School, Board of education Meeting – Special Meeting – April 1, 2021 7:30AM

m april 1st, and this is a special meeting of the fargo board of education. The purpose of the meeting is to consider a petition that we have received from the fargo education association regarding negotiations and who is on the phone this morning. Could you please announce yourself good morning, it’s tracy newman, who tracy okay? Next again, thank you next, robin. Are you on okay, so it sounds like we have tracy and jennifer on the phone. All right and all other board members are here robin i don’t believe is able to join us today due to a prior to com prior commitment. Is there a motion for approval of the agenda? Is there a second all right, there’s, a motion and a second for approval of the agenda? Everyone in favor signify by saying yes, yes, opposed motion, passes uh item four? Is the fea petition memo 112 jim i’d, like to make a motion that that the board hereby acknowledge the petition of the fargo education association to negotiate matters relating to the terms of employment for the district’s certified personnel licensed to teach by the education standards and practice Board or approved to teach by the education standards and practice board and employed primarily as classroom teachers and direct that a notice of consideration be posted in each school building in the district and that a determination be made at the april 13 2021 board meeting. Second, okay: there’s, a motion in a second. Is there any discussion? Any discussion, no discussion.

Anyone on the phone have anything: okay, we’re ready to ready to vote henry newman. Yes paulson, yes, benson, yeah, gullickson, yes, holden, yes, johnson, yes, brian yesterday, knutson yes, motion passes and that takes us to the end of our agenda. So we will adjourn. It is 7. 33 a.m.

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