Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Corporation – Hold on looks like something went wrong. we're trying to get you back into meeting

I want to show you how to resolve microsoft teams problem so let’s say you are working with microsoft teams and you receive the error message that says hold on look like something went wrong. We are trying to get you back into the meeting, so i’ve seen that um this issue a lot at my working place and so i’ve tried to actually resolve this for the users. First of all, what you need to do to actually resolve this issue is to make sure your network connection is working very well, so this issue may be actually it happens, a lot with people who are working from home. So if, for example, you are you, you have a company device or you you’re working from home or you are using your personal device with microsoft teams – and you are far away from your internet connection at home, so something work from their living room from their sleeping Room and their network modem is actually in their living, so maybe the distance is a little bit fast. So so you know the more distance you are from your modem, the the it reduces the connection and the speed of how you get to the internet. So what happens is this so what you want to do? First of all, here you can see my internet so most of most of the time, if you’re, using a laptop you’re here i’m using actually a virtual machine. So you can see i’m using network and network cable, and here you can see i’m, not using a wireless connector.

So you have to check your wireless connection to see how stable it is. So. Secondly, what you also what you can actually do to actually confirm to see how stable your internet connection is, is to go just, go to your start menu and then type cmd, so by typing cmd, so you’re going to open just click on the command prompt prompt. So i open it to twice so: click click on the command, prompt and try to ping the website of microsoft or teams. So if i just go to ping themes, dot, microsoft, dot com – here you can see it’s going to give me a reply and tell me the i’m, 70 milliseconds and the time to leave is 128. Here you can see. I already have a timeout already, but what we can do to have a lot of results like you can ping the the side of microsoft for like two or three minutes, so what we can actually do is to go to ping. Let me just come back into my ping themes and then i’m going to actually put this. This ping result into a kind of a test file. So let me go to my file explorer and my file explorer um under my c drive. Let me go to my c drive here. I have a temp folder, so in this 10 folder i’m, going to create a test file here. So let me just copy this and then it says this so i’m going to create.

Let me just call this themes: dot, tst, but mind you. I want to actually create a loop that the the pings just keep on going for, like maybe two or three minutes, to see the results and let so right now i just click enter, and it seems it seems as if nothing is going on. But if i go to my file explorer here and you can see my test file – the teams file i just created from here – which is creating that file automatically. So if i double click on it, you can see that there’s a now. The ping is just kind of a continue process and you can see the time to leave and it takes about 40 milliseconds, and here you can see, i have a timeout and it keeps going and it keeps going. Let me try to see if i can actually do a refresh from um. Let me try to see, i cannot do a refresh from there, but well, let me just close this. So if i wait for like just two minutes or you can see that the file the size of the file keeps increasing, so if i wait for like two or three minutes, this file is going to be very long. You can see now you can see that i’m saving some time out. I have some time out and it keeps going so this guy actually gives you an idea. Why sometimes microsoft um the teams just stops working and it says hold on it, looks it seems that something goes wrong.

So if i close this again and you can see it keeps increasing to like four kilobytes. So if i pause this video and then come back again, you can see that my file has already increased to like 6 kilobytes and if i double click on teams yeah, you can see we have a lot of now. The file keeps increasing until i decided to actually just let me just type ctrl c to stop this let’s see control c, and then it stops the pink stops. So right now i can decide. Let me just close this and then open the opponent again you can. I can decide to save this file. I say: cut off a csv file. Let me just select all files and then save this like a csv file and then open this file in excel, and here you can see. I’Ve now opened this file in excel. I can decide to actually just delete this first one and then select and let me just format my table and say my table – have a header, so i can decided to actually select and only just search for the requested, timeout and see how many times i have A timeout you can see that i have about four timeouts here. So probably, if you are having a lot of internet connection issue, this, the timeout may be longer than this, so. Secondly, what you can actually also do to find out why um your microsoft teams keeps on stop working or trying to connect back into the meeting is to check if you have like credential issues, because sometimes, if you’re having, if you change your password in um in Your in in microsoft teams and you connect with your vpn to your office.

So if you try to actually synchronize the password, you change, then, with your vpn connection in the office. So right now there may be a kind of a password conflict between your office and you’re you’re working from home. So you can as well go to well um your credentials go to um control panel. Let me just go to control control panel and then in control panel look for credential managers and then creation manager in windows, credential and then you have the web credential on the window. Credential. So try to see if you have like the microsoft office here, you can see how the microsoft office data and the microsoft office um system data as well. So what you can do is to see if you can also check if you have like teams, you use my microsoft account as a hotmail. So to say, as i check, if you have some like microsoft teams, you can actually actually remove it to allow you to synchronize your password again to giving your new password. And lastly, what you can actually do to see if, while you are having issue or why, if there is a problem with your account or your problem with um, your credentials is to go to the web to your web mail, go to your webmail to microsoft, And in microsoft you can decide to go to just select teams, and it will take you automatically to this new browser here.

So what you can actually try to do is to schedule a meeting or try to walk from the web browser and see if you still receive the error message. So if you did not receive an error message from the web browser automatically, you know that the problem does not lies on a web browser and the problem lies with the connection of your device. Thank you very much for taking your time to watch this video, please. I hope this video actually solved your problem, but if you think you’re still having issues with microsoft teams send me a personal email. You can send me a call i’m going to leave my email in this um video link. You can send me an email or you can leave a message below or in the comment section and i’m going to reply to you as quick as possible. If you send me a personal email and you communicate with me what the problem really is with your screenshot, i can as well give you a reply. The details reply, how to solve that problem. So if you have any other issues concerning microsoft, office, windows, microsoft, intune, sscm, windows, 7 – you can also send me a personal email and i’ll respond to you as quick as possible. If i know the answers to that, thank you very much for taking your time to watch this video and please don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for more i.

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