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Before i begin, let me quickly introduce you to ntap. We are a 20 year old id company engaged in providing matured and futuristic school erp crm and mobile apps to the school spread across india and help in transforming them from good schools to great ones. In today’s episode of inter presents campus career talks, we shall discuss about introducing digital libraries in school. We’Ll understand that how can films, documentaries, podcasts, facilitate practical learning? We shall also learn to keep the essence of real paper alive in digital library to share some valuable insights. On the same, we have two special guests with us, but before i introduce them to you, if you haven’t subscribed to the channel, please do so and click on that bell, icon to stay regularly updated. Please welcome dr jose minocho ma’am principal queen’s, global international school will chart garden in her educational journey of more than 30 years. Bam has been awarded with the educationist of the year award, eldrock catrill award for excellence, guru, dronacharya award and much more welcome on board mom it’s a pleasure to have you. Thank you. Uh. Next up, we have miss in the preschool principal bibi, kalanji public school amritsar punjab, for her contribution to the field of education. Ma’Am has been honored with the cbse best teacher award, sahodya’s best teacher of one, the international school award by british council and many more accolades under her belt. Welcome to the show ma’am it’s a pleasure to have you sashika um.

So, dr george, according to you, how can digital libraries, including films, documentary spot cards, facilitate practical learning in the classroom? So, according to me, i, like barry, is a knowledge hub of school. I strongly believe that digital library makes practical learning easy in classroom people. Reading a book involves only mind and eyes while you reading viewing the video or documentary or a forecast, involves many senses like eyes, ears and feelings so like it means we are using a auditory skills, visual and kinesthetic skills. So now i would like to give you an example: if you want to teach a respiratory system using a textbooks, it will show only diagram and teacher will explain it and that text will be written on it, but by using multimedia we can show you 3d functioning Of entire system, we are able to see the working model of respiratory system, so students can relate virtually to the concept and never forget it. So multimedia leads to multi sensory learning. Thank you. Wonderful multimedia leads to multisensory learning that’s a that should be the quote for the day by the way, from coming from a 90 company, all right uh in the breed mam, every multimedia uses, different senses of a person like a book uses eyes. Video uses the eyes and ears podcast uses his ears, so basically visual and auditory. So keeping that into consideration how can multimedia tool or how can multimedia be helpful in training kids with special needs interviews.

Kids with special needs have got their sixth sense, which we call, as somebody is good at, because uh cpsc also goes for inclusive education. Every class has got certain sort of students in the class which are there with a special need might be. Somebody is good at doing the activities or the other is going good at drawing. So all these digital learning platforms help them out to come up with their skills in which they can be better doing in the future runs when the future period will be there with them it’s going to help them, as them has already said, like we have already Learned about the multiple uh intelligence of the students, so all these digital libraries they help out in developing their multiple skills and for the inclusive children or the students which we call them as further special needs. Students of those categories love to have the things in which they can improve upon their activities. The hand on activities are there with them for this, especially when a library is there through the paper mode, it’s, not easy for each and every child to read the word, but from the digital library when he listens to the word that sound, the music, which helps To create interest of the particular child helps to improve them in the academics as well, so even in this corporate period. I suppose this digital library has been a boon to the education, because when we started in the month of march, when there was lockdown and every school was to start on april 1, it was very difficult for the class one child.

How to start with the reading part of suppose say of the english or environmental studies book. It was not easy at that time. This digital library or the content part which it comes in the form of multimedia, helped a lot in every school to every teacher and especially to the parents who were at home how to go on and continue these studies with the students. This digital library helped the parents and the students both at the same time, was just what the school went period. What we feel is parents were the first teachers, the teachers were there in the schools and if they talk about primary children, the mothers they played the role of the teachers and over here, they uh. Even the parents, realize the importance of this digital life right. Only your personal opinion uh based on that do you think every subject should have should have multimedia or digital or maybe a few selective subjects. According to me, i think, like science, we can use multimedia we can use. Then we can’t use multimedia mathematics except geometry and trigonometry. We can use multimedia violin algebra. I think we can’t use multimedia so in social science. Also like history, history multimedia is not very effective in history, but it is most effective in geography. So we can’t like in english, we can use multimedia grammar, but anyway we can use ebooks. Also remember in history. I guess i will. I will tend to remember more if i know about let’s say a war if i’m watching a documentary about that war, for example, let’s, say world war ii, a person is tend to remember more from a documentary rather than a book yes over here.

I would like to support you because what i feel also that if i talk about specially history, when the uh, the kids see the actual wars of the actual things happening, it helps them to remember the different ears and the chronological yeah. Even if i talk about uh many of the ssd books now they have started coming up in the form of comic series. Why? Because the students get involved into the comic portion, they try to remember more of the concepts and it goes back into their memory level which helps them to get them recapitulate. The things at the later end. So what i feel for all the subjects digital library can be a great help, and even it is proving itself to be like from the digital library. One student can go through not many number of books. At the same time, the child needs not go to the market from one shop to another shop, to search on hunt for different books. We can get them from the digital library, so more of the resources are there at the end of the students to help them out right. Basically, i think right right, apart from that, like i think that digital books are they, we can’t replace the books right. Absolutely it’s true, because if we will think that now, like technology can’t replace humans right like we are in 21st century still, i don’t think that whatever we are using computers, but there is somebody humans, can’t are not replaced.

After all human beings, there are so many advantages of digital library, like we can see from anywhere any time 24 and a half 24 by 7 it’s available, but still we can’t replace the books. Now you tell me now my question: is this: like multimedia? Is there their e books are also there, but still teaching from books? Only why the reason behind is this that we can’t replace the books. Maybe multimedia is there. There are ebooks. Also ma’am, for me i’ll, be very honest for me, it’s, very simple that that basic feel of paper has to be there. I somehow i can. I can relate to a feel of paper or feel of a book much more than i can relate to tapping on the screen. I’Ll be very honest. The effect which it gives to our eyes is also there and even more when we are literally sitting in the library and going through the books, the scenario or the feelings, the values which we learn by going to a normal library, they are not available. If we go for the digital library and and in the normal library, we can have group discussions also right, i want to ask one thing from both of you. I don’t know, because it happens to me as well and since you both are also old school. Just like me, so i would like to ask this question i: whenever i’m reading a book, let’s, say it’s a fiction, novel or a non fictitious novel, let it be.

I can visualize in a much more better manner rather than watching a movie. I don’t know why, when i go through the lines of the books, i the story automatically keeps on running. On the back of my mind, does it happen the reason behind that’s our perception like in a movie? Every characters are fixed. When we see any documentary, everything is fixed over there, but when we are reading that’s our visualization, how we perceive like suppose there is a book that radha like there is a name of radha you will perceive rather in different way. I will perceive rather in different way, so according to me like books, they are. They are my best friend right, of course, yeah. Maybe there is and that’s our own creativity on visualization right right, right, very good. In the brief man, we look at the different things because might be. You are having something other things in your mind. I am having something different. Every person thinks differently and from if we see about the movie, that car is amazing, everybody visualizes his own thing and just puts them on the canvas. So if we are going through a digital library, it just narrows the way in which we think. But if a client like a plain paper, when you read a book, everything we get into imagination and we can draw anything into our minds right in the brief map. Georgetown pointed out a very brilliant point that when we’re watching something it is a visualization of someone else, but but a book is only a medium where it gives us power to visualize.

Anything like even the story might have been written by somebody else. Let’S say, for example, a few days back, i was reading a book cain and abel uh, beautiful uh brothers and arms book and it’s a very renowned book of uh, jeffrey archer right now, and but it is up to me how i perceive the picturization. What should be the view and what should be everything right all right depends on our past experiences, whatever experiences we have from in the past from childhood, that we perceive that. I want to add this one right that’s why stanley came up with superman that’s, why all superheroes came into existence because the creators they were so traumatic about their childhood, that they created a fictitious character who would protect them? Thank you, dr josh. Thank you in the prem for this lovely short webinar that we had um i’m sure you had great insights and you had fun. I always keep it impromptu, that’s right. That was really nice. It was good. Your thoughts cheered me up man. Thank you. So much have a nice day.

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