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Another offensive rebound does every nice cut that’ll last get the assist to final butler with the basket offensive, rebound great back cut to the rim jared butler, and he loves the finish i’m going to do a lot of screening here’s mitchell again from the outside wow Applause. He’S hit his first two shots. He had timiano get themselves going here in this first half right. He got your attention out of practice. I think he always got his attention just guessing that’s what they got there butler with the drive for two more because they get pretty much equal minutes and they come up big here’s mitchell again, freeing himself he hits another shot. Is he locked in? He is ready to go it’s really a tough call on the first. One really should only have one kisper has to put it up to beat the shot that’s, a big one that is big for him as well to get one home and now buffer can’t over help with the nice dive by jonathan. Oh, what a clever little pocket pass by butler dive to the rim, bail out the dribbler butler another one from the outside growth of the ncaa tournament. He passed away this year, he’s been honored and celebrated this week in indianapolis and he is missed by everybody in the college game. Here’S timmy driving in off the pass from cook cook was able to do that. There’S, always slight by big jonathan. Ah timmy had taken away mitchell no call hits the deck back out flagler, who can shoot it to three energy we’re accustomed to seeing from them on both ends of the floor.

That’S their biggest deficit of the whole season 15. problem is timmy’s, not the big factor. He has to be so hard hits the shot matchups on the ball screen too there’s the same one. They dive. Why don’t they don’t, and you would mention that to me off air right. If you you cover him, you got the three now mitchell goes left great right, timmy struggling with that right now, nice little curl here, first time, they’ve done that, oh, my goodness, obama says no to kiss drive. He felt the presence, great call butler step back. Three, are they locked in? Are they focused look after them? This is the mismatch he wants takes the shot. How about this? They just owned. The white shirts five for five from three are the baylor bears timmy tough shot, got it to go that’s right, nice faith. Dribble handoff right there by tim, the slap back front of the rim there’s sucks one to take off with it. This look familiar gon na drive in give it up timmy for the dock Applause such good finishes at the rim. Look at this shot! Wow! You said he could float. They’Ve got a great little baby hook at the rim. This is dangerous inside right, idle doesn’t, give up on a play, this kid energy or really off their game aren’t. They no good questions back to timmy for two. How to use him get him involved, get the big fella moving screen roll.

That was the first as oh give it up. I i like the kick to the corner. He wants to put his imprint on this game. Doesn’T he get the stretch of the d i’d. Put a shooter on the foul line: flagler loves this he’s got it. How about that? You can’t cover that whole floor kendama’s out there on the floor, with the great decision making in mitchell Applause turn around got it bit more aggressive. He has to be positive. You can’t stand back against baylor in the zone. They will pick you apart and they’ve done it Applause and that’s. Eight unanswered Applause. There you go steps out of the paint, hits the jumper open three long rebound out to butler i’d like to see him attacking early. Now, well, you know i got another one. Well, you go, don’t get back, don’t, get your hand up. Don’T contest the shot just so hard for gonzaga to operate like it normally does, underneath that’s their game cut the great path, no freedom out there just confusion because of this defense. They found that spot now with the jumper it’s just too easy, tough to play zone butler wanting it driving it. Applause, draw attention and slip pass sucks. Now, slashy and that’s gon na be against baylor big call right there. You are right, jim, on the run, they’re gon na get an open look here, still driving finds the trailer watson. What a great bit of execution and boy talk about a momentum, just surveys the opportunity and then delivers his third degree in the game.

Where is everybody? Oh mitchell, Applause. I have to shoot butler – oh, oh, my goodness! Oh right in the heart, as you said, wrapped early, that free throw line area is wide open, then make a living right in there boy that he’s not again good. Oh, my goodness, wow he’s surveying delivering top scorer now for the bears with 16.. Oh, not a good look but it’s very lucky. It was off the hands of butler who knew he had it. It’S the shoddy one and off the floor. It’S mitchell, 31. 2. Races to the hole for two got to stop the ball right there, defensively sucks and the pain made. It look easy scream down below watson. They do that great sucks bounce pass fortunate to get it to yay timmy dish. Sucks timmy can make plays just give him a chance there’s that four around one small lineup everybody can shoot nice little dive to the ring wow, but they are asleep defensively. The timing hasn’t been good and hard waits and gets it charlotte. Some strength do with the discard: sucks hits the floor recovers that they don’t get back to cover final, unbelievable. Oh goodness, that is just killing them school history. This team, all america delivering tonight able to get around butler at the other end. Zeke was waiting for it to develop wasn’t there now challenges puts it up. Oh what a shot and under timmy wow incredible around the rim, the perimeter guys Applause, kisper, now driving and rejected and baylor’s on a break.

Smart move here. Little delay, lagler splash Applause, tough, shot, got it that boy really nice defensive scheme, doesn’t come up with it. Look at this cut wide open, is butler and kissberg skies and throws it behind his back right to mitchell. To butler and timmy then commits the foul nice pin down for they’ve run little wrinkles it’s, not all the ball screen. Look at that fill fire. What a cut Applause they have stepped up their defensive pressure too sucks. Finally, another three drops for the bulldogs just their second one them hard. Look at this harassing sucks step back three good, looking shot there. The zags got ta thrive here in transition, get an easy basket recovery by the bears pittsburgh. They needed it. What a fine, too suggs, with the kick, not finland, that’s right great point, but they are so good in that area the floor, all of them. This kid can embarrass you get the lingerie on the deck call the janitor Applause well against k.u. A lot of people do they start over.

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Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Jalen Suggs, Baylor Bears men’s basketball, College basketball UCLA

Baylor Bears men’s basketball, Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball, NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, Basketball hampionship Pick | Gonzaga vs Baylor Prediction