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Here we go dead, heat restarted. They hit turn one, but away is William. Byron have to record, be perfect here, be perfect White Flag here, go get him back to the gas come on bud. Will your Byron comes off turn? Four, he will win tonight in Martinsville, oh yeah, baby, hostile back down buddy great job. Oh man, you guys are awesome. That thing was awesome. Thank you. Applause, hey race fans, welcome into Studio three for the preview show. I am Alex Weaver that is Alan cavana and were staying for the third week in a row on a short track, but this time a little beating and banging at Martinsville never hurt anybody. Tick: tock tick, tock get me a hot dog, a grandfather clock the best trophies in sports. I love Martinsville. I agree with that and interesting that you talk about a clock. Itll be a different hour on the clock when we go racing at Martinsville for the Nascar Cup series on Sunday, then what we are used to this back in 2022 was a night race now for 2023, its a day race, which is also an extra emphasis and A gateway to the championship tour later on in the season also a difference. Yes, this is an opportunity for teams to do a lot of learning about that fall race if they want to make it to Phoenix because anytime, you can get a lap. A data point at a racetrack that made can apply to the fall race in the playoffs thats a huge deal for these teams, so you know theyre thinking about it.

I know it wont, be the same weather but itll be the same time of day. Like you said, the sun will be out, they will learn a lot on Sunday, maybe about what can help them in the fall if they want to get to the championship. Ford Phoenix but lets not undercut how important Sunday itself is for some of these teams that dont have a win yet theyre going to do everything they can to get that Victory, its just so important to secure that playoff spot. We have you know six winners and seven races. Already those playoff spots are going well uh. They will have to get through two organizations who have dominated Martinsville. I think he knew who Im talking about AC, Hendrick Motorsports and Joe Gibbs, where I think this is the playground for those two absolutely in HMS. We know they have all the speed this year, but look who joined the party last week JDR. Finally, Christopher Bell gets the win at Bristol and jgr pretty good at Martinsville as well. The last winner at Martinsville, Christopher Bell, Denny Hamlin, LED more than 200 laps there. Last year, Martin Terex Jr has won there three times and maybe the hottest driver in NASCAR wait for this, a young man with four straight top tens I give the rookie. Where did he come from running great and he won the Xfinity race last fall at Martinsville. So you know he can get a checkered flag there.

I expect his momentum to keep going. Jdr has joined the party, maybe turn in the corner. These are great tracks. Sunday should be good for them. Well, the next gen car – obviously not new to us now, but this isnt. This is an arrow package. We saw it race on track for the, but Martinsville was the race last season that got this subject talking and the matters moving to make a change for the short track package yeah. They call it the short track package doesnt get any shorter than Martinsville on the circuit right. So you go back a few weeks. We saw it at Richmond. We saw a great race there with this short track package, a lot of tire fall off at Richmond as well. The good news I was talking with teams this week. They did a tire test at Martinsville theyre, seeing a lot of rubber being laid down there on the racetrack between the tire fall off and the short track package. We saw a great race at Richmond theyre, expecting the same thing this weekend at Martinsville. Good changes all around Im expecting some hurt feelings because thats what happens every single time we go to Martinsville and Bristol per usual. We left with Brian priest and Kyle Larson, not agreeing on some topics. So will we see some frustrations with drivers taken out? Oh yeah, its a short track. You love the drama, right love it. We all love the drama.

We win as fans getting to watch some of this, but I feel like its starting earlier and earlier. Every season that goes by weve, seen Hamlin and Chastain. We saw Chastain and Suarez and Bowman. Last week we saw priests and Larson its only going to continue at the smallest racetrack that we have in NASCAR think about it. A thousand turns coming up on Sunday a thousand opportunities to bump into somebody to get angry, but it all comes out of passion. It all comes out of pressure because every one of these positions to these drivers, we talk to them its so important to keep and maintain your track position, because getting that Victory can change your entire season. You dont want to lose anything, and when you do you get mad at the person that caused you to lose. That position were going to see it on Sunday and were got ta sit back and watch well last, but certainly not least – and this will make a lot of you – race fans, happy Its the Return of Chase Elliott. I feel like we need to dust off the Cyrene down there in Jacksonville Chase Elliott is returning back for the first time in six weeks into the number nine Mark yeah, what a comeback story and what a place to do it, because Martinsville very technical, very tough, Very physical think about it. You know us normal people, we use, maybe one one leg to drive for the gas and the break.

These drivers are the best in the world theyre using both legs for both the gas and the brake braking a thousand times during a race thats going to be tough for Chase Elliott, but hes coming back for a reason, hes ready and he can do it. We know youve seen him get success at Martinsville before he wants to get that Championship run back on track and the best way to do it just get a win and get in the playoffs. What a comeback story that would be if he gets the checkered flag in the first race back its been about six weeks since that broken tibia for Chase. Obviously it knocked him out Las Vegas and we havent seen him since so good to have you back. Niner weve talked a lot about Hendrick Motorsports and guess what I see were going to keep it going, because our NASCAR 75 flashback involves a Hendrick Motorsports Suite back in 2013., yeah 2013. Hendrick Motorsports was the king of Martinsville, the first race there that year, Jimmy Johnson just put it on him, LED nearly 350 laps. The technical term, for that is a butt kicking in the fall of 2013. It wasnt as easy for Jeff Gordon, but he was still pretty good. He made the winning pass with 20 to go. It ended up being one of his nine victories at Martinsville. His best track over his career go back 10 years before that he swept Martinsville Jeff.

Gordon so HMS a long history at Martinsville, so many checkered Flags. It wouldnt. Surprise me. If they just did it again: oh will they youll have to watch and find out Sunday 3 P.M. Eastern, the Nascar Cup Series goes racing at Martinsville on FS1 yeah, make sure youre back here next week for the preview show shes Alex Im Alan well see you then thank you.

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