Sony PlayStation, Video game console, United Kingdom, Sony Corporation The All-New PS Plus (AKA Spartacus): No new games, no mobile streaming and no PSVita games!

I think for me its an interesting proposition, but it does lack a couple of important things that i think are really really important compared to game pass. So let me just kind of go through what exactly it is. There are three tiers to this playstation plus subscription. The first one is playstation plus essential, which is basically existing playstation, plus, where you get two monthly download games, exclusive discounts, cloud storage and online multiplayer. This is basically exactly the same as playstation plus as it is today. Um and the pricing is pretty much the same as well. Its 60 for a year for united states, 60 euros and 59 pounds pretty much. What we already had in place – playstation plus extra, is kind of like uh kind of like playstation now, except its only for ps4 and ps5 games, and basically it gives you everything from the essential tier, but it adds another 400 games, uh, ps4 and ps5 games. That can be downloaded to the ps4 uh or your ps5, and you can play them included in that subscription uh and they say uh in the uh in the press, release that this will include games like death, stranding god of war, spider, man, uh miles morales, mortal Kombat 11 eternal, so some really good games there to be fair, thats, pretty pretty good in terms of the the actual games were getting there. The cost of this is pretty expensive: its a hundred dollars a year 100 euros a year or 84 pounds a year.

Quite quite a lot to be fair for for what youll get what youre getting, but well quite a lot, but you are getting a good selection of ps4 and ps5 games um. Hopefully, when we see the final list, itll also be uh. You know an impressive selection. There then, the final tier, the kind of the the best tier, is called playstation plus premium, and this basically gives you all the benefits of essential and extra uh and includes 340 or sorry up to 340 additional games from ps3, ps1, ps2 and psp. The ps3 games are only available via streaming and ps1. Ps2 and psp ps4p has one ps2 psp. They can be downloaded and played theres. Also cloud streaming option for ps2 psp as well and ps1. So you can stream or you can play those games. Basically, as ps3 is the only one where you cant download them the cost of that tier is 120 or 120 euros or 100 pounds a year, um quite a lot to money to, for that, one were not getting any new games, so youre not getting any date Games, which is what game pass, gives personally im, not overly fussed about that. I think thats kind of a difficult thing for sony to have done if they went for all new games being offered within playstation plus, i think thats. You know they make a lot of money. Obviously from uh new games being sold uh you know physically or digitally to people, and so i can kind of understand why they wouldnt do that, but it does obviously take some of the shine away from the service.

So you know for 120 dollars, it doesnt feel very different from basically ps, plus and ps. Now so ps now already gives you ps3 game streaming and ps4 games. You can download and play them as well. I think what were really getting, which is different, is the ps2, ps1 and psp games that you can now download or play download or stream onto your ps4 ps5 um its not too bad. I think one really major missing feature for me, and this is really i guess where it comes to me, being a handheld gamer and playing preferring to just kind of play when im in bed or something um, you cant, it doesnt talk about being able to stream. These games on mobile, so you can stream it on psp, your ps4 or ps5. You can stream it on pc, but it doesnt seem to be streamable on mobile. Now on um game pass. You can stream to your phones, you can stream to iphone or to android um, but it seems like playstation have not got that functionality uh in place for their new ps plus service, and i think this is really disappointing. I mean you could argue that for microsoft, it probably maybe its not the best move for them to have done that, because for me i dont feel i need an xbox at all, because ive got game pass on my phone or on one of my android devices And ive got access to kind of all of their major first party titles and other titles, which is great.

I was really hoping wed have that with this new playstation plus uh, that they would just kind of take that sort of um learning from microsoft and also have that on mobile. But it seems like theyve just gone for pc and console, which means its kind of less less appealing for me. So one of the reasons i like remote play so much is because i can just kind of play in bed from my phone, but the fact that that wont be an option for this new service and streaming games from ps. Now you cant play on mobile when youre remote playing, so it just kind of seems a bit less appealing to me. To be honest, i you know i do want to see what the what the games are and its especially cool that psp games will be available. Uh on the streaming, but i know its got a really. It needs to kind of impress me with the library because ive got loads of psp games. Ive got so many physical copies and uh loads that i bought digitally as well. So i am curious to see what it is, but its not it doesnt seem enough right now to really entice me to want to uh want to subscribe now, a notable and obvious submission all that in all this is that ps vita is not included so ps, Vita games wont be included in playstation plus now. This is kind of expected.

To be honest, its one of the reasons why i think the back touch was a mistake for the vita, and also the you know. Incorporating the cameras into some of the vita games was also a bit of a mistake because its really hard, then to to emulate the system and to to bring games to a service like this, where you want to just be able to play on a console. So unfortunately, no vita games are included, not unexpected, like i said, but uh it does kind of trap some of those games on the vita. Unfortunately, i its kind of a shame because some games from the vita could be included. They did patch killzone, kills and mercenaries. So that they could play on pstv, so it could have been in this service freedom. Wars could be played uh just on on the pstv, as well with uh with the controller, so they could have included some games potentially from the vita in this service, but obviously its kind of complicated, and it means that only a few games would would be able To be included, so that is a shame for for us vita fans, but not entirely unexpected. In my opinion, i think also one of the other advantages of not streaming is that uh you can take. You can take screenshots and uh and down and record footage from your ps4 or ps5 when youre playing games. You cant do that with ps now games.

So i am kind of curious with the ps1 ps2 psp titles. Will we be able to stream or to as in stream the video footage to youtube, or can we kind of capture footage well capture screenshots, because id like to be able to do that, but right now with uh with ps? Now we cant do that for ps3 titles, but it is interesting, i think, in missing a few things im, not overly fussed about the the new games not being there. I know that is a really good feature for for game pass, but i kind of feel i can just understand why they wouldnt want to do that. Its almost throwing away a lot of money uh to do something like that, but i was really hoping for mobile compatibility so guys.

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