Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games, Internet leak 6 Secret Message In The NEW Trailer?

The new update is called drug Wars, the last dose, which caused some confusion among players because it kind of sounds like it could be. The last update ever for GTA online, however, some time ago we received confirmation from Rockstar Games that there are more DLCs for GTA online on the way. So there is no talk of any end. There are also rumors that Rockstar is currently focused on working on GTA 6, and only a small group of people will be working on the next DLCs for GTA 5 online. To be honest, this update may prove it because its quite strange that we waited for three months just to receive only five missions under the release trailer of the DLC on YouTube. I saw a lot of comments from unsatisfied players about the fact that they waited so long for so little content and the story in the DLC doesnt seem to be complete. The trailer itself is interesting, though, because there are a few lines that some players think could be a reference to GTA 6.. Let me show you real, quick Im, afraid our time isnt up. Yet this is for your own good. I can bring peace to all. So what actually happened here was what we heard just a coincidence or is Rockstar giving us signs. It seems to me that Dr friedlander saying Im afraid our time isnt up yet indirectly suggests that its not the end of GTA online, yet and well still have some more time to play it before GTA 6 is going to be released.

Then friedlander also says this is for your own good here. I have no doubt that its about us, the players rockstars simply dont, want us to get an unfinished product. Im convinced that Rockstar Games doesnt want to make the same mistake that CD projekt Red made when releasing cyberpunk 2077. The game turned out to be a huge failure in terms of optimization at the beginning and because it was practically unplayable for some. They had to offer full refunds for any copy of the game, its worth, noting that the game was in development for nine years and as we could see it wasnt enough to deliver a perfect product on the day of release. No one would really want the same thing to happen with the next Grand Theft. Auto game. Can you imagine launching ta6 on your PC or console on the day of release and seeing such things? Finally, we hear from Dr friedlanders. I can bring peace to all, which can also be a reference to what I just said. Giving us the peace would simply be delivering a good quality game without major flaws on the day of release. But Ive heard rumors that this sentence could also mean something completely different. Bringing peace to all could simply mean releasing a trailer of the game that weve been eagerly waiting for years. Rockstar could calm us down by doing so, as we would know what to expect from the game based on the trailer.

Some people also noticed the similarity between the scene at the end of the DLC trailer, where a plane flies away from Los Santos and a similar one featured in the first trailer for GTA 5, where the plane flies in the opposite way. To me, it looks a bit like the flight towards Los Santos, seen in the first GTA 5 trailer marked the arrival in the city and the beginning of the adventure, while the scenes seen in the latest trailer looks a bit like the end of a certain stage. The end of the adventure, this could be another sign indicating that the time of GTA, 5 and GTA online has come coming to an end and something new is coming. Let me know in the comments how you interpret this staying on the topic of the latest DLC interesting information regarding Dr friedlander has appeared on the GTA forums in the GTA 6 speculation and discussion thread. User spider. Vice said just finish. The GTA online last dose looks like our friedlander keeps mentioning going to South America even invites the player and ends up escaping an incident in the last mission looks like he might indeed be going to South America freed mine shipments referenced in GTA 6. Maybe he goes to Vice City. As we know from the September leaks, the game will take place in Vice City based on Miami and its surroundings, areas in North America years ago there were some rumors of project Americas, which was supposed to cover more areas of the United States in the game, but Perhaps it was too much for Rockstar game Studio or, as I mentioned in one of my previous videos, maybe they are leaving some space for DLCs expanding the map in GTA 6.

. It seems that the return of Dr friedlander in GTA 6 is very likely. This could also mean the appearance of other characters from GTA online in GTA 6.. If I remember correctly, GTA 5 had references to GTA 4 with characters such as appearing in the game. What about you, would you like to see references to previous gtas and GTA 6, or maybe a completely new storyline with new characters would be better as an additional fun fact about this DLC Test 2 Rockstar Games Insider posted, a screenshot of how many players played the First last dose mission that day saying this is why GTA 6 will never be released, guys of course, he wasnt serious about it, but seeing 140 000 players playing it that day and 54 000 new players happening in the last three hours makes me not surprised at All why Rockstar Games is milking GTA online for so long. These numbers may be not impressive at all to you, but it is worth noting that in the case of previous DLC, the first mission had 360 000 players day after the DLC release, so Im pretty sure that the newest update probably got similar number of players. Okay, guys Im recording a quick update because, while editing the video, I noticed, Tes 2 posted an updated plot with information. How many players already played the first last dose Mission? 314 000 players seems to be a really close number to the last update if the interest in GTA Online is decreasing at such a slow pace, its no wonder that Rockstar is not ending it and will continue to release further updates.

Let me know in the comments what you think about these hidden information in the trailer, as well as the sustained interest in new updates for online. Thank you for hitting the like button on my videos subscribing and commenting because it really gives me a lot of motivation. I wish you all an amazing day and see you in the next one Music.

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Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games, Internet leak 6 Fans Believe There Is A SECRET Message In Rockstar Games NEW Trailer! (Grand Theft Auto 6)

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