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But sunday will be something different, as there is turn of tides it’s now time for overseas skipper to take charge for their respective sides. The match went into thrilling super over when these two sides met last. The fans can certainly expect the star players to produce another blast. There is a mysterious warren chakravarthy on one side, an outstanding rashid on the other and two other best. Bowlers cummins and bowie will also be up against one another david hyderabad to score a lot of runs, but the big selection dilemma for them: johnny bestow or kane williamson with shubman, morgan, dinesh, karthik and andre russell kolkata’s batting is sorted and done. But the big question for them: will they be choosing sunil, narine or shakib alasan? The stage is perfectly set in china for 40 hours of entertainment and fun as the ever charismatic david warner lockhorns with captain iron morgan, Music, two of the most exciting captains of the world and two former champion squads. Yes, it is kolkata vs hyderabad a really really exciting match up. I believe, because led by two extremely talented leaders, but also known for their overseas player conundrums, have they resolved them today, we’ll find out. You are watching sports tiger. This is the 10 over segment i’d. Like to invite my guests, arohi and shyanto as well, hello, ashwin hi guys, are you enjoying the game till now? What did you feel about this elections? I’M, going to start with uh you, you are away first.

What did you feel because i i like i said earlier – these are two teams that have always found themselves in a conundrum when picking their uh four overseas players and, in fact, picking the right 11.. Both the teams, i can safely say, are spoiled for choices. You know they have so many players who can come out there perform and given their oil that they just don’t know who to choose anymore. You know you go with three spinners, you go with uh, more all grounders than specialist bowlers, but it’s always a question and it is going to be a question until somebody performs and somebody doesn’t perform. So i think that is going to play a major role in the upcoming league. Yes, uh. The score has been 83 for one after 10 hours for kolkata and, of course, who else could it have been, but the magic man, rashid khan, taking that wicket isn’t isn’t rashed the go to bowler whenever the team’s in trouble. Whenever you need a wicket at hand, you go to rashid khan and he delivers, he delivers every single time. The ball is given to him. So what did you have to do? What do you have to say about that? I just have one word for rashid magician the captain. Anybody is going to repost faith on him and he’s, going to absolutely deliver he’s going to go all guns blazing, so that was a googly shugman guild. Obviously, wasn’t expecting that delivery, he’s a leg spinner that swung towards the leg, so that’s a that’s, a very good ball by rashid khan and definitely rashford khan – is one go to bowler, as you said, and if he can just continue his form, then it will do Wonders for srh in the remaining matches in the tournament, absolutely it’s, so difficult to go after a bowler like rashid khan, they tried to go after him, got the wicket uh and then i think rana tried to go after him as uh and ronald tried to go.

After him as well, he almost lost his wicket too just got saved by the drs but interesting selections. There, like i said, uh johnny, bestow getting a nod ahead of kane williamson, a very big decision, because now what’s the role for saha we’ll have to wait and watch same thing goes for uh kolkata had a lot of issues with their opening pair last year, couldn’t Decide who will be opening for them, they’ve stuck to rana and shukman gill, but again the party comes at three after the in the eighth. Over so does pushing down oil morgan become a very good decision for the team. In the long run, i don’t know i’m, not too sure i personally felt morgan should have come up, but that puts uh triparti’s role in question and uh rana has done really really well in the first and got his 50. And now we will have to see the scorecard uh to see some bowling figures as well. Can we pull up the scorecard uh so, like i said, schumann, gill, having a good start, but then trying to uh trying to go after rashid khan and losing his wicket? So he he got out at 15. rana playing a great uh gem of an innings uh getting his 15 as well, so good good opening uh for him. This season uh rahul tripathi, going bang bang as he uh as he came in, but again i’m. A little unsure of his role at number.

Three personally felt that uh morgan’s leaving uh things too late for himself uh talking about the bowling was there was a lot of expectation from natarajan, but nitrogen coming in getting smacked out of the park. First ball uh by uh shubman, so shayanda. What did you feel about that happening with nitrogen uh, not really delivering the way? Everybody was imagining him too. I mean that clearly proves that shuman gil is very aggressive, he’s fearless and i mean he’s, one of the best batsman of india and kkk he’s been the leading run scorer of kkr2 and smack somebody like t natarajan, who is so known for his yorkers, that that Speaks volumes of his character and his grit honestly, but then natarajan came back strongly to like in the third of the fourth ball. He delivered a bang on yorker and he was back to his regular uh. You know forte so honestly, natarajan first over only 12 runs, but then i think warner might repost faith in him. That is the reason why shankar was brought into the uh. You know playing brought into the bowling combination because they thought that if raj is expensive, then shankar might cover for him. But then that just didn’t work out because shankar 2 got belted for runs, but then i’m pretty sure not rajan, because he’s known for his death bowling exploits he can come back later. He can prove his metal again you’re right, uh, yes uh.

They thought that if he’s expensive, let’s put shankar in but shankar turning out to be expensive as well going for over uh going 14 rounds and is one over uh also arohe would want to come to you about sandeep, sharma him being expensive as well. So what do you think hyderabad uh you know does in such a situation where sandeep is going for too many runs. We saw him go for 23 in his two overs shankar, like i said, was expensive only the spinners keeping it tight. We know it’s chipok. So what do you think kkr will also learn from this and what kind of strategy will they go for? Seeing this so very surprising? If you look at the stats, it was um, it was a sandeep sharma and it was zaheer khan who were the top wicket takers in ipl in the power players. But this time sandeep sharba is something who is somebody who’s not working out? Probably they should keep him away for a few hours, use their spinners to the maximum extent he’s doing his job really well, so probably alternate between the spinners and one or two pieces, and then probably that, yes, of course, samara can be brought in for a couple Of hours, but the magic man, rashid khan, still has his two hours left. We still have to see more of movies, so can they get hyderabad back in this contest? I have a lot of faith in warner.

I feel he’s an excellent captain. He thinks uh ahead of everybody else so i’m sure he has a few tricks up his sleeve, especially when you have a guy like rashid but i’m, also equally excited to see what keikya does today because has come in, and that could make things very interesting. I wasn’t expecting him to uh, make it to the playing eleven but we’ll find out. My my closing thoughts would be that what do you think uh would be the total for kolkata end of these 20 hours? First, you are away. It should be somewhere around 160. I think, but you i think 170 180 will be at par. I think it will be a part score, but then you look at the batsman of srh. You have somebody like johnny bestow and david warner openly in opening the innings, and you have destructive batchmen lower down the order too. So i think anything less than 180 will be a little difficult for kkk bowlers to honestly defend. So i think 170 to 180 is the decent score. Is the perfect score and again harvard and singh can be magic, as you said before. So all of this, this is my kind of thought: uh all right, that’s, a great uh that’s, a great thought uh. I personally feel that today, kkr needs to go for a big total. They need to go for a 190 because of that dangerous opening pair that’s waiting uh on the opposition’s end, which is warmer and better and it’s not like kkr can’t, do it.

They have a lot of firepower in the lower order. We still have to see the best of breras. We didn’t see much of him last season. Didn’T really perform the uh to the best of his potential. So if ray roscan also gets a few deliveries could see a massive total of about 190 and if we do see that, then i think we’re in a serious competition. Otherwise i feel for kkr.

What do you think?

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