NASCAR, Martinsville Speedway Before You Dig 250 | Xfinity Extended highlights from Martinsville

What does clean air really mean its cool in the brakes, its allowing you to manage your race, Music Applause, Music, Smiths, going to take advantage of this Joey? He started. Seventh got a little break when the two car had to to go to the back, but hes. All the way up to third already its been a clean opening stage, only one caution but well put the yellow flag in the air again in a moment after we see the green and white Checker, John Hunter Nemechek gets the win in stage one second stage win Of the Year Sami Smith, his teammate is second Custer mayor Herbst, the top five before the choose. He was 10th and keep in mind top five stayed out front row. Austin Hill Josh Berry they pitted prior to the end of the stage big launch by Austin Hill, and these guys theyre on older, tires remember to front three cars around older tires theyre trying to manage this right now, so they got to get out front, not race. Each other and try to build a gap while theyre back there, three wide yeah, theres, actually four of them at the 07 of cram that stayed out. Hey Custer, not the only one that had a long stop, add Justin allgyer Sam Mayer to that list. Theyre, both trapped outside the top ten Josh Berry, making a move for the lead trying to get by Austin Hill Barry. So good at this racetrack give him some track position and he becomes really dangerous.

Call. Custer has really turned it up getting by Austin Hill Coleman. Sammy saw the opportunity here comes John Hunter, low, high doesnt matter. The 18 is a rock ship for the foreign hes, still hanging Austin Hill liked what he saw on that outside Lane and the 21s doing it on older tires yeah. He returns the favor eight up the track 20 coming through thats Nemechek for a second all right into turn. Three, he knows a car is protecting with older tires, gets all the way to the outside of him. Hes gon na get this great run off before look at this, and if you get a little contact down here at one Joey but hes gon na repay it, the next corner, you absolutely see Josh just get a little bit loose underneath and tags him up. The racetrack he gets down in here. I guess I didnt really like that so Ill. Just do it back to you just a little bit that was like perfect. He did a fantastic job there Josh Berry was. I wanted to try to keep the 20 behind him. Really Parks, the one third and Sammy Smith just rolls the time Music is going to be racing Sundays. One day absolutely Music come on Music wow that is so cool to watch his teammate John Hunter Nemechek might be a little quicker, a little contact right there on the left, rear tire, not where you want to see contact.

You put a puncher there, but these guys are battling hard. His heart rates really up there now yeah, you can see on the bottom left 178 its been up to 180 181, and this is sustained guys. This has been for several minutes now as the battle for the lead here towards the end of stage two at Martinsville. His calorie burn is through the roof right now. You know and theyre just ripping really hard here. Lots of contacts hes coming back down inside of his teammates, give and take here at 13 to go in the stage back and forth. Yep still got room here. Gon na become the first driver to sweep stage one and stage two on the short track in Southern Virginia. What a night for John Hunter Nemechek hes LED 74. of our 120 laps. He wins the second stage, Josh Berry behind him on those older tires. Custer gets to third Sami Smith. Fourth, Daniel himrick completes the top five points for Brandon Jones Ryan Truex was seventh. I could have put him three wide easy that was so. What were talking about is that teammate restart where youre going to see is that leader is actually picking the outside, and hopefully the inside guy lets him in here with his teammate Sammy Smith. Yeah thats kind of what happened here is the way to protect the leader and the both of you to be able to try to control the race. The customer might have something to say about it, though he just heard the words.

Every driver wants to hear clear. All clear great to have spotters Ill, tell you weve been talking a lot about. Oh Josh Perry up out of the groove here, yells out. Fifth, caution of the night Ryan Ellis is a part of the equation. So is Joe Graf. Jr 43 is Ellis hes from Virginia and the 38 Joe Graf Jr. Oh big contact here in the back 38 gets hitting a right reader, 35 Patrick Emerling. Neither want to give up the spot with oh crash dog caution. Number six Dawson cram in the 07. and the 45 thats Leland Honeyman, making his third career start. Kyle C got a piece of the action see. The 07 gets checked up, maybe a little bit here. Oh yeah, the whole bottom Lane almost looks like something happened to those seven Joy like the engine shut off or something stopped it went like, took the left there yeah. I wonder if something happened to it, just stacked everybody, just the chain reaction. Great launch! Again, we see them do that every restart tonight that tells me shes, got great drive in that car Joey a little Bobble with the nine car hes gon na check it out gon na go three wide here. Chandler Smith on the inside probably hurts on the outside thing here its only his second career start. Oh, a little contact there, Cole Custer down there trying to get by Sammy Smith, thats – probably gon na – be enough down here in one or two to be able to clear him, but then he can set his eyes on John Hunter.

We havent really seen what Coles been able to have on a longer green flag run since they made the adjustments to his car. No brainer takes the inside for the restart with 82 to go. This is the first time someones been able to keep up with Cole Custer on the restart, but hes still going to clear him off of two, but were gon na find out if his crew chief is just a really good poker player or if this clean air Is going to be worth that much not on not on the site, though Sammy Smith, looking inside a Cole custard, all four of our dash for cash drivers inside the top ten three wide off a two here comes Nema check for the lead, Music and thats a Spot Cole Custer cannot afford to lose youre 100 right Jodys about to get boxed out here with the seven car up there driving away from the pack, but they are tight. Nema check, Sammy Smith, Coal, Custer. Fourth time big contact Riley heard Sam Mayer around to turn one there. It is caution, number nine huge hit for both drivers, Riley Herbst, who started the year with six consecutive top ten finishes at Richmond, same situation here at Martinsville and big damage for Sam Mayer, Who had never finished outside the top six in his three Martinsville starts the 19 yep Music Yep, looks like Sam mayor might have tried to gas it to get out of it and it ripped in and he hit the inside wall there.

Basically, still there racing Patrol Riley did nothing wrong right, right, Rileys up top there and and honestly Sam Mayer, I dont think he did anything wrong. I think the 19 of Ryan Truex was Sammy Smith from the second spot took the inside of the second row. Here we go 19 to go sure no ones going to get to you and it opens the door for Sammy Smith to drive right through to second. I dont know if Cole spun his tires Joey or if he is just that strong John, her name checkbook wow. He was a rocket all guy are on older, tires Custer gon na try and clear him here, and he does win stage. One wins stage: two leads nearly 200 laps John Hunter Nemechek gon na get his second win of the year. He doesnt in his first start. At Martinsville contact for second place, Sammy Smiths, going to get by Cole Custer in a wreck down the back stretch its like shell Creed, good. I appreciate everything that you guys do appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah hes that close up not even finishing the race, yes, but John Hunter Nemechek. I tell you just a fantastic job right.

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