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Deandre ayton is a touchy subject when it comes to phoenix suns fans, this season in 37 games. So far, he’s averaging 14 points per game. 11 rebounds one assist in close to one block and overall has had a strange season, he’s a mystery from game to game. He had a small stretch in the season where he was fantastic, which led to a player of the week nomination. This video is not meant to trash on deandre ayton, because those videos are easy. Anybody can record a video trashing on someone or something deandre. Ayton is only 22 years old and he’s in the third year of his career. It feels more like two and a half years due to his 25 game suspension and due to the nba season being suspended due to the pandemic and due to deandre ayton’s recent stretch of games over the last five games, he’s only played in one fourth quarter. This is the mystery which is deandre ayton james jones said, and i quote: we’ve put a high bar on him. I don’t think there is anyone on our roster we’ve pushed or laid heavier expectations on than deandre close quote. Deandre ayton has been the phoenix sun’s defensive anchor. He does things defensively that do not show up on the stat sheet. However, deandre ayton is not engaged for the full 48 minutes of every game he takes plays off. He doesn’t get back on defense. He hesitates. He doesn’t want to make mistakes.

He has not been the player that phoenix sons fans have hoped for this season, especially on a roster with chris paul that is playoff bound, but at the same time he has been decent, he’s still only 22 years old and has so much time. What if one day, deandre ayton becomes an nba all star, i think phoenix suns fans do believe in deandre ayton and because of that belief they expect so much out of him let’s fast forward to the start of next season. If deandre ayton is looking and playing and putting up the same numbers that he is now should he be traded, are the phoenix suns stuck with deandreiten for the foreseeable future, but i also want to ask a few questions kind of defending deandre hayton here. Would we be worse without him who would play defense? Who would grab? Rebounds is monty williams to blame is monty williams, rotations, coaching decisions and lineups at fault are the phoenix suns not properly using deandre ayton in the sun system? I also was asked this fantastic question. In one of my q, a mailbags – and i feel like this question deserves its own video, but i would really appreciate it if you guys will get active in the comments section and leave your thoughts about it down below and to close out this video. I wanted to play you guys some clips from my good friends over at the valley podcast. They were recently talking about the phoenix suns and indiana pacers game, and i got some of their best moments, talking about deandre, ayton and most of the stuff that they said.

I 100 agreed with and that’s why i wanted to add it into this video. So major shout out to the valley, podcast they’ve been on my channel before they are awesome guys. I love working with them. Go subscribe to the valley podcast because i don’t know if this video would have been made possible without them, and also you guys big, shout out to my good friend, romp 2.0, who was nice enough to make the incredible thumbnail on this video go subscribe to romp 2.0, he does incredible basketball content and thank you guys so much for watching. Please subscribe for everything phoenix suns if it has to deal with the phoenix suns i’m going to make a video about it, make sure to hulk smash the like button and now tune in to the valley podcast. I will leave the full podcast link down below in the description. Thank you guys so much for watching. Oh man, i can’t even know what to start with ayton, because can we start with? Can we start with um him getting that pass about 12 feet from the rim and he gets ready to take flight? Oh gosh and i’m thinking? Oh, i was like right here and then here’s. This amari stottemeyer style donkey that’s coming right, i’m thinking here comes the first amari style dunk of his career and it’s gon na be on turner. Here, then he gets sent back huh. No, it didn’t even get sent back he’s just like he just stopped admitting.

He got scared is what happened mid flight, he he thought he was dragon bender and that he better cover up his body and his whole body got rejected as if his whole body was the ball. He just sent him flying and the ref was like. You know what i’m not calling a foul on that you just got your whole body sent away bro like get out of here, so that that is ayton in a nutshell. So anybody go ahead. Well, that’s that’s, the the exact reason why we’re mad, because, like people uh like aidan’s world jump into my combos, because kids was tweeting about it and i get it, you guys want to defend people based off of their stats, but there’s a thing called the eye Test: okay, because if you play a basketball or you’ve coached, it uh there’s, certain stat stuffers out there they get their numbers. But if you asked a coach, if you want them on their team, they’re going to say no, because they they don’t pass the i test. If you’ve ever heard that coach coach b right yeah coach evan b, do you know what i’m talking about absolutely? Does it absolutely? He doesn’t pass the eye test, but you look at his stats, he’s, filling it up. Every night and it’s like well uh i’ll go with the guy. That uh passes the eye test. For me, you know: i’ll go with the guy that i can go off my gut and know that he’s just he’s he he’s doing it so yeah did ayden fill up the stats tonight i mean not like a world leader, but you know what the number one Teller sign for me is the dude hasn’t played a fourth quarter in the an entire much month of march.

I know it’s only four games, but if this guy is so important to your team, why the isn’t he playing in the fourth quarter, that’s, where i wanted to go with this salt and coke yeah and chat – is something going on bigger than this is. These are just chess moves by monty in the fourth quarter. He’S this entire month. You can see that he’s in the dog house, with with monty it’s, like yeah i’m gon na play yeah i’m gon na play you. But if you’re not giving me what i need to see i’m gon na i’m, just gon na put sarge in, because i can actually trust him. People just don’t give a about this dude in like outside the sun’s fandom that are holding on to the fact that he got drafted number one. No one cares i mean charles is here saying: ayton is a future all star and we all know it. Do we? No, no, you don’t know what he’s gon na do next game. So how did how did deandre and get his points tonight? Wow they’re they’re all right, so it was putbacks mainly put back and he had one thing around. He had that one good dribble move where he went behind his back and then went up for it, but it’s like with every good move he has about like four or five moves. That makes you want to pull your hair out dude, and what he’s saying to me is you guys have to just accept ayton for who he is and stop expecting, because basically he has a bad game and it’s like oh, my god, this dude’s a bum get Him off the team and then he has a good game and it’s like oh, my gosh, maybe he’s, going to become what we thought.

Maybe he is going to reach his potential. This is him so that’s a question. I wanted to ask the chat also, and i wanted to ask you two: is there still time for aidan to reach the potential we saw or are we seeing him at his ceiling already or is there time or not? No, i i, i know he’s he’s 22.. He can absolutely come back, there’s, no reason to think why he couldn’t right there yeah he can improve, but i mean i don’t. I don’t know man, okay, so so let me just go with that. Let me that’s the answer. I was expecting you to say right. So gary spurs fan gary’s point in that is, there is going to be a and what i’m, what i’m saying to you burner, you’re saying what would he fetch there are going to be gm’s and coaches who are arrogant enough and sure of themself enough, then they’ll Say if i had deandre hayden, i could teach this dude to do what he. What i want him to do. There is going to be someone out there with that attitude, so i mean i’m i’m. Just at the point where i think we’re seeing ayton’s ceiling. I don’t want to believe it. I don’t want to believe it, but i think his ceiling is still like he’s, good and bad and good and bad yeah. Look. We got ta, we got ta, look at what the players are doing on the court with him.

There was three or four times within the first half where they were looking to eight and like dude. Where were you and help defense and it wasn’t there? You got to look at those things and not so much what he’s doing when he gets the ball or whatever i’m looking the reaction of everything, and then he was out of position, then the very next time down the court. He got an offensive rebound for a putback slam, okay, when he went back to the bench after that he was his head was down and he gave high fives like this he’s, just like yeah, yeah yeah. Those things are so important and the type of person that you want to go to battle with, in basketball and in the playoffs those types of things you know what i mean it’s, not like. He came back with a fierce attitude and said no i’m gon na show you guys and i’m gon na have a kick i’m gon na have a in game. He did one good play, then he goes. Those are the types of things we got. Ta, look at man he’s 22. We don’t know what kind of work ethic he has and only they know so if they move on from him it’ll be because of the work ethic things of and things of that nature. Does that make sense it does. I. I have a stinky uh suspicion that james jones is just gon na he’s gon na unload this guy.

When the right deal comes along, it wasn’t his pick, bro it wasn’t his pick. He wants to build his own roster that’s. A great point: can i take this from from burner account so he’s saying it would be such a son’s move to trade d.a and he gets he gets better. Another team we have chris paul and we have a two year window. Does anyone think that we have more than two years? I could see three at the at the tippy top okay, so this is a situation in which we need to act now we went and got a franchise quarterback. He has a couple of great years left. We can’t waste this time if we want a championship we’re, not even usually in the headspace of thinking about championships. Right do you say i believe in cp3 book and everyone else, and if i can it’s time to make a splashy move something that’s risky, but high reward for a title in the next two years, y’all think i’m. Joking, we could be the raptors in the next three years grabbing. Our first title: it’s there for the taking lebron is becoming an old man. So what you’re saying is true, so deandre ayton could uh. You know it get better with time and he probably will, but will he be good enough for you to win a title next year? I think i think a lot of this goes back to the fact. Don’T say: deandre deandre is not james jones guy.

He was not his draft pick and james jones is the gm he used to be an athlete. He’S got a competitive spirit at him and the way i coach and pick teams i’m sure is very similar to ways. Maybe an x player would pick for gm’s or maybe go out on a recruiting. You want your guys yeah! You see it when new gm’s come into baseball all the time you want. Your own man, coming onto a team and you’ve, got a seven foot first round pick. Who supposedly has all the tools you don’t want to get rid of that guy, but if he’s you don’t want to get rid of him. Last year, in his second year, you don’t want to do it, but you’ve seen enough to know by this point right and he tried to trade him in the off season. The thing is is like the fact of the matter. Is contracts are going to come up? We drafted d.a and bridges in the same year, and people have made put these polls up, who put it up? What did uh the goat of youtube? Put it up, did suns geek, put it up, uh bridges and they put a pull up like who, who would be a priority with extensions, and i i respond without even thinking it uh about it and it’s it’s bridges. You know i don’t think he’s a max player or anything yeah, so it’s gon na come up.

Man and i guarantee you. Dude d.a is gon na think he’s, a max player because he’s, a big man and all this other, like he’s gon na demand that uh and you’re gon na have multiple contracts coming up and then fault the years after that, then you have cam johnson coming up.

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