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So, almost one year ago, a Marshall from a brew philosophy invited me onto his patreon q and a session and around the same time we started talking about what a YouTube channel for brutosophy would look like the idea of conducting experiments what they called experiments on camera. Really appealed to me and some of my most viewed, videos have been comparison. Experiments like most of us Ive been paying attention to Philosophy for years and after a few months of expert persuasion, Marshall convinced me to drop the Homebrew Challenge and instead work on producing weekly videos for brewlosophy, never negotiate with a trained psychologist. So now Im the host Phil Im, Martin Keane – and this is the burlosophy show and yes, I would love for you to run over there subscribe watch. All the videos turn on the notification Bell did. Did I hit all the cliches, but but before you do, let me share a little behind the scenes insight into how Im putting this new show together. So part of the deal was Id go back to putting out a new episode every week, not a new beer. Brewed every week, necessarily after two years of doing that, I was not in a rush to repeat the feat but weekly content. Nonetheless, so I needed to get the home brewery here in order on the Brewing set, I removed my wall sticker from back in the day, got the concrete walls covered in a lick of paint and permanently mounted and powered four cameras to capture all the action.

I also wanted to pick up ingredients in bulk now for years. Atlantic Brew Supply have generously provided me with ingredients and thats been done one recipe at a time, but now I wanted everything on hand, so I could Brew pretty much anything at a moments. Notice now, ABS sent me home with a trunk full of specialty grain. Big order, an epiphany craft malt provided sacks of Base malts, which I store in my new six pack, fitless Vault array – to help me Mill all that grain. I added a blickman Grain Mill. Brew Lottery already had sponsorship agreements for Hops and yeast, so Yakima Valley, hops sent me bags of hops and once a quarter I received a fresh shipment of yeast from Imperial yeast. Now I wanted my first video to be an experiment that philosophy is so well known for, and that meant Brewing two beers simultaneously. It wasnt an easy task and required an extension cable hanging out of my laundry room window to power. The second Kettle, but it turned out that was the easy part. The really tricky bit was data collection. I needed to find 20 participants to take a triangle test evaluating my two beers. When Id run through my supply of locally available friends and family, you didnt make them all the same. Did you we put out a call in the neighborhood message Forum, essentially saying stop by this guys? Windowless basement try some of his Homebrew. Amazingly people came and I made it to 20.

– we launched that video in February and Ive been publishing weekly ever since its not all experiments, though Ive created videos on other Brew, lossophy projects like short and shoddy, and the Hop Chronicles there are some familiar faces from The Homebrew challenge Norm is a regular and my neighbor Helen chugged a shot of dry yeast. This was a really poor decision. I have access to Industry experts and quite wonderfully Im now conducting my experiments at a local Brewery to an audience of professional Brewers. Hi, Im, Whit Baker brewmaster at a couple different breweries, Brewing 99 beers in 99 weeks was quite the experience, but the community that Ive encountered really has been the best bit the collaborations with folks who do this commercially, that Brew tubers and the viewers who, in the Comments section have given me, inspiration, encouragement and how to say this nicely uh the occasional hard time.

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