Bloomington School District 87, School, Board of education, Bloomington Women's History Month: Jesulon Gibbs-Brown

Women’S history month had its origins as a national celebration in 1981, when congress authorized and requested the president to proclaim the week beginning march 7 1982. As women’s history week, congress continued to pass join resolutions designating a week in march as women’s history week and in 1987 congress passed public law 100 9, which designated the month of march as women’s history month. Before we closed out the month of march. We wanted to be sure to recognize a woman, doing great things professionally and in her community. Now that we have some background on women’s history month. We will now recognize our history maker. Just one gift brown jd phd is a native south carolinian and hails from utahville south carolina. She is the interim department chair and associate professor of educational leadership and policy studies at south carolina state university in orangeburg south carolina. She is also an affiliate faculty member at the university of south carolina college of education. Her research and teaching focuses on education law, educational policy, making the superintendency and practitioner based research. Dr gill, brown previously served as a school district superintendent for five years in her hometown. Before returning to higher education, in addition, she previously served as the state director for the office of school transformation at the south carolina department of education and practiced school law as an attorney representing school districts in south carolina, dr hugh brown earned her ba in political science With a minor in writing from spelman college m.

a, an economic policy from georgia, state university juris, doctorate, jd and doctor of philosophy phd from indiana university bloomington dude duck against brown is dropping bombs with their educational credentials. Dr king brown has also served on several committees during her career. She received a legislative appointment to the south carolina educator, recruitment and retention study committee. She has served as chair of the orangeburg county consolidation transition committee, served on the one orangeburg county task force as co. Chair of education and workforce subcommittees served on the university of south carolina. College of education committee on educational leadership participated as a member and presenter at the south carolina association of school administrators and the south carolina school boards association and served on the board of directors of the orangeburg county chamber of commerce. Dr gibbs brown is married to mr brenton brown and they are proud parents of hamilton, joshua brown, whose namesake is charles hamilton, houston. In case you have never heard of mr charles hamilton houston. He was a prominent african american lawyer, dean of howard, university law, school and naacp. First special counsel. Budget kids would like to thank dr jacqueline gibbs brown for being a friend and member of the prodigy kids nation. Your commitment to excellence is worthy of recognition during women’s history.

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