Racing, Oak Grove mmentary– kentucky, the grey, and a nice day in Ohio. April 19th 2023

The sun is out at least its only about five degrees right now going up to 12. um and its going to go down Erics going to go back up even higher tomorrow. Now, Im heading back to Ontario after tonight and I wont see the high 20s that will be here in Northfield, but you know what thats okay, we have a busy busy busy week ahead. Um racing tonight well have four, I think, racing tonight here um and then only one to qualify tomorrow, um but Friday at Mohawk, an absolute ton to school and Im already talking about it, because Im already excited to go with uh, brace for landing and a school Crantini again, Im hoping for a repeat from crantini, I hope fully if this works and we have at least a plan moving forward of how we can manage him. You know we we spent some time on the walker with him on the equisize wheel. We spend some time in the pool some time on the track: training them, schooling, him and its worked out to date, but hes always one of those horses that can regress like that. He might go in Friday and throw a flipper. I dont think he will. I dont think he will hes been behaved. Amy said hes having a good week, so well see how he goes on Friday. So Im a little excited about that, obviously excited about training. The babies today uh the babies, are training right now in Ontario Im going to have a report of them so Ill do a little video for you this afternoon.

Talking about what went on here, what went on in Ontario um and any other updates. You know I had a couple emails: Fair emails from people yesterday and Anthony were selling horses were buying these good horses, and then you buy this gray Maiden out of nowhere true and its not as much a flyer as you think it is heres a Philly. So were moving horses right now to Oak Grove, some horses to Oak Grove Kentucky and I looked down last week and Im trying to find horses for the classes there. Also the maiden went in 58. Yesterday, uh two classes have made in Phillies, one went 58 2 um one went and fifty six and four this Philly, although she has a win, still fits the maiden in Oak Grove and they went and she pitched her last mile on 153 and one in Miami Valley, the class at Oak Grove goes for ten thousand. There is also claimers that you can hook onto that class, which is a 20 claimer. Her allowance in her 20 claimer is thirty thousand dollars thats. What her claiming tag is so I can buy a horse for twenty five thousand two hundred thats gon na race for ten to twelve thousand dollars. Every single week, speedwise shes already been much faster than the horses down there now track the track. You have to be careful trying to compare them opening day to Grove, I was told, was quite deep, but I was also told that the maidens are kind of cheap, so we bought a big good.

Looking strong, pretty well bred, gray, Philly well marinel its your four year old gray, mayor um, for less than what much less than what you can claim her for 20. Less is what you can claim her for the most part um shes for ten to twelve thousand dollars every week, doesnt appear to have any lameness issues now in regards to her short starts. Last year she did have a chip removed from her High nickel and OCD. We take those out all the time the gentleman that owned her yesterday before we bought her is the breeder, so obviously theyre being very, very careful with this with this Philly this mayor and obviously they liked her well enough to keep her into her four year old Season but um it was time to go, so we have a fresh Philly lightly. Raced mayor, sorry lightly, raced um that gets around a 5 8. Very, very good pays 53. Your last start, which is for the most part and again dont, try to compare track the track. But if you were three shes already Pace three seconds faster than she has to in Oak Grove, so shes worth more than we paid for on paper, Music, shes, gon na race, every single week and shes gon na race for good money. Every single week, shes sound gets around a 5 8 and for those of you that matter, shes a Wahlberg Philly mayor anyway um I I didnt, think I had to make a case, but the more I thought about it.

I understand where people are coming from. You see us buying Oakwood Cowboy for fifty thousand dollars and fifty six thousand five hundred you see us bidding on all these expensive horses were looking at a number of horses that are on gate from Todd Luthers um Consignment hes. I think he said hed upwards of 30 horses being sold in the next two weeks, so theres lots going on. But as we move out, the horses said arent quite good enough that didnt make it. We want to move in horses that can fit right in and, as I like to say, make an immediate impact. Now, uh era of love is not a uh free for all patient. You only get nine lifetime starts, but she does look like shes going to make an immediate impact, and that is exactly why I thought she was a good purchase as all purchases youre making horse racing. You may be right, you may be wrong. I just thought she checked all the boxes for us so uh. My warning, my warning uh stays very strong. Now I said by 10 oclock AM should be sold out. Theres 40 shares still left in her. So I will tell you this. When I get off the track here with the babies at one oclock, because I you guys have wanted all the horses so much that I myself havent got a chance to buy any of these horses either so Im gon na make it as easy as I can.

I want a piece of the Philly too, with it mayor too. So come one oclock or 12 oclock whenever were done, training Im gon na pick, my phone up and whatever Shares, are left Im. Just gon na tell Wendy to transfer them into my account because I believe um this mayor, as I said, will make an immediate impact for us. So with that its a beautiful day here, hopefully it warms up a little bit. Oh, I call him right back right back. Hopefully it warms up a little bit and um. It turns out to be another great training day here as per lucky um for everybody else. The horse is heading out to Kentucky. This is important also. My apologies uh. That horse per lucky is going to be in on Monday. Tailgate Buzz is in on Sunday, so is took a dive off Dipper Landing Strip is qualifying here tomorrow, hell be going to Kentucky an era of love. Im gon na have to have somebody hook onto the trailer and go pick her up in Delaware today.

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