ispace, Moon landing, Lunar lander, Japan HAKUTO-R M1 Moon landing

We received word that the Lander has reappeared from the back side of the moon and its on its final orbit. Only minutes away from the planned Landing so seems like its really happening yeah. How do you feel well its really happening? Yes, very very excited to see very Final Phase of of the grinding soon now in vertical orientation. Only one kilometer above the surface remaining were getting closer and closer about 120 kilometers per hour 700 meters. We will soon have reached the planned Landing time, at which point I might ask you to wait for a few moments for us to confirm the status 60 kilometers per hour. 20 meters, Final Approach, 10 meters and our simulation – might have lost its connection with the MCC. No reason to for concern, yet we are still seeing the animation going three kilometers per hour, only meters above the surface. Now and now we are at the moment of planned Landing time again. Everyone please give us a few moments to confirm foreign. We have not able to confirm successful landing on the lunar surface. Our engineers at MCC is continue to investigate the current status of the render. Apparently we have not confirmed the communication from durander. We already confirmed that we have established the communication until very end of The Landing. However, now we lost the communication, so we have to assume that we, our it may we could not complete the landing. On the lunar surface, as I said, we have been secured.

The communication at the very end of The Landing that means we acquired actual flight data during the landing phase. That is great achievement for the future missions mission 2 and Mission 3..

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