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We want to show you that right now we want to just warn you that this is very graphic and viewer discretion is advised. It does show the moments the shooter entered the school and began looking around lets watch yeah, okay, so there you can see the vehicle. The shooter drove at 28 year old from Nashville driving up in the parking lot here of the school. This was released just moments ago by the Metro, Nashville Police Department, the shooter who the police identified as Audrey E Hale, saying that the individual identifies as transgender entered the building by firing through a side door. There you see it the shooter walks in kicks the glass armed with two assault style weapons and a handgun thats. According to John Drake hes, the Nashville Police Department chief there so remember the police identified six victims in this shooting there, the shooter and you can see bracing the weapon. The sirens it looks like going off there and remember viewer discretion is advised. This literally just happened. This morning and emotions are still raw and still very, very fresh for this community, as now they are seeing this as well. The moments that that 28 year old shooter walked into the Covenant School there in Metro, Nashville and started shooting there. It looks like they pass. Some type of front entrance: this is at a private Christian, Elementary School okay, so that is there the first video uh released by Metro, Nashville Police, very, very difficult to watch, but you saw the moments uh there, Audrey Hale firing these weapons to get into this side Door shattering the glass of the door uh take a look, though.

Uh police also released photos of the weapons that were used. Okay, so there you can see, looks to have some type of uh sticker decal on the magazine and there, the handgun as well. Okay, so uh youre getting a better sense now of the weapons, at least what they look like you, you saw the shooter. There enter the school with those two assault weapons. I want to put up now uh this photo here uh. This is yet another photo of the entrance, and there you can see. I just want to pause this right here. Take a look at the upper window there, okay, so the shooter went to the second floor, firing shots before being killed by police. The police chief John Drake, said that the assailant was quote at one point: a student at the school there uh so uh there. You can see the broken shattered glass in that Second Story window as well, so we wanted to make sure Metro Police just releasing this photo as well. So that is what we were told in one of the press conferences today. Hale was firing from that. Second Story: window 14 minutes and officers shot that individual and there you can see the individual also shot at a police cruiser there in the parking lot.

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