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This is a difficult pitch for an opener shot wide and slapped easy ball for shane watson to put away well that’s gone to the fence very quickly. All he had to do was to find the gap on the path that’s beautifully timed, what a shot from rouhani in position early and just a near flick in ipl history, that’s gone on the bounce over the road and there’s a nick. That is the door where the departure is found well by matthews what’s, it 21 from 24, oh edgy, stuff they’ll pick up runs. This is a fast outfield. The ball will win the race from jp germany it’s a bit of a slog, sweep and he’ll get four he’s clearing the front leg. Oh nice, looking stroke that has been timed very nicely. He’S got this through the dive. Can’T, stop the boundary good shot straight down. The ground good power as well another boundary, another short one, that’s, a brilliant shot and that’s a six. A maximum Applause. Oh he’s, hit that in the screws that’s gone miles, big six free of betting from corona, he went full and he’s been hit over long off. The boundary, so this is becoming a very, very expensive over for the royals another boundary brilliant banning is just going through the banning coaching manual 50 up off just 33 deliveries. Looking for the yorker and he’s hit that rifle straight slow, ball and it’s. The same result straight back over the bowler’s head before gorgeous shot absolutely gorgeous shot.

Well, has he hit it well enough? Yes, he has, and this time should be gone. That’S. A very nice innings comes to an end, helped along its way and six Applause. Oh dear. Oh, my god, now this is a one bad score from forklift. He likes going leg side, it’s gone again for that uh gap between log on and midwickets matthews is the fielder and they get two more runs. 15 off that last, over 20 overs have been bowled and rajasthan who put into bats. The royals have racked up a score of 189 for two, but the daredevils need 190 runs to win. This match. Ronchi starts at 9.5, Music. Oh! No, so was that a chance? It’S cost four runs well that’s, a beautiful shot, just standing up punching up opening up the face through point four there’s, a nick but it’ll apply for four that’s a great strike. Is it a yes bank maximum? Yes, it is so an incredible shot over long off. How easy was that Applause vinnie adjusts? The doorway to departure is bowled into and he’s picked up a wicket everyone’s gone for 11 it’s 20 for one ah that’s beautiful. Just a check drive really didn’t. Try to overhit the ball, that’s short and that’s gone another maximum. What a strike for jp dominique big over 17 off 31 for one drags it on stream, has got to go. Oh beats the man with uh pure timing, flicked around by you, raj Applause; Music.

Oh gorgeous just vintage yuvraj, oh yeah! This is a great shot. This is live. Timing. Oh there’ll, be another bounty. No, oh that’s a beautiful shot, great timing: oh that’s, a great strike as well short, but it’s caught what a catch, unbelievable effort and so he’s got to make it overview. Oh he’s, hit that strike. Is that long enough, there’s a fieldsman there he won’t get it! Oh that’s, a good shot, that’s four runs Applause. Music. Nice launch this that’s in the sky for a long time works at this time, he’s looking for that gap and he’s found it helped on its way a lovely scoop shot from angela matthews. He got the edge. Yes, he has stuart. Benny has got rid of angelo matthews, oh what a blow smack into the fence. Now this hasn’t gone where he wanted, it should be gone. Yes, it is shane watson’s got hands like buckets. That ball just disappeared into those mints. We swung hard at that one, germany it’s a good fielding. Will it save it? No, yes, oh he’s hit that long that has gone miles out of the ground almost and some good innovation, but it’s got led to his downfall, bring it over the death bowling by james sport. Now forcing the change of technique tactic from jp, dominique and he’s walking back to the dressing rooms Music, oh nathan, cool tonight slog sweep thank you very much crowd catch put down and have a look at shane watson.

He’S, not happy. Oh he’s hammered that one again it’s gone high. Has it gone long enough good catch is it? Is he touching? The rope? No ferrari swings as hard as he can and he’ll pick up the boundary. Oh he’s hit that beautifully to ari another maximum. The dagger didn’t seem too excited but really was well struck. Nice yorker, but sally fielded down there at third man, so game over registered royals are back on the winning campaign. Shane watson, the captain he’ll, be happy eventually shaking his head.

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Indian Premier League, Cricket, India national cricket team, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals vs Srh ipl match highlights 14 April 2021

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