Jakob Poeltl, NBA, 2022, San Antonio Spurs, April 10 vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | April 7 | 2022 NBA Season

Its seven threes in that game resting just some general aches and pains ankle soreness, anthony edwards, takes it right into jakob and ant scores edwards into traffic. Again, this time finds an outlet in beverly three on the shot clock edwards makes his move stops up and over the top of yucca pearl beverly. The step back leaves it short purdle skies over the top of vanderbilt for the rebound jones, the loft and the finish by primo anthony edwards very lucky at foul wasnt called there completely pushed him to cell in the back wow Applause vanderbilt, just stuck his arm out And intercepted the pass edwards gets set behind the three point line and catches into three: how about that three points off turnovers quickly for minnesota? No doubt leavette is first and foremost on the list of things that the timberwolves need to take care of in these. Next, two games and a turnover there by anthony edwards converted at the other end by trey jones 12 points a game this year, but over this 10 game stretch, hes averaging over 14, a Applause Music beverly with the finish defensive rebound here, is josh richardson handling. Now richardson finds pearl waits for two defenders to fly by jacob lays it off the glass as a team. The spurs average 12.8 turnovers a game thats sixth fewest in the nba towns, top of the key its the three couple times now, weve seen vandal make some pretty incredible, plays on the defensive end, jordan, mclaughlin and jaden mcdaniels check in for the timberwolves and anthony edwards Finishes with the left hand, and one is that really carlos santana thats carlos santana, with thats – that is rock and roll immortality right there edwards immortality from top of the key.

He could not help himself. He would have to go over there and say hello to him. Richardson will try to answer with the three and does over this ten game stretch for san antonio, when theyve gone, eight and two richardsons been huge for them. Scoring the basketball very aggressive nice read, knocks down the slot three jalen noel into the game for minnesota and that time katie beats. Diap does not miss richardson off the dribble Music offensive rebound and a lot of passing to cata, bates dial and hes fouled with 5.9 left in the first quarter. Its been such an important part of what their identity is, having big time scoring numbers from the bench and thats, why not having either pat beverly or dangelo russell in the game as we sell knocks down another jumper nozz reed, finally, getting into the play he was Down on the court, the well switches, to the left hand a pretty basket from jalen noel thats. Why jalen noel decided to drive it versus shoot the perimeter shot? Take the better percentage, yeah well just being attack mode. A little bit is its nice to see mcdaniels knocked down knocked down the three point shot there. Music mcdaniels will try it again from three and hit it again from three its a thrill. They announced starting lineups, not just starting lineups every kid on the team. They put a little music behind it. Its a big thrill hurdle gets one to rattle.

In now, edwards sees noel in the corner and jalen noel knocks down. The three kelton johnson is right there on the list right behind him, towns short and a second chance bucket by jalen noel timberwolves have 11 second chance points in this game. San antonio has seven hertl in the lane for two more theres, the papa shot loses it, but mcdaniels is there to grab it. Oh, my goodness, san antonio 24th in the nba in three point attempts 26 that makes his talents lines went up and knocks it down that three pointer ended. Minnesotas 8 0 run towns finds edwards cutting to the basket Applause, Music, karl anthony towns, Applause foul, taking a little time waiting for his teammate theres towns, top of the key puts it on the deck and rolls it in Music, all alone on the wing. For three and hell catch that one in towns with his four third or excuse me, four, not comperta, is really up against it, because hes got to play carl out the catch, but then hes also going to take him from the three point shot its so hard. Finally, beasley holds the bottle through they drop coverage and you can see it in a game and uh timberwolves fans have kind of had a front row seat on the differences of drop coverage, especially when you have, oh, my goodness, anthony edwards, just hopped up and slammed That one down, we will be bringing you our aura defensive play of the year.

A little bit later. We have one every night and weve got the one of the year coming up. Jakka pearl second chance points, edwards picks up the dribble, gets it to townes and now towns back to edwards and turns the corner turns it on anthony edwards, seven for seven in the painted area. He had a 15 minute limit to his minutes on tuesday. That first game back from the ankles frame played 13 in the first half johnson turn around and in early on here in the third quarter, and you bring him back to the second unit. His talent gets blocked that time by jacques purdell whos calling for the foul johnson takes. The contact hits the basket moving in on dan on collins, Music caught us in the towns wants a foul call, hes, not getting. I mean like, and you look at, that contact right there. San antonios, on a 13 2 run, Applause edwards off the screen from towns will hit the three point: Music edwards lost the defense, get a little hesitation on the dribble Applause, edwards, Music, jayden mcdaniels into the crowd nice finish from mcdaniel, Music Applause, Music, edwards step back. Three point: try, he hits it. Hes got 32. Music. Minnesota starts the fourth quarter up 15 on the spurs, oh, what a crossover by edwards and the finish Music, just the ninth turnover from minnesota in this game. I think lebron james is number one but anthonys on that list, theres, not a lot of guys that have done it before the age of 21.

. Edwards is on a lot of those lists under 20 because he came into the league, so young theres a lot of guys Applause again. The rockets just kept on fighting back cut it to a single digit game, and so they had to hold on spots noel jalen, noel from three towns offensive rebound now, jordan mclaughlin will take it and Applause. How make kick it out to beverly? They swing it around. To beasley beverly will take the three and hit the three seal it for the timberwolves inbound to primo.

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Jakob Poeltl, NBA, 2022, San Antonio Spurs, April 10 vs Minnesota Timberwolves – Full Game Highlights | April 7, 2022 NBA Season