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Oh this matters is insane. Why are you still living vain im? Not the one youre, the victim of your own mistakes: Music, Music mistakes, Music, untold stories – they were left behind: Music Applause, Music, vain, Music, Music mistakes, Music Applause, fantastic atmosphere, the pitch looks perfect, were all set for a cracking match. Theyre calling this game a friendly. I believe that when i see it, there are some very big reputations at stake out. There is Applause. His lines fabregas played that, in dangerously Applause, its an opportunity – Applause. This is the pivot of this team. The play makeup, yes, wayne, rooney iniesta. They want something here. Very quick to cut them all out its a risky game playing offside. It didnt work Applause. They played him in here. Applause keeper barely managed to reach the goal. Oh so well taken. Well now they mustnt sit back theyre sure they could score goals. They must continue to be positive. There wasnt much the keeper could do about it. It was accurate, finishing Applause Applause, not too many goals. To tell you about the uh score at halftime. Is one nil, well, im sure the message in that dress? All the players are back out there. The game is back underway. Finnish Applause, please anderson, heres wayne, rooney Applause smacked against the post, rooney thats good, covering fabregas thats, not a bad effort. Applause and the manager has made his first change of the night messy. All he needed was a quality, finish Applause, the defense now, Applause Applause, but sometimes those expectations could weigh a team down.

They got the job done, thats a really good performance, a great win Music.

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