Racing, Oak Grove mmentary–recap of sales, and racing Monday April 17th 2023

My feet are cold inside my vehicle very angry over this. So I got to figure out a way to get this fixed today today. As you can see, this stuff bothers me from time to time um I wanted to talk about what we were going to do this week, so I did do a video earlier on about where we are going, what we are doing this week now. I also wanted to um do a video about yesterday, just in all encompassing a lot went on yesterday. You know obviously the because we didnt have a lot of great uh results. Yesterday the win from swinging senior eat. It was a standalone, it was a standout, the Philly looked fantastic. She she uh raced fantastic, just just an extension of what what I remembered her as yes last year, maybe even better. You know, shes not going to be eight to five. In the final, the the Luther Philly looks fantastic and um. The Philly that was in behind me, truly Relentless, fantastic Philly. Mr crosses looks great. I think both those horses uh are going to have a a banner here I would say: can we keep up with them? Can we beat them sure we can its not like swinging scenery just far behind uh the Luther Philly and theres going to be people messing me say: well, she went faster. That means zero means nothing. Shes, a big, strong, Philly uh rose on Yolanda, really really nice Philly and going to be one of the toughest ones to beat in the division.

Now theres always every year, theres always horses that come out of the woodwork. You know this ones better, that ones better. Geez, you know Chris Beaver has one or or someone has one um. You know its not like truly Relentless it isnt better than swinging senorita, theyre, very, very similar. So again, its gon na be a great year. I think, with swing senorita in particular in uh, in Ohio um, so were not going to do a whole lot of talking other than this two minutes about her. Just really really impressed with her now lets get to the rest of the day. We had a number of horses sold yesterday and all week. I fielded messages from people in yesterday, too, uh wondering why were selling the horses or you know why we didnt get as much as we wanted or why we just didnt keep them and I think its important – and I say it a lot theres a lot of Our clients um that completely understand what were doing here were trying to get better horse in the burn and just because we buy 60 babies does not mean we have 60 nice horses. I keep saying I like them all, but at some point, theres gon na come a wall and a hurdle, but some of them just cant get through right. I hope theres not, but the thought to think that all 60 will qualify and be good. Is a little naive as of right now, Ive been happy with what Ive seen, but there are going to be some horses like sir strong that might be able to function, but just cant put it all together.

Cant get through that last hurdle. Where you go from an okay horse to push through – and you know, youre a strong racehorse, thats uh thats, a uh thats, a uh thats, the last hurdle and a difficult one to get through right. They cant all do it so, sir strong faltered, a bit we sold him yesterday and I had one of our clients a great question from Chris. He said you know. I find it so hard to believe that this horse, just couldnt you know, would time him not have helped sure time will help all of them, its not to say its gon na eat, faster, hes, already raced and qualified, so sure time might help, but whats he Going to be when we give him all that time, because hes just gon na be a maiden condition. Claimer then why? Why are we? Where do we continue forward and everybody wants to believe that their horses are just gon na? You know everybody was so ecstatic last week, thats involved with what a mission you know same type of situation, what a mission and horses like what a mission is, why we keep them when we do, and I get the other side of the email also from people All the time saying why dont we get rid of them quicker and just call the herd and continue because who draws that line when when when do they have to go, do they have to go when theyre, not fast enough in May, is their two year old Year or March, even or maybe halfway through the summer, if they havent done what you want them to do, we move them all, no matter what no this stable will never operate in that way and theres nothing wrong with that people.

The people that send me these emails, Joel and other Joe youre, not the only one lots of people, send these emails to me and you have to understand. There are theres a very business oriented mindset in in horse racing, which is, is wonderful. We try to lean towards doing whats best for our clients and doing whats best for our horses, but I have to do my due diligence. Would anybody have been happy if we had just got rid of one emission last year and then someone else went out and qualified them in 56.? Would everybody be okay with that? I dont think so. I know I wouldnt as your partner. I would be pretty pissed off to be honest, and that will happen even with horses, like sir strong or sister Solange and those horses, if we turn them over when we have to eventually one of them is going to come back and bite Us in the ass Thats just inevitability. Well, we have to continue to try and do whats right. Every horse we sold yesterday, I believe, was done at the stable right. The two Phillies were worth more is broodmares, I think, probably as probably a buyers price yesterday on both of them, but at the same token they werent going to do what we needed them do on the track. Right now I had to weigh that against what they were going to be worth in the fall. If we could just extrapolate what theyve done so far through the summer into the fall, what are we looking at? They wouldnt make it to the fall.

We would have to sell them for for a lot less, because now breeding season was over. So yesterday was the right time to sell sister, Solange and Leaps and Bounds. Wish wed have got more. I thought they were worth closer to 30., both of them, but it is what it is, and oh my gosh selling for 10 kind of set the stage Landing Pad didnt even get a bid. Everybody has a three year old that they dont need right now. Theyve trained them down theyve made come to the same conclusions. We have these three just arent fitting in they got ta go right and everyone has a horse like that and it probably drives the price down. You know I thought oh, my gosh uh, 15 or 16 Landing Pad 12 and uh sir strong, because hes not qualified, probably around 10 or 11.. Instead, we get 10 9 and 9., but keeping those horses and continuing we pay bills on them will chew away at that 1099. Real real quick. So it is important that we move them. So I stand behind the horses that were all sold yesterday: sister Solange Leaps and Bounds, Landing Pad um, sir strong and oh my gosh, those horses needed to go. We picked up one that looks very good in Oak wood cowboy. I just watched him jog this morning. We picked him up last night after Miami Valley, Jason and I took the Philly down and raced her and on the way home stopped at Virgil, Morgans and picked up uh, Oakwood Cowboy, so um that worked out really well uh for us in that regard.

Moving some horses on picking up um picking up one if we can get rid of five and pick up one really good one. I think it only strengthens the core of our burn along the way um. So as they raced yesterday, sister salons race flat moved uh. We had a claimer also. We had one claim from us: shes a sassy Beach. I dont think anybodys Gon na Miss Sassy just the way it was. We bought her. We had a couple or wed won win with her a couple: okay, races. She kind of slid a little bit her last couple that will happen, but when okay horses slide a bit, they tend to look really bad. And yesterday she didnt look that good Megan thought she might have been a little bit sick. Somebody elses problem, though um and then, as I said, swinging senior reader race code and we got the Mohawk now its important I wan na. I want to completely articulate Mohawk in the best way I can um. I spoke to James after midnight last night for quite a bit, maybe 10 minutes about the two horse about the three horses. He said all three of them were god awful, thats important one hes right. Two all three were the exact same: they all sculpt good, no blood a little bit of allergy mucus. But quite frankly, if we sculpt those three horses coming into the test Barn after a win, you might see the same scope so its not from their lungs.

Its not from their Airway, I find it extremely hard to believe that all three could have tied up, but there is something going around right now. The ggts are jumping on horses here in Ohio, we qualified tactical Mounds in 55 and four and then her ggt was almost three times the normal limit the next day. Now that ggt its so frustrating when I say it out loud theres, a voice in me that says okay, so explain what a ggt is. I dont know how to explain it: its reflective of a liver count, a a liver, thats itself frustrated, but why would it in some horses seems to be more with mares when they come into season when the heat comes? But Ive spoke to lots of vets and they cant really pin it down seems to be very subjective for horses. Some horses can go with it its hard to believe the Tactical Mounds qualified with a fine ggt level and then the very next day, not even 24 hours later her love, her liver count was three times what its supposed to be. I find that very hard to believe so theres a horse that, for some reason, can go with it with an elevated ggt. And then you have other horses like horn player, that just look 40 of what they are strength and power wise with an elevated ggt. And I cant explain that to you either. All I know is that we can treat it takes a little time, lots of fluids, some lipotropes and then the the pills that we had bought were good.

Last year I thought they worked as good as anything. I ordered 26 boxes of them for the horses at that time. I thought we only need a couple now we have three or four in Ohio. I would wager good money. We have no less than five in Ontario its its really really frustrating to know, uh that the horse scoped well and race, that bad, but at the same time its important in telling, in the sense that all three of them mechanically James, said white tiger was trotting Great he said Camp yeah ego she always get on the track. A little left handed. I know I got a wonderful email from somebody last night saying. Look to me, like unbeatable Camp was a little off left hand. Unbeatable Camps been off left hand since he was a fetus. I think he has never raced, not one time in his life. He wasnt off left hand the little sesamoid artist behind he protects it a little bit thats just kept his knees, bother him quite a bit, but last night none of that was whens. The last time you saw unbeatable camp walk like that and not bleed a couple of times when he was young. We saw him walk like that. We scoped him and he was full of blood. Didnt have a drop of blood in him last night, whens. The last time you saw unbeatable Camp race, like that not bleed, never is the answer, not one time theres.

Only so many things that can make a horse. Look that poorly on the end of the mile yeah the track was bad, but it was bad for everybody. It was bad for everyone. Yes, the flip flops played a role, but they looked like. There was a significant power outage last night, so I suspect, when we get their blood work back today, you are going to see a elevated ggt on the horses. I hope its not that high, that we cant treat it kind of quickly but well see so our plan and our goal will be hopefully that we get the blood backwards and weve already started, treating them anyway for it um. Now the the pills that I had ordered are not here yet hopefully theyre here tomorrow I can bring those home also. We can start them on that. This isnt something we cant treat, but it is something we have to get on top of really really quick so that thats the takeaway from last night, I think, uh. I left that up to James mechanically, he said they were all acceptable. You know Kemp could be better. You know hes going through a rough patch that way he could be better, but he wasnt horrible, except he was horrible in the sense that he raced horrible, but mechanically speaking, he was well within the parameters that were needed and expected from him. Just the power was was certainly not very similar with white tiger.

In fact, quite a little bit different James said he was mechanically one of the better trips hes ever felt him Trot youll, see they have those white boots on them. Theyre a little bit bigger the elbow boots and they covered where he was marking himself up, and you could see that last night just again massive power outage on the end of it and locatelli wasnt as bad. But that was the trip that he won. That trip. If you go back and watch the win in 150 in a piece in January, I think in Woodbine it was that trip and, if Im, not mistaken, behind that horse, popped out and and won the race instead of popping it winning the race. The last over a quarter of a mile you can see here start to get separation from locatelli in the far turn, and then he just fizzled away finished. Fifth, not not very locatelli. Like so um. As I said, all three Scopes come back good, so thats a start. You dont have to worry about about uh damage control on a number of fronts, but we do have to worry about um getting this under control. Now I dont have any confirmation. The liver counts are high, but I would bet Im not going to say any one of my fingers and toes. I would bet a little toe. I dont think that ones very, very useful. I would bet the little toe that at least one, if not all, of their ggts were elevated and hopefully just slightly uh well, see well see so thats.

Where were at right now, with yesterday, one highlight uh, a bunch of horses that we dont need that were moved out, which is good um and some horses that were a little flat, not a little a lot flat, but we can work with that. We can work on that so with that Im going to let you guys go, I know it wasnt the greatest day yesterday, well bounce back, uh, its always something right, always something uh tomorrows a new day. Today is a new day. We have uh Columbus racing tonight. We have a slew of horses racing tomorrow and then Im gon na head home, um Im gon na head home Wednesday night Im gon na get home very late, maybe two or three oclock in the morning, its Amys birthday on Thursday uh. We had nothing to do except for qualified landing strip and hes as easy to qualify. Anybody could qualify Landing Strip, So the plan is to qualify landing strip and then, after that, at some point after that, send um four horses plus Eric source to Kentucky for this. Coming weekend, tailgate Buzz took a dive off, Dipper um per lucky is heading to Kentucky. Eric source is heading there, and landing strip is heading there. Next week we may have a couple of others were on the lookout for a maiden Pacer. That could be useful uh in Kentucky and as far as Maiden Trotters go with them so close to The Sire Stakes.

We could send one of the horses down for the maiden because their first steak, race is actually in Miami Valley, but is it necessary well figure that out as the week goes on, but for right now we have a few to enter in a few to enter In Oak Grove, we have some horses being entered in um in Northfield Park and in Miami Valley, and with that Im going to let you guys go. I hope I articulate it as best as I could. What took place yesterday, why we sold the horses, which is really a redundant speech, but it needs to be made for everybody that maybe doesnt quite understand why those horses had to go um and and a very important speech, a very important uh discussion to be had Um about what went on at Mohawk last night, the horses are sound, their airways are good, so those are two very big things as far as uh. What went on yesterday, I can almost assure you it was in their blood. I would bet good money. It was in their liver count and were on top of it moving forward. So with that Ill, let you go. I hope you guys have a good day, but its cold its a cold day, so bundle up stay warm a little bit warmer weather coming um in the very near future.

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Racing, Oak Grove mmentary– kentucky, the grey, and a nice day in Ohio. April 19th 2023

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