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Earth they’ve been taught that their place on this earth is where they find themselves currently, which is at the bottom, but that’s not to be said. That’S not how things are actually supposed to be that’s, not how god intended it for you to be the book of john chapter 8, verse 32, and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free how we doing today, brother come on over man. Come on over what’s, your name, fred fred, yes, i’m, lava nice to meet you. How are you doing bro so read that again and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. So the truth is, do you see yourself on this side? Where do you see yourself on this side? You got on one side. You got the names that we are called today right then, on the other side, you got the names that god calls us which which which which uh tribe would you happen to be on. Actually, two two what’s, your father: what was your father and i had to go to american idiot american indian, so you’d have been on the tribe of gad according to the most high god you’re, the of the tribe of gas that’s right. So what we’re out here? Trying to show our people is in this bible, the most high god left a message to his people, for today this particular day because they would forget who they were.

The native americans knew who god was. They knew god’s laws. They knew that they were the enforcers of god’s laws, but today, what are we doing today? How much are we on the top or on the bottom, we’re on the bottom? Okay, okay, so listen to this go to deuteronomy 28, verse, 15.. So we’re going to show you the truth about the native american indians, the blacks, hispanics and native americans this year, you’re wrong in chapter 28, verse one, the book of deuteronomy chapter 28, verse, one hey! It shall come to pass if thou shalt honking diligently unto the voice of the lord thy god to observe and to do all his commandments, which i command thee this day that the lord thy god will be on high above all, nations of the earth. So god said tribe again with fred yeah, okay! Fred! If you do what i told you to do i’m gon na put you on high above everybody on the earth right, you guys are going to never have to worry about being hungry. You’Re. Never gon na have to worry about having to chase after a job. You’Re not gon na have to worry about being poor. You won’t have to worry about these things. I’M gon na put you on high you’ll, be the princess that you’re supposed to be okay, that’s. What god said, uh let’s address one thing: um we’re gon na address one thing because he said: if you do what i tell you to do i’m gon na set you on high, so here’s one thing for you that we’re gon na get corrected real quick before We continue the book of first corinthians, chapter 11 and verse, three verse one be he followers of me, even as i also am of christ, verse three, but i will have you know that the head of every man is christ, so at the head of every man, All of us men out here, who’s our head right.

Christ is our head right and the head of the woman is the man so who’s, the head of the woman, amen, okay and the head of christ. Is god all right, who’s, the head of god of christ? God, god, okay, every man, praying or prophesying having his head covered so right now what we’re doing is prophesying, because we’re reading out of the book of god right now, it’s saying every man that prophesies or prays if you’re praying having his head covered dishonoring this head. So when you have your head covered right when the bible’s being read or we’re going over things about god and you got your head covered, who are you dishonoring, god there’s a ladder to it? Yeah god christ, man, woman. So whenever you see anybody with their hat on yeah it’s, just like, if you go in the courtroom, if a judge, if you’ve never seen someone standing in a courtroom with a hat on yeah, they get ordered to take the hat off. So a lot of our people when it comes to simple this: is you just you just showed repentance just now, yeah because god said to do something, and you did it remember that uh that verse in deuteronomy, where it says, if you do what i tell you To do you’re gon na be up here right, not down here right, okay, you just did what he said continue, but every woman that prays for prophesies with her head uncovered this under her head.

So god is very balanced. He’S got a good understanding on what balance is so for you. You can’t, have your head covered when the bible’s coming out, but a woman. She has to put something on her head. She has to cover her head: okay, okay, so let’s go uh, deuteronomy, 28, 15.. So that’s just a basic law that our people do not know that we aren’t being taught in the christian church today in the christian church. Today they teach you that you don’t have to keep god’s laws. You can just believe in jesus and that’s it you don’t have to do anything else. You don’t have to do any other kind of work, there’s, no effort that needs to go in. You just got to believe in jesus. Oh i’m, bathed in the blood of jesus that’s what they depend on, but the bible tells you. Otherwise it tells you hey. You have to keep the commandments. You got to keep the commandments to get into the kingdom of heaven it’s, just like like another instance with court right when you go in the courtroom. What does the judge judge you by on your appearance? No, no! Well, then. What does the judge use to judge you when they make the verdict defensive laws of the land, correct? What is god going to judge you by laws of land, the laws that he had written down in his book, but that’s? One of the reasons why our people are on the bottom today that’s one of the reasons why our people can’t get up in this nation that they currently find themselves in captivity.

Do you know you’re in captivity? Yes, sir, you do yeah what lets you know that right, that’s, the way survival is now say it again. That’S the way life is survival is now the way it is right now, yeah, right, okay, let’s read: 28 15.. Here you go the book of deuteronomy chapter 28, verse 15, but it shall come to pass. Be thou will not hearken unto the voice of the lord thy god to observe to do all his commandments and his statues, which i command thee this day, that all these curses shall come upon thee and overtake thee so verse one god gave you hey look! Do what i tell you to do because you’re, my kids right, you reward your kids when the kids do well right right, that’s, what you’re gon na do? God is the same way that lets you know. We come from him because that’s how we operate right, we’re made in this image. We operate the same everything you see down here: there’s some format to it right. So if you didn’t do what he said, all these curses are going to come upon me and overtake you go to verse, 46 verse 46 and they shall be upon thee for a sign and for a wonder and upon thy seed forever. So this section of the bible is very specific: the native americans, the hispanic peoples – god said there are curses in his book that are going to describe his people today, very specific curses that didn’t happen to anybody else in history.

Nobody else is going to be able to say that oh yeah, that happened to my people, no god, make sure it’s very specific. Okay keep reading, because thou service, not the lord thy god with joyfulness and with gladness of hearts for the abundance of all things. So when we had everything, we were on top guess what we didn’t appreciate, what god have had going for us right. We didn’t we in love with guys like what’s today, saturday saturday, what but, but according to god, what’s today it’s a holiday. This is the holy day. This is the sabbath day. Look at that. The today is the sabbath day when you look around in the world. What is everybody doing on the sabbath, but did you know that they haven’t taught us in church? There are actually things you’re supposed to do and not do on this day right. Okay, there are things that you’re supposed to do and not do the book of exodus. Chapter 20, verse, 8. Remember the seventh day to keep it holy six days, shalt our labor and do all thy work. But this seventh day is the sabbath of the lord thy god. So this day is good enough for god to rest on so guess what all these people working! All these people are buying all these people selling doing all this stuff today, it’s good enough for them to stop yeah this. You think this country couldn’t sit here and stop all this and be like hey today’s a day of rest.

Let’S all sit down. When you see when you see uh how everything is on sunday, everybody’s in church on sunday, a lot of stores are closed on sunday right. You think they couldn’t have just put it on saturday like it’s supposed to be yeah, they could have okay. So why didn’t? They do what do you think i don’t know exactly they follow something else: yeah they’re, not following the lord’s god all right that’s. Why that’s what it is so today, we’re supposed to be at rest. Today, okay, go back to uh, you know so just gon na jump back. We don’t go back and forth in between some kids. Okay, so remember what he was saying at verse: 46, the persons that are gon na be upon you, they’re gon, na they’re gon na. Follow you right quality. If you don’t get right this time, guess what you got! Kids, this don’t go on there and they’re kids. So this generation now we’re that generation that’s out here trying to reach our people and we’re trying to get these curses off because we’re tired. We should be tired right now, you’re, not behind, but my god bye now go ahead. Look in deuteronomy, 28, verse 48. Therefore, shalt thou serve thy enemies, which the lord shall sin against thee in hunger and then thirst and then nakedness, and it was of all things you know, there’s something between native americans and spanish. However, you want to all of all native americans, north central and south america there’s something that they don’t seem to connect.

Look at these two signs right here: there’s some way that these two signs connect together, there’s some way that they’re just alike, are you able to tell what that is slavery? Okay, what did he just say was gon na happen to our people. He said that we’re going to have to serve our enemies, we used to scream black power while heroin was pushed, but at the end of the day nothing’s in vain iuic has been given a vision. The tense of judah has risen. Many has attempted the mission minor, murmuring, omitting and missing the mark just reading that he had the flame of fire in his eyes gave us a spark we on paul’s mission we out on the road purple and gold from mexico, cuba, haiti, ghana, sierra leone, 144, 000 Boots banging concrete, crackling Music repented at heart, the scriptures is proof iuic.

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