve been waiting, but you werent ready. I know youve been complaining, but you you werent ready. So let me know what you think in those comments down below. I, for sure think this is an interesting coincidence nonetheless, but who knows if it is directly related to Grand Theft, Auto 6 and what Rockstar really wants to tell us but cant come out and say on their social media or their newswire post now. Another interesting thing about the last dose missions is that there is an unusual amount of times that South America has been mentioned, and this is interesting because Grand Theft, Auto 6s code name, was originally project Americas. Now we know thanks to reports, that the game has been scaled back a bit and it is going to focus on Miami and Vice City and its surrounding areas in North America, rather than expanding fully to Central and South America like it was supposed to be a Couple of years ago, but all the references to South America are certainly interesting – is this him to be a Pioneer to help me build a temple of Peace of insanity, deep deep jungles of South America, but Im afraid his mind is too far gone to be useful To me yeah eyes, your other accomplice.

On the other hand, look at me no look at him, come to so and pretty much all of them are being done by Dr Isaiah friedlander, who actually could return in Grand Theft. Auto 6.. Apparently, Rockstar believes that he was not killed in single player, even though you had the option to do so, and he also escapes not to spoil it at the end of the last dose Mission. So youve got Dr friedlander who keeps talking about these drugs and pharmaceuticals in South America hes alive. He escapes hes in the HD era, so we know that he can properly return in Grand Theft Auto 6.. It just makes you wonder if he is going to be coming back in some way, shape or form, and especially because Grand Theft, Auto 6, could be a lot about the drug trade in Miami and its surrounding areas. Would it be interesting if Dr friedlander returned? I think that would be kind of cool now. One thing that was pointed out by Rockstar Games Insider test funds – 2 – that might not be so cool – is why GTA 6 will never be released now, obviously he was being sarcastic when he ended up saying that, but the evidence shows that a lot of players are Still continuing to hop on Grand Theft Auto online, so if youre rock star youre like, why do we need to release another one of these guys? According to Insider test funds, 2 140 000 players played the first last dose Mission today and 54 000.

New players happened within the last three hours, and that, of course, was with him posting that, so you can see that a lot of people are jumping on to play that, and you might be thinking to yourself. Well, wait a minute that numbers, not all that impressive. To give you guys some background. The first first dose Mission had 360 000 players on Wednesday the day after the DLC releases. So the play count of this mission is going to keep increasing, so it wont be long before that one also gets to 200 or 300 000. So that is kind of a reason why Grand Theft, Auto 6 is not out yet is truly the fact fact that Grand Theft Auto online is still as popular and as successful as it is, but anyways Id love to hear from you guys in those comments down Below, let me know what you think about everything we discussed in this video today. Do you believe Rockstar is secretly communicating with us through these trailers about Grand Theft, Auto 6, because they really cant say anything on their normal platforms of social media or the newswire. Let me know what you guys think in those comments down below Id love to hear from you guys down there if you guys did going to enjoy this. Video, though, like rating would, of course be awesome and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you are new, you want to stay up to date on all latest GTA and all the Rockstar Games.

Videos that Ill be doing here on my channel and be sure to ring that notification Bell as well, sometimes YouTube just doesnt work. And if you ring that Bell youll always be guaranteed to be notified when new videos arrive, but of course, as always guys.

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Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games, Internet leak 6 Secret Message In The NEW Trailer?