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This was a specialty beer between um 13th century, its a collaboration between riverlands Brewing Company and the Britain Yankee Brewing Company, and this recipe came from the 1300s before East was even known. What was it did, what it did yeah so, and I believe this is a bottom fermented. Yeah beer, so uh were gon na try this uh. I forgot what the alcohol content on that is. Its 5. uh 5.4 5.4, so zoidable beer and the zygo is a star that is made of two equal David, basically, is what it is and um its symbolized to coming together of good food, beer and conversation of people all righty, then all right, howd, you smell, Even though yeast is not on the zoigel, because it wasnt noon yet very light, nice light color for a European beer, ready vintage course like Saints glasses with all the uh oh hes Got ta. Have I forgot. I know man theres a. I dont think we should be drinking this man, its got a lot of rainbow colors isnt. It stained glass windows, Easter. After all, but it does say The Book of Mark Im, so confused, just shut up and drink a beer any of yall in that debate. Yall are just yall trip me out yeah now, while the memes and stuff are funny, uh yall are just dumb yeah, because anyway, there are better beers to drink, to start with thats true, but just oh, my God, man.

That was, I like the fragrance on this. Already yeah come on people now smile on your brother. Oh I like this. I do like this. This is a pretty good freaking beard. This is a good beer um, and I picked this up at the Brown Derby, International House of wine and liquor in Springfield Missouri um. I like this a lot now they had more than this one in the Book of Mark. Oh so I just kind of grabbed. Oh so when were up there the next week, we should probably be peruse around whats going on so The Book of Mark. Is that, like a a series, I think this is probably a series of beers that have been done in conjunction with these old recipes. Okay, so this is called the good stuff, and the Book of Mark is the is the brand for this particular collaboration between these two brewing companies. Yeah well check it out when we get up there, but I like this, a lot yeah. I could drink this it. The color is beautiful, its got a light flavor, but it is still full body. So, as the name says, it truly is the good stuff pretty good stuff yeah. This is an awesome beer. I spend money on that every day, yeah and it was a little bit more pricey for the four pack. I want to say I think I paid 12 for this one. I could be wrong well because I did 12 12 for it at three bucks, a beer.

If it sounds like its worth it, it was definitely worth the price they did the research and did the brewing with it. They had just be back in the day. Im. Definitely going back in time when they get time machines yeah this. This is, if you can find this anywhere near, you definitely grab this Im gon na go Ace as well, because tonight, its an eight out of ten its a good, solid beer. I dont think Ive ever had a zoinkel beer um. Well, probably not so. My first logo beard thumbs up a thumbs up yeah Goose thumbs up. If you can find this gets you some yeah, its excellent uh.

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