Indian Premier League, Cricket, India national cricket team, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals 2021- Srh Vs KKR Full Match Highlights | Sunriser Hyderabad VS Kolkata Knight Rider | highlights

That is large. That is large, 99 meters. You little beauty backing yourself to win this one. Definitely high in the air who’s, underneath it safe he’s got all of that. One that’ll go all the way i don’t think it’s going to beat 99 meters, though whoa the man from sussex. We have a tie, we have a tie, kill ferguson. There we go there, we go that’s a little better. We’Ll have a measure of that 89. One right so we have a tie, andre russell and luke right at 99 and ross still, of course, in third place. That was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did good night and goodbye Music well welcome back out here to eden, gardens we’ve got the super 60s show underway bible, sharma’s gon na gon na start us off you’re gon na go in the middle there. You can have a look at a couple and then it’s the real thing see how far you can hit it. There we go that’s out of here. Ripple sharma’s hit a six, so he’s qualified 73 meters, a man who needs no introduction. I know you don’t want to talk about today’s game, but how far are you going to hit it? Take out some frustration on this ball here, yeah let’s see here we go yusuf bataan, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for coming out and having a go in the super sixes there we go Applause that’s over the ropes carl abbott from south africa, he’s a renowned big hitter, Good luck out there, carl and he’s.

Had his two looks: oh, we got db dash now coming in there we go that’s the biggest of the night 81 meters, mr miller, that’s me. How are you feeling he’s sensing you’re a bit i’m a little bit nervous but i’m looking forward to it here we go four balls remaining in the super. Six’S show. Oh now it bigger. I think, it’s going to be very close. 81 meters have a look it’s 83, a double win tonight here at the gardens for the kings, 11, punjab, Music, Music, okay, so we’re on our way with the super sixes challenge, i hope everyone in the audience is ready to catch. A few high balls. Well, it’s. Two teams: both teams – have sent three players out. Objective is pretty simple: just bent the ball hard and they’ve got somewhere to go where i really do because there’s two guys who are sitting on 99 meters at the moment, andrei russell from the deadly daredevils from jamaican boy hit the ball. Nine armies and luke wright. The englishman from the pune warriors india, they level pegging, but i’ve got a sneaky feeling tonight it’s going to go 100 meters. Do you think it’s going to 100 meters today it is it’s, a tough one with it. With a little orange ball. It’S, lighter it’s got dimples on it. Doesn’T travel as far as the cricket ball, but we’ve got some big waves here today, yeah we do and some of them are informed there they’re in unfair advantage isn’t.

It smooth well he’s, going to go last, so he is. He has got an unfair advantage, but he only had fours at the back end to win the game. These guys are gon na hit it off the ground. Just fours we’re gon na have sixes here. So if everybody in the crowd is ready to catch a few high balls, i think from the chennai super kings. We have scottie styrus going first he’s got a lot of that. He’S gone straight, similar to luke right. Has he hit it as far 89. he’s got this? This is big. This is the number oh, my word we may have a winner mumbai. Do you think this is 100 meters comfortably comfortably good swing over the wicket? He goes. It’S not gon na be long enough, but it is big. My guess is 93. now the first, the first tier is definitely in the 90s. Oh wow. This is it i’m backing this. I know. I know that virat kohli is watching this one yeah he’s, not playing but let’s, see if alby can do the same to the bowling machine. This is what he did down at uh, the chin of swami, oh beauty. Here it is here’s your winner. Yeah Applause come on mumbai. Let’S uh show some love to dwayne smith. This evening, that’s clean. Let me tell you: that’s got a real chance. Oh real chance, let’s put it up on the big screen, so the record 105 to alby marco for 105 well played i’ll.

Be moko big round of applause for albie marker, ladies and gentlemen. Well, thank you so much hd from hd and from egor of kapoor it’s goodbye we’ll, see you on another super success: challenge: Music, Music baby.

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Indian Premier League, Cricket, India national cricket team, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals vs Srh ipl match highlights 14 April 2021