Qualcomm Snapdragon, System on a chip, Mobile phone, Smartphone Edge+ (2022) Unboxing!

This is the edge plus 5g, the 2022 model. This phone has the latest snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor inside from qualcomm, along with a 144 hertz p. Oled display excited to see it in action. It also has a 60 megapixel front facing camera pretty high on that megapixel spectrum. They also sent over some extras inside this backpack. So we will check those out. Maybe even do a giveaway later on in the video. So stay tuned for that, but now lets go ahead and unbox the edge plus from motorola quickly take a look. What comes inside and get some hands on with the phone lets get started here is the edge plus that motorola sent over it is ready for compatible. So you can just plug it into a monitor and get desktop like capabilities opening it up. We have our edge plus were going to set that to the side and quickly take a look. What else is in the box standard, sim tool getting started, guide and safety information? You get a usbc to usbc charging, cable and nice that its included a charging. Brick. Obviously usbc input right there and it is up to 30 watts of charging which hence the 30. On the side of the brick moving on lets see what the edge plus has to offer taking off. The plastic reveals that really neat blue color has a color shift to it depending on the angle and how the light hits it now im going to boot up the edge plus and take a closer look at the hardware at the bottom of the edge plus.

You have your sim card slot, usb type c port, a microphone and one of the speaker grilles moving along the right side. Are the power button volume rockers that power button actually has a fingerprint sensor built into it, so well test that out in just a second make note of the camera bump, which is very minimal, really doesnt protrude out too much up towards the top? You just have a microphone along the left side, absolutely nothing! I do really like this coloring and how it shifts just gives it a unique look and the motorola logo. On the back and our triple camera system, you have a 50 megapixel main sensor with quad pixel technology and optical image, stabilization, another 50 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and then a 2 megapixel depth sensing camera. I wish they did include a telephoto lens, though im going to run through the startup process in the edge plus talk about anything thats noteworthy lets set up that fingerprint scanner, like i mentioned, built into the power button, which is a little high up on the device Ill say when im holding the phone, my thumb kind of rests just underneath where that power button is so, i kind of have to move my thumb to reach that fingerprint scanner, not necessarily good or bad. Just something that i wanted to make note of. Just keep lifting it up, putting our thumb back down, get different edges on it. It is interesting to see a fingerprint scanner that is built into the power button.

You dont get that too often anymore. A lot of them are just in display. This is an important setting here touch to unlock, basically allowing you to unlock the device with the screen off, just by setting your thumb down its your choice. If you want that on nice that they give you the choice, so fingerprints added, you can add another one. Lets continue through here is that 6.7 inch, p oled display again looks like its enabled out of the box a 144 hertz refresh rate, so even higher than 120 hertz that you see on a lot of other devices uh like i said it looks like its enabled Out of the box, let me double check that by going into display settings scrolling down display refresh rates on auto, so we can switch depending on what type of content is shown. But motorola gives you the option to bump it down to 60 hertz, which will make it less smooth, but it will save some battery life or you can force it to 144 hertz at all times so great that they give you the option. Theres, a group of other options within display settings such as a dark theme. You can actually change the colors more natural or change the color temperature to your liking. However, a couple others attentive display while youre looking at it, it keeps the display on three finger. Screenshot a peak display operate how you interact so basically and always on display.

While the screen is off. You also have swipe to split, which is a neat feature to multitask, where, if you swipe your finger back and forth across the screen, it doesnt support it within the settings app. Maybe the play store supports, it lets go back and forth and there you go it. Pops this up into a split screen mode where you can then select another app, so lets say we want play, store, chrome browser opened up there, we go weve got two apps open at once very easy way to multitask that works really well hopping into the camera. App lets just go ahead and snap a couple, quick pictures, shutter seems to be very snappy. We can also activate that ultra wide angle lens to include a lot more into the shot and then again it has a macro mode, so you can get really really close to objects. Just check out how close im getting to this charger here to snap a quick picture and, as i mentioned, a 60 megapixel front facing camera, so a high megapixel shot there. We go theres, a just quick picture of me with that camera. A lot of light going on in the background behind me, obviously, with the camera and lights and a quick look at all of the other modes within the camera, theres a ton of them. Some are a lot of fun. Spot color is a ton of fun night vision, pro mode, dual capture, theres a lot going on, but spot color.

Like i said you just take this cross hair thats on the screen and select a color. So if i only want green showing up, i can take a picture and then only anything, thats green in the shot will have color its a ton of fun, its a great mode that they include now lets test out that fingerprint scanner. So, with the display off im just going to set my thumb down a quick vibration and it unlocks it right away now im going to try to get to our lock screen with that lets, go ahead and use this. So now on, the lock screen set my thumb down instant unlock, so very accurate and very quick to unlock your device, and i dont want to go too in detail with these settings within the moto app because they add a lot of useful features to uh. On top of android, including ways to customize it different gestures, quick capture their standard, you know quick twist double twist to open up the camera, app chop twice for a flashlight which is always useful, especially if youre in the dark you dont even have to turn your Screen on to use your flashlight but theres a ton of useful features, as you could tell that, motorola adds in all right now lets go ahead and see what other extras motorola sent over in this backpack and opening up our motorola logo backpack inside first off. We have a 15 watt turbo charger for wireless charging, excellent to pair with our edge plus, because it does have 15 watt wireless charging capability, so not just that 30 watts of wire charging, but also 15 watts next in the bag.

We have right here check this out snap dragon, sound mw08, active noise, canceling, true wireless, headphones and last but not least, right here, a google play hundred dollar gift card, which would someone like to win this big thanks for all the support you give so and clicking On this video right away, because this is a first come first serve if youre watching this video a day later, i guess its pretty safe to assume that it did get redeemed, and here is all the info you need to redeem. It again. First come first served. If you do actually win this gift card drop a comment and let people know ill keep an eye on the comments section and heart, the one that says that they won. So there is everything you need to redeem. It be sure to thank motorola as well, because, obviously, that giveaway was coming from them. Anyways thats, about everything im going to show off for now on the motorola edge plus drop a comment.

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