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Its go time in Martinsville were green next on FS1 how about a short track? Saturday night on FS1, really nice yeah! Once you get in the lead here, youre able to just kind of manage your car a little bit Cole has that Advantage. Here is a three wide going down into three thats. The Sam and sammy show Sammy Smith inside of Sam Mayer. We talk about Mountain. He gave it a shot and you know, I think were were cold. Cuss was able to to reel and John hunters and through this this traffic. Oh, I see a 25 around here. Thats Brett. First, caution of the Night comes out with 24 laps to go in stage one racing side by side with the 21 of Austin Hill, Derek Krauss waiting in the wings. What happened here, although well hop on well see that in the back well hop in the back and then a little lock up in the front at the same time, spins you right out every time here in markersville, yellow flag is out. Could there be strategy find out when we return? Moffett was 14th when he went around dominating opening stage for John Hunter Nemechek split 53 of our 58 laps Music, two wins this season for Joe Gibbs Racing and they belong to the two drivers running 1. 2. Right now, Nema check Sammy Smith final lap stage, one its been a clean opening stay only one caution but well put the yellow flag in the air again and a moment after we see the green and white Checker.

John Hunter Nemechek gets the win in stage one second stage: win of the Year, Sami Smith, his teammate, his second Custer mayor, perks, the top five. While we were away picked up our third caution of the night. Second for incident, the 74s Caden Honeycutt, making his series debut. I hate that for him, hes uh been working really hard ran the truck race last week at Bristol, and this kids got loads of talent. Fortune looks like maybe an engine failure or something under the hood Music to see him get out safely, able to push to push him off the. What you want to do right, right, strength, youre able to do that, get door to door with them here and if he can outbreak him hes going to have control, which is going to be kind of tough to do here. Would you believe that this is Custers? First Xfinity start at Martinsville same for John Hunter. Nemechek and Nema check gon na become the first driver to sweep stage one and stage two on the short track in Southern Virginia. What a night for John Hunter Nemechek hes LED 74. of our 120 laps. He wins! The second stage Josh Berry behind him on those older tires. He just heard the words every driver wants to hear clear, all clear great to have spotters Ill. Tell you weve been talking a lot about. Oh Josh, Berry up out of the groove here, yells out. Fifth, caution of the night Ryan Ellis is a part of the equation, so is Joe Graf Jr 43 is Ellis hes from Virginia and the 38 Joe gratu start with Josh Berry.

Josh Barrys got Parker underneath him here: Parker Retzloff 31, its like Josh Music, is coming out. Turning almost like big contact here in the back 38 gets hitting a right reader, 35 Patrick Emerling – maybe not the fastest car, but hes keep himself in position a little bit of contact here: double zero and 18.. Neither one to give up the spot with oh crash caution. Number six Court 34th were gon na, have 34 cars on the lead, lap heres a replay, try to see where it starts here. The 07 gets checked up, maybe a little bit here. Oh yeah, the whole bottom Lane almost looks like something happened to those seven Joy. The engine shut off stopped, it went like took the left there yeah. I wonder if something happened to it Stacks everybody just the Chain Reaction right. It really hurts again. Another great run. He was just three wide on the outside. In the beginning of this run, he did a fantastic good job guys. Thank you. Josh Williams, caution, number seven! You see its flat already hes hes, trying to save it and uh just trying to save it. She comes around on him hate that for him, because he was running inside the top 20, which would equate to a good night for this race team. No hes gon na get it yellow, which he needed get to the top five here, but youre right. He would need some help. Theres a slow car on the top of turn to caution is out there.

It is eighth, yellow flag of the night thats Jeremy Clements on the lead lap with under 40 to go, and there goes Clements. He had a break issue or something you see the right front. Uh tires right there in the right front. Drive it away. Big contact, Riley heard Sam Mayer around to turn one there. It is caution, number nine huge hit for both drivers. The 19 Music looks like Sam Mayer might have tried to gas it to get out of it and it ripped in and he hit the inside wall there. Basically racing Riley did nothing wrong. No pressure out back just want to see that white flag and Nema check gon na get it this time by one lap to go sponsored by Credit. One Bank been qualified second win stage, one when stage two leads nearly 200 laps, John Hunter name. The check got to get his second win of the year. He doesnt in his first start at Martinsville contact for second place Sandy Smiths gon na get my full cutter custard direct down the back stretch its like Michelle Creed and thats. Now he just set the whole thing on fire. I get out. I get out on that one thats big fire. I think that might be the right class. Oh, no, Music, its really cool looking, but maybe not the same is but thats. Okay. He reminds me of Zane Smith after the Craftsman Truck Series race. At Coda I mean the the racetrack is on fire over there.

This is like back to the field, looks like theres a DeLorean over there. Could we get the amrc between the Victory Lane come on back and he needs to get out excessive celebration, its cliche to say that John Hunter Nemechek was on fire tonight, but literally John Hunter Nemechek on fire at Martinsville wins the race gets the grandfather, clock and, Oh yeah hes, also your Victor in the dash for cash, give him one hundred thousand dollars. We talked about him having a second child, thatll pay for some uh baby shoes. There you go. College fund is filling up foreign Josh. Is there Josh? You have your fire suit on, I mean its dangerous. My man thats right guys. John Hunter Nemechek, literally burning it down out here. John Hunter Nemechek talk about dominant first of all talk to me about that burnout right. There yeah Im just uh grateful for pie, Barker fire and safety. Uh Martinsville Speedway actually uses Pi, Barker fire and safety fire extinguishers, so uh. Thank you to them for all the safety equipment for that amazing burnout that caught on fire um. But I cant say enough about this whole team uh. If you would have asked me yesterday, if we would have won um, I thought we were 10th Place car in practice. Didnt think we were very good, so um just grateful that the guys uh made the right adjustments and gave me a pie. Barker Toyota gr super as fast as Xfinity uh 10g.

So uh lets celebrate Im looking for my wife and uh Aspen theyre here so um. Well, uh well, go celebrate with them and um Taylor. We got another grandfather clock to bring home and on top of that, dash for the cash winner as well. What does it mean to get that money on top of the win and the burner man? I forgot about that uh. To be honest, I was just so focused on winning the race, so um just cant thank everyone enough uh Bart everyone at Pi, bark or fire and safety. Everyone in Joe Gibbs Racing uh, coach, uh koi. I wish he was here to celebrate with us, but um Jack Irving. I hope youre still here from Toyota, uh Tyler Gibbs, everyone, David ghost and everyone at Toyota. This believed in me and giving me this opportunity and uh. Second, one of the Year lets go in dominating fashion.

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