ispace, Moon landing, Lunar lander, Japan Private Japanese lander’s moon touchdown likely failed, still captured amazing Earth views

Only minutes away from the planned Landing, so hakamada san seems like its really happening yeah. I feel well, its really happening. Yes, very very excited to see very Final Phase of demanding soon. Yes, so uh, we can really just hope and send our good energies towards the Lander. So she touched on looking at the display. What is the status uh so it looks like we. I think that the display is still the simulation modes, but I think it seems that if everything is going as expected, I think we have. We should have entered now the black inbound phase, so it should be um. Maybe the altitude is about 25 kilo, and if everything is okay, then I think blackenburn is continuing to slow down the speed from uh six cells from about a hundred uh thousand kilometer per hour to a hundred sorry a few hundred kilometer per hour. Thank you, Mr Sun, and actually for everyone. Here we were able to download several images and videos from our lender over the last few days. Again. These are not real time images, but they were taken from lunar orbit around 100 kilometer altitude. So lets have a look at these images, so this first image look at it, its just beautiful, yeah, beautiful and then very incredible pictures taken from our under. It is truly amazing how a privately funded spacecraft can capture the moon and the earth like this and send the image back now.

Looking at this, I think this image also contains some scientific, very, very interesting specialty. Can you explain it a bit more? Oh, yes, yeah! So this is uh the picture of the uh. The Earths lies on the moon, but most interestingly, you know, as you can see, if you can take a very closer look at the RS, so we see actually the shadow of the Moon uh on on the earth. So you see that the black spot there, the closer close to the Australia, so this is actually the shadow of the moon. So we we took this picture during the solar eclipse, so its really interesting to see this kind of uh the phenomena not from the Earth but from the lunar orbit. So this is really interesting and very exciting picture. Thank you and I believe we also have a video that I would like to share with you. Wow Applause doesnt. This look amazing. Well, this is your video. Yes, not CZ, no, its amazing, its really hard to believe, but it looks amazing. We see something in the lower part of the video. What is this? Yes, I think this is a part of our London, so this is a part that we call mli a multi layer, installation mli, and we see the partner logo at the on the light and side. So its really great its really amazing to see this, you know Shadow and the light part and the shadow part of the of the of the monster, because theres no atmosphere on the moon so its we can clearly see the surface, and this is really amazing.

Video Im Im really amazed, thank you and I believe we have one more image yet again. A video Applause akamadasan well another amazing, well, video! I cannot tell any world beautiful, it really transcends words, and it is just amazing. So now I would like to ask hakamada san and to join our crew on your seats and for the last few minutes we are almost five minutes before Plant Landing. I would like to ask you to continue viewing the event and lets all root for our Lander. While we wait for the planned Landing. Thank you and now looking at the status screen, the Lander is still moving over 2 000 kilometers per hour. Please let me point out here that we might lose communication with our Lander during descent. This is to be expected and we will reconnect as quickly as possible also, if you see any sudden changes in the simulation, this might also be caused by our system of how we simulate it, even if the Lander appears to be on the surface or anywhere else. Please wait for our final confirmation from our MCC. As soon as we receive final word, we will share it with you and you see our MCC crew getting ready for the moment anxiously awaiting getting their stations ready here in Tokyo in our U.S office and our Luxembourg office. Everyone is awaiting. Now we are around three minutes before landing. You can see the tension in everyones faces, but these are professionals and we trust them.

Now we see the speed of our Lander in the upper right corner around 700 kilometers per hour under seven kilometers above the surface. We are getting closer and closer. The Lander continues to fire its propulsion system and we are now around L minus two minutes, close to 500 kilometers per hour under six kilometers above surface. We are only moments away from the planned touchdown. On the learning surface, everyone who worked on this mission is anxiously anticipating how it will turn out. Please note again: communication with our Lander may be interrupted during the send, and it might therefore take a little bit of time for our grand crew to confirm the status of our Lander. We will share the latest situation with you as soon as possible. Even if you see the lunar landed, the land Lander landed on the surface. We will update you as soon as possible, now only 200 kilometers per hour under three kilo kilometers above the surface, only one minute to go 190 180 kilometers per hour under two kilometers. The lunar Lander keeps breaking now in vertical orientation. Only one kilometer above the surface remaining were getting closer and closer about 120 kilometers per hour 700 meters. We will soon have reached the planned Landing time, at which point I might ask you to wait for a few moments for us to confirm the status 60 kilometers per hour. 20 meters, Final Approach, 10 meters and our simulation – might have lost its connection with the MCC.

No reason to for concern, yet we are still seeing the animation going three kilometers per hour, only meters above the surface. Now and now we are at the moment of planned Landing time again. Everyone please give us a few moments to confirm. We hope to maybe receive a message from our MCC soon. If that is not the case, then we will need a few moments to continue investigations and well update you. As soon as we have new information, our MCC crew standing by waiting to confirm everyone is laser. Focused right now, you can really feel the tension foreign to confirm the status of our Lander. Currently we have not confirmed the communication from durander. We already confirmed that we have established the communication until very end of The Landing. However, now we lost the communication, so we have to assume that we, our it may uh, we could not complete the grounding on the lunar surface. Our Engineers will continue to investigate the situation and then we will update you the further information once we finish the uh investigation at this moment. What I can tell is, we are very proud of the facts that we have already achieved many things during this mission, one, as I said, we have been secured the communication at the very end of The Landing. That means we acquired actual flight data during the landing phase. That is great achievement for the future missions mission 2 and Mission 3 to the end.

That is important to feedback. What we learned from this mission 1 to Mission 2 and the mission 3. thats. Why we built our sustainable business model to continue our effort for the future missions Id like to. Thank you all.

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ispace, Moon landing, Lunar lander, Japan HAKUTO-R M1 Moon landing

ispace, Moon landing, Lunar lander, Japan to land its spacecraft on the moon