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This is a bigger office, but its not my full time office. I had to pick up this truck um for Ohio. I need to have a truck and trailer for the summer, so I um, I picked up a truck Im gon na go back and bring my car back and leave this in Ohio. It is obviously a little more roomy uh. I dont I used to drive a truck when I was younger and I actually like my car, so uh itd be nice to get this parked over there. I want to talk about all the two year olds, three year olds and four year olds, and today Im going to start with the four year olds uh, we picked up some horses. In effect, I was certain we would have at least one if not two more horses join the stable today and we had zero. I was outbid on on three horses, so one more so I had a tough time letting go of uh in the bidding but um when I come down to it its pretty simple. If we put this horse in a claimer, what would its claiming price be kind of what the horse is worth? In fact, a little bit less if were looking, if were gon na stay in tune with value, so I had to stop bidding um. The Philly was a three year old down by the seaside. She just went for water claiming price to be for the most part um, so lets get right to it.

Atlas Hanover train for his first time, the other day back, uh Jason train how we doing there were okay, all right with the coffin foreign. He trained very good. He said uh hell be another because I think before well qualify him Dustin Hanover is indigo on Wednesday week off didnt hurt this guy. Both him and Stonebridge Ducati were also eligible last week, theyre both backing to go on Wednesday. I got a busy day on Wednesday. Actually, era of love, our newest horse is the gray horse. Now I watched this horses videos and I know when Jason, uh, Jason and Jason trained her the other day, uh stripped her right down uh to the Bare Bones so to speak. We took all the gear off her, except for hobbles and her Bridal trained her and she trained great so thats how she will race Ill, give uh John McDonald a call uh just I cant really talk to him, but the horse, because I myself have never sat Behind the horse, but just convey how in third person how she trained on a Friday on Friday, uh, where are we at here era of love, so thats era of love, Shes racing Monday, gon na be short? I I kind of regret putting her in or or asking Jack to put her in in uh from for Monday um. She had raced in 14 days. I dont know what the hell is going through my mind. I thought that the that the mayor had raced the week previous, not the end of the world shes trained up.

They trained her 2 9 on Friday for a horse, thats raced three or four times this year, its not really the end of the world, but not ideal, so well see how she races. On Monday, uh HL blue uh Mark a little angry at me last week. So he hasnt spoke to me in three or four days, so I cant really tell you how HL blue is. I know that he said he was three weeks away before uh. Maybe when I come off the no talk when I come off my uh talking suspension. My talking suspension from Mark uh hell tell hell, tell me how close how close uh he is with the horse that just brotherly stuff um. You know every so often James looks under my skin theyre, all getting under Mark skin or Jamess skin or well all get under each others. Skin and just it used to be it would come to fists but hes in New York Im in Ontario James. A little closer so hes in the danger zone, but um its just the way it is so uh HL blue last reported three weeks away. Last reported three weeks away how the hell uh how the hell is run twice in 59. Now I plan on training him in about two four two: five in the race bike next week, still making a little noise. He always had that little laxity on one side, uh, so uh, Dr Cote whos, doing the the work for the University of Guelph at the barn that scoping the babies as we train them down um.

I asked her to put the dynamic scope on uh on uh. How the hell and see how he goes Im interested in myself to see yeah. So I guess forgive me for those who have that that have veterinarian training out there uh you have the epiglottis palette, the two arytenoids uh, one on either side one side uh, one uh. I believe its one retinoid is a little lazier than the other. So the way it moves in the air you can hear the horse making a noise because theres a disruption in the airflow. Now, as you can imagine, if theres a disruption in the airflow in the training or racing, while that is a problem, gold bug Hanover has come back because her palette was filled up even when they operated on her, so were just waiting for that to cool down. I thought, since we have paddocks right here at first line training center, we have a a great Echo Sizer and a pool um. We can keep a real close under plus the University of guava is doing this study. So again, we can look at real time even with the dynamic scope, but gold bug wont need the dynamic scope, but how the hell this will be a could be a very useful tool for this horse. It could be anything from nothing to injecting to being very careful red overbach has the very same thing and were able to uh were able to work around it with him.

We know what we can and cant do with him to cause problems, and I guess to the extreme would be to operate and put a tie back on the horse thats something I want to do. It would set us back another month, especially since hes very close to qualifying, so I dont really know what to tell you with how the hell but well know next week I dont think any of it is extremely serious. Good news is, he sounds on when he was done Galloping and he pulled up, and I trotted him back to the barn. The horse was sound as a dollar and looked great, so that is a huge bonus because he is uh speed, wise hes, on the doorstep of qualifying so well, um train him in the race bike. This we can see, see how it goes. Um haunted house racing tonight expect hell race good tonight, JK Mickey Mantle uh Harry said hes gon na train him. The race bike in 2 5 next week, well see how he trains looks like money not far behind him. If I was to guess, I would say that Harry took his sweet time getting looks like money back to the track, because he was worried. I might send him down to Kentucky to race in the Kentucky sire State races which I wouldnt have done, but Harrys a Wily old bugger, and I, if I was to guess I would say I didnt, even know about them.

Oh yes, he knew about them. Dont worry theres only four in the division. It goes for 50.. The final goes for 150., but theres two divisions, but it doesnt matter. We got, as I said, to everybody that also noticed all our partners on uh on that horse. We got much bigger fish to fry than uh than the Kentucky Center Stakes. We weve opted to roll the dice on Grand circuit work with looks like money and thats much more important to to the horse to our clients to to everybody involved. Now, where are we at now um how the hell JK Victory? I jumped over JK Victory, hes racing tonight. Jk Victory will race tonight, potentially depending on how he does Sunny Hill Racing in next week and then hell go to Indiana Ron Burke has uh has said he can take him to Indiana hes, opening up an Indiana Barn first part of May uh red overbach rice, Good, the other day ran down a little bit. Uh Megan likes him and she said. Can I have one week to not race him just for one week, I just want to work in a shoeing, um and and the rundowns that he had theyre bothering him uh. Bothering him a little bit so um red overbach will race. Next week, Renegade Gypsy. We got to the bottom of it. He did tie up a little bit. His feet were a little bit sore. Flip flops will go back on him.

Will work on his AST, its not that high at all it was. It was high enough to cause him to be a little crampy in yesterdays qualifier, but uh, nothing that cant be fixed within a week. Uh, Resolute Bay was good last night, just in tough just in tough – and you know I talked about – maybe hey – maybe he could fit a cheaper class if he wasnt in that series. Hes got 21 000 made last four hes, not fitting any cheaper class, so hes gon na have to go back in there for the next week. Um Stormer Ducati is indigo on Wednesday, really really happy with the way he raced. His last start now, coming into this week, uh very interested to see how hes going to do unbeatable Kemp uh his AST was high and his ggt was high. So more than enough reason for unbeatable Kemp to be a little flat, the other day well have both him and tiger horn player and spitfire overseas. The four horses in that same shadow that looked like theyre a little under the weather, well have them all sorted within a week. Um world for two is racing Monday, Tuesday, one of those days in Monday, hes racing Monday in uh, Southern Ohio, yo Mister, was fantastic. Last week, hes racing again this coming week in Southern Ohio. You know I had a conversation with Stacy and I just said she said: where do you want to raise some? I said: well, The Meadows Ohio Kentucky.

You pick once when, when uh Kings County comes back, they cant both were in the mid open. So at that point we can either race one at the medals, one in Ohio or or wherever. We want uh theres places to race those horses, but I dont want them racing together. Um uh locatelli will race next week, um local tally race. Last week his ggt was a little high also and they thought his feet were a little sore. They put the flip flops back on him, uh no free lunch. I forgot to ask Harry how close no free lunch hes got to be close. If I know Harry hes got him pretty close theyd say he did not go to the schoolers the other day. Ive not seen him in the race bike at the firm, but he cant be much further back than that Id say within the next week or two well probably have an update of him being in the right Spike Music um. Where are we at now way down here, stay close, very, very good qualifier. I talked about him in depth in a video yesterday in the opening today uh today, an opening video um were probably might even think of racing him with no hobbles on his next start. Uh well see how that plays out if hes, in a position where he can probably win his first start out. We may not gamble with the no hobbles, but at some point in the near future I would say youre going to see a start without hobbles for no stay close.

He looks so so good right now I mean really really good uh White Tiger, hopefully hell bounce back him in Kings County. Both Kings County is getting close to racing white tiger flat, really his last two the break and then flatness well see how he races this week, um Patrick yeah next week, sorry, Patrick deprano was awesome. His first start out its not hard to win him. 51. 3 out of 5 8, when you qualify him 51 2 and a half I noticed so he he was very, very good in his race. Uh per lucky is racing Monday in Oak Grove, Eric paddlings down to drive, but I dont think Erics gon na drive. I think Kyle husted is going to drive the horse uh either way. I just want to get him around see how he feels Eric knows the horse somewhat hes in our barn. He knows all about per lucky and its tough to find its not that the drivers are bad down there, but without knowing this horse, itd be tough. Now next week, Scott zeron can drive him for sure um odds on Del Rey hes in is he in today. Thats, tomorrow Sunday, I bet shes in tomorrow, not today the only ones. Today she hasnt been to go for 20.. Why dont you look up and see when hes in the go uh took a dive off. Dippers got the rail in the open tomorrow at uh Oak Grove, tough spot.

He actually fit the class below that, but it didnt fail. So they put him in the open and Sentra schooled in 55 and a piece 56 yesterday hell be qualifying next week.

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