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That means that we are left with a national championship. We got the gonzaga bulldogs versus the baylor, bears for this year’s national championship in indianapolis, and i cannot be more excited for this game. What an amazing final, four we’ve had what an amazing march madness we’ve had and it finally all comes down to this. The college basketball, 2020 2021 season comes down to monday night, where we see the baylor bears taking on the ginza gonzaga bulldogs for the best matchup of the whole season. The two best teams lead up to this night on monday. It is going to be an amazing game, and here i am going to give you guys my pick for this game, because i think that this is going to be a game for the ages. Unlike the last couple games that these teams have played they’ve won by decent margins, i think that this game is going to be a lot closer and a lot better than people anticipate. We are going to see one of the best national championship games that we have seen ever in this game. As we see the baylor braz take on the gonzaga bulldogs. But before i get into my pick, do me a huge favor and do yourself a huge favor. If you love college sports content hit that sub button down below and like the video down below that would be much appreciated before we get into. This helps share the video around and we are really trying to grow the content on this channel and make it better.

So guys, your support always means a lot to us. So we appreciate you if you go subscribe and like the video let’s get into breaking down both of these teams and who, i think is going to win this game. I want to start off with the baylor bears and their big game against houston, because i thought that with baylor not playing the competition that some of these other teams have seen, i mean houston coming into this game. Hadn’T played anyone, so i think that that’s, why houston got blown out of the water here they finally got exposed to a good team and baylor just kicked them. I didn’t think houston was that good of a team going up all the way to this point? They just got the luck of the draw from the teams that they got to play all the way up to the final four and when they finally play a good team, they get kicked and they get kicked pretty good. But this baylor bears team man. Offense was key there’s, just no slowing this team down there’s, no slowing this team down butler, unbelievable man, there’s, so many guys mitchell. Probably my favorite davey and mitchell on this team is my favorite player on this whole team, and you look at the points in this game. 17 for butler 12 for mitchell 11 fatigue. None of these guys were 20 plus points it’s because they know how to spread the ball around, and then you have two players in double figures and points off of the bench the baylor bears.

Success came around spreading the ball around and you saw that look at the assists that they put up in this game. They put up 23 assists in this game. Do you know how many houston had 10 assists that was 13, more assists that the baylor bears had than the houston cougars you even look at the rebounding, the rebounding stats baylor only out rebound them by five. It wasn’t any spectacular performance on the glass for baylor. They just knew how to score with the ball in their hands. You look at houston’s shooting percentage. They went from the field 38, where you have baylor going 52 you’re, not gon na win a game when you are able to only put up 38 of your baskets, and i think baylor’s defense was just amazing in this game, as well as their offense lots of Good things that i saw from this baylor team so far in this game, i’ve liked them all the way. Up to this point i picked them losing. I picked them losing in my original bracket in the second round to north carolina and north carolina going into the final four. But as soon as i started to watch baylor, this baylor team play in march mattis and after unc lost in the first round. I started to realize how good this team actually was and as they go on, especially against their win against arkansas. This is a team that they probably will find themselves down at points to gonzaga, but they’re always able to battle back.

They played a close game against arkansas at points, but again you’re able to pull away. Then i think baylor if they come out with the same intensity, the same grit in everything that they came out with in this game, just the fact that they went out and they had their eyes set on taking the lead and running away with it. Early, this game was never close from the beginning of the game. Baylor just hit all their threes. They were unbelievable in this game, so the baylor bears, i think, are coming into this game very, very hot, and i like where this team is going into let’s talk about this gonzaga team, because what’s baylor gon na need to do to slow down the best team In the country, the team that is undefeated going into this game, looking for an undefeated season, the second undefeated season ever you have one of the most and best offensive productive teams in the whole country. Ever ever in college basketball in gonzaga, you look at suggs. You look at nem hard. You look at timmy. Those three guys are absolutely lethal. This team, this gonzaga team, just puts up points. They put up points each and every time and that’s. Why i like this matchup, because i think you get two high powered offenses and even though baylor still has a very good defense, gonzaga still has very good defense, you’re gon na watch this game for the offensive production that’s.

Why you’re in this game hit the over? I don’t know what the over is yet, but if it does come out i’m going to guess it’s going to be somewhere around, if i had to guess what the over would be 145, something like that hit the over in this game. There’S going to be a lot of points that this game is going to be down to the wire, then maybe even over time, maybe even over time, wouldn’t that be something if we get blessed with a nice overtime game in the national championship, it would be something Else what is going to differentiate each team in going into winning this game? I think gonzaga just needs to stick to what they’ve been doing all year. Just score the ball and you’re going to have to play some defense lock up you’re going to have to lock up everyone. You it’s not just again that’s. Why i like this baylor team, so much they don’t just rely on one guy to score. You got multiple guys on this team that can put up double figures in the games and you’re. Just gon na have to go and play solid defense all around the horn, because even if you get one guy to foul out there’s still four five guys who can still put up double figures – it’s, not one guy – that you need to take care of for baylor. Again, defense is gon na be key, but i feel like if baylor is really able to hit it with their offensive rebounds and get those second chance points they’re going to be put in a good position to win the game.

I think baylor has one of the most fastest and high tempo offenses in all of college basketball, and i really like where this team is at now it comes down to who am i gon na pick? Who do i like more in this game, because i think we were supposed to get this game earlier earlier in the season and we didn’t because of covet and everything? This is the hardest game to pick out of any march madness game we’ve had all season by far because you have the two best teams in college basketball. Many would argue, like i don’t think, illinois after what i saw, how they ended their season in michigan. Just what i saw from them, even in the limited games that they did play in march madness, they were not as good as these two teams. They did not have the command that these two teams did. They did not have the aggression that these two teams did. We are getting the two best teams and from what i’ve seen right now, everyone is picking gonzaga everyone thinks gonzaga is gon na win i’m guessing gonzaga is gon na, be favored in this game by like five or six or something like that. Everyone’S going with the bulldogs, i did not come here on this video to give you everyone else’s opinion. I did not come here to give you the same old, same old copy, some guy off uh some other sports website and say that the gonzaga bulldogs are winning, and this isn’t just me trying to be take the opposite.

I truly believe that this baylor bears team is in for something special and that they will go on and win the national championship. There’S a reason i got my chicago bears jersey behind there’s a reason i got my chicago beard’s hat on. Go bears i’m. Taking this team, because i just feel like the streak – everything that they’re riding into this game against houston, is giving me so much confidence. Just the last couple games, yes, it’s not like i’ve, been completely noseblind to what gonzaga has done all season. They are a very good team. This is going to be the toughest game. Gonzaga has played all year and they to this point, gonzaga hasn’t played anyone of caliber like baylor. Did they haven’t played any of the top tier teams yet to show up in the last? What couple months i really feel like baylor is the team that is going to come out and be victorious in this game they’re going to get out on a hot streak. They just got to hold that it’s gon na be close at the end, but i really like where this baylor offense is at and that’s. Why i’m going to take them in this national championship game mark it down the boys from waco texas are going to bring a national championship back to waco, and the baylor bears will win the national championship again, that’s just my opinion. That is my pick. Thank you. Guys so much for tuning into this video.

I appreciate it i’m sure you guys will have multiple opinions on this because i did take baylor i’m sure. A lot of you are going to think i’m, crazy and picking zagas.

What do you think?

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Baylor Bears men’s basketball, Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Basketball wins the 2021 NCAA basketball championship | extended highlights

Baylor Bears men’s basketball, Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Basketball ch Madness – DFS & Bets – National Championship – Baylor vs Gonzaga