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. I our case. We actually focus on the Hidden Job Market on LinkedIn, so job ads, which are difficult to find published in non obvious. Places., We also verify them to make sure they’re genuine recruitment processes.. We focus on vacancies aimed at senior international candidates, so senior candidates with at least 10 years of experience with international backgrounds. So the job ads are in English.. Now we … you can actually find them. On our LinkedIn group. – On Monday afternoons we publish a selection hand, picked selection found by research team, and today I wanted to show you a couple of examples, so you actually know better what they look like., So let’s have a look.. Our first job ad today was published by the recruitment company by a recruitment company, so the name of the employer is not disclosed.. What we do know is that they’re looking for a CEO, they’re, a champion of the vertical farming sector in the CEE region., We know that the job will be based in Vienna Austria.. We also know that this company is growing that they’re expanding internationally and they’re. Looking for someone to oversee this expansion and we’ll make it happen.. We also know that they have a team of very diverse specialists with international backgrounds in the food production and technology industries.. In order to lead this team and to oversee the international expansion, you would need to be someone with a master’s degree in business or related field and strong network and visibility within the industry.

. So they’re. Looking for industry candidates. Experience with roadshows investor relations, corporate governance and also English. and German, so this is a selection of requirements.. If this sounds like you here, the application is done through LinkedIn’s quotEasy Applyquot system, which means functionality, which means that your LinkedIn profile will be used to prefill the application form. So the information on your LinkedIn profile should really be up to date and up to scratch.. The second example also an executive level job.. This one is Chief Learning Officer for the WHO Academy based in Lyon in France. The WHO, so the World Health Organization Academy is actually something …, a new project.. It will be launched in May this year and it will provide both digital and classroom learning to both WHO staff and external stakeholders that includes health workers, health policy, practitioners and other people within the WHO ecosystem.. So I think, that’s quite an interesting high level. Project., The requirements for the candidates include a degree in adult education, but also preferably desirably, a professional certification in quality management or organizational management, also expertise in public health, so subject matter expertise. In terms of practical experience, you should have at least 15 years of experience overall, Including 10 at senior level, and that includes leading large scale enterprises so that you can really handle this caliber of a project and also expertise in adult learning, science and digital innovation. That’S, the subject matter that you will be working on.

If this sounds like you Great click on LinkedIn, and you will be taken to the World Health Organization, recruitment platform, where you have to register first and then fill out a form and upload your documents.. One thing that I think is interesting about this international NGO’s platforms. This works for the UN, for … and for … for the WHO, for example, is that they work quite a bit like ATS systems, applicant tracking systems, and, if you want to know more about how they work and how to optimize your CV. For these kinds of AI based systems, you’re very welcome to download our free step by step guide from our blog.. If you don’t have time to be learning about this, but you would like to have an ATS compliant CV, we’re very happy to do this, for you. So you can outsource this to us.. To recap: the two job ads are a part of a larger selection. This week we have 50 job ads around Europe and different functions at executive and director level.. The full list is published, Monday afternoons and the blog …. The sorry … the LinkedIn post contains a link to our blog, where you can find the full list. On our website a couple more things. I wanted to mention free career consultations and free CV. Reports. You can find more information about these on our website. There’s. Also, a contact form that will help you set this up. And finally, the name of the LinkedIn group that I mentioned is quotHidden Job Market for Experienced managers in Europequot.

. This is for those of you who don’t know.. If anyone wants to join, if you know someone who wants to join they’re welcome to send us a request to join if they’re a senior manager, we will be happy to have them on board. And that’s it for today.. If you have any questions or comments, do send me a message or leave me a comment. I’ll be happy to help for those of you who celebrate Easter. Have a very sunny warm weekend for those of you who don’t celebrate Easter, also have a very sunny and warm weekend. I’ll see you next week. Take care.

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