Chris Cuomo, CNN, Andrew Cuomo, White people Tucker Carlson is plain wrong | Dick Morris reacts

Again, a jewish group. The anti defamation league wants fox to fire carlson for spouting what they say is a racist philosophy. Carlson implied the white race is in danger from a rising tide of non whites. He said, democrats are diluting the votes and the power of whites by encouraging illegal aliens crossing the border. Our dick morris joins us and says uh tucker atsi. Has it all wrong? Dick? Thank you for joining us, uh what’s your perspective here, you know. This is not the first time that the council mob has come for tucker, but perhaps this time he might find himself on a little less sure, footing well he’s being attacked for being racist, and i don’t think that that’s racist, i think, it’s wrong. I think he’s. Just factually wrong uh, he is assuming that politics is linear, that you get a latino, immigrant and he’s, going to replace an anglo voter and the anglo voter was going to vote republican and the latino will vote democrat that’s. Just not true. Historically, huge changes happen in people when they hit american soil and they believe here and they begin to understand it. You know 200 years ago. They said that irish would bring catholicism to the united states and it would be a left wing force and then 150 years ago italians were going to replace northern europeans and 100 years ago, women were going to replace men and none of that happened. They all became ethnic groups that assimilated into the electorate.

In fact, irish and italians are now the mainstay of the republican party. I think that the point is that trump has shown that these ethnic groups are malleable, that they’re, that their support is not a given. His share of the latino vote in 2020 went from a little more than a quarter to uh to about one third, which was a huge change in california. It was more muted, but in florida we wouldn’t have carried florida if it weren’t for the shift in the latino vote. Hillary won miami dade by 65 points. We lost miami dade in 2020 by 20 points. That was all hispanic voters changing and uh. To think that you know that it’s, a zero sum game is absurd. Uh ditto with asians, by the way the we went from 26 28 of the asian vote to 34, and to think that that is a a population that’s replacing our votes, so uh tucker is just just being uh being wrong. It’S it’s, just not something! That really is born up by the fact yeah tucker dick. I i expect tucker to probably address this. He certainly doesn’t shy away uh from from anything like this. Do you think he will address it? What do you think he should say? Well, he has to address it. Uh and i don’t know he. He he got himself into hot water and i’m. Not really. I don’t have a life preservative. I think that uh, i think i think, carlson you know kind of – went out there on a limb he’s trying to play to what he thinks is the crowd.

But the uh conservative voters know the facts. They know that that when they see a a latino voter, they see a very possibly future republican. Voter what’s happening with the latino population is that they come from countries that were horribly oppressed, afflicted with corruption, it’s controlled by drug dealers and and with welfare systems. That debilitated their population and they know that that doesn’t work that’s why they came here in the first place and when they see the radical left trying to recreate mexico or venezuela in the united states, they run screaming just like they ran from their countries and that’s. Why antifa and all of those built up our latino vote, because they said i’ve seen that stuff before i’ve seen it with chabez i’ve, seen it with castro and that’s? What these guys are same reason? Eastern europeans are voting republican because they lived with communism. They know that this what this is all about. Well, i think to your point, when you look at somebody like joe biden, looking at what’s happening in china with the uyghurs, calling it cultural norms and we know it’s absolute genocide. I think again, people who have been in those places who’ve seen it up close to horrors. They know to turn and run, but dick mars have to leave it there. My friend, as always thank you for joining us we’ll talk to you soon. Thank you. Thank you. All right, well, newsmax tv has a great app and you can use it to watch us anywhere, just download the free app on your iphone or android phone and start watching.

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