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I’Ve got uh two greatman’s shiva ramakrishnan good evening mark good evening. We saw last night that’s just regularly. I mean it’s. Average is one six, nine, just a lot of clean. More than that, the hard surface would say very difficult. It was a very understated, straightforward, then right on strike, and he immediately looks to watching that’s a good shot, very quick on his wow. Now now, Applause and you could win 100 of your cash back and that’s. Four yeah brings the sweep on and then played his arms and that’s. Fine, oh please, that shot so uh Applause Applause, but we thought we’d, give marco yes shiva on legs side as well: that’s just 99 meters in a date for the safari super street it’s rather than just 50s now is the man back. Is he any use? He saw well said he’s able to make the adjustment Applause, but he hasn’t had too much of the strike just a 13. Oh, he got it. Hey it’s, coming slowly off the pitch 43 kits, oh got lucky, did follow really loud on the deep square. There’S hardly find it the catch Applause he’s there at the young, bowler Applause it’s a lovely score: oh i’ll, take it yeah, just five for pop Applause, fella get too bad too much should go fine, andre russell! Last over oh that’s, going fine Applause! Oh, that should be an easy catch. He comes up with this it’s. A clever sort of off pace.

Delivery. 15 from nine. You oh swung away. Yeah that’s taken here is dre russell boomer out forgot Applause. Again, very often, do you danny getting bowled out but that’s, a wonderful from the get go garbage and sinks. The 153 is what uh needs well, certainly good enough. Uh it’s weathered clubs all over the world is the left that they’re there rather than try and deflect them. I was going to say, trend balls. It is and it’s laced bowled out tonight, that’s all the way i’m shocked down the track pump makes the difference. Oh and again, this time leg side that runs away from beauty as well. No reaction, let’s clean the spot, the perfection oh yeah, i don’t bother running and pick a digging option deep in the freeze. You should that is Applause that’s, not bad; either; Music, Applause, Applause, Music Applause, an absolute ripper, great catch from quintendy; oh that’s, not a good line; brilliant stroke struck the first time i just fall down the v Applause; Applause; Applause; to get back into the game to 16 overs and three balls free hit russell there. You go both of us. Oh another, great ball. The awkward link closes the face of the bet earlier. Thirteen of three one of the best on the planet, yeah cracker, had to take it off golden duck. He’S.

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