Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Luka Dončić, Stephen Curry, NBA, Western Conference PSG vs Manchester City 3_2 Extended Highlights & All Goals 2021

Scorer options on the bench you can see are on their way out. Commentary in paris comes from michael 46 years ago, in 1970, Music Applause 70 goals between them. This season, ibrahimovic, is on 38 stars. If he’s in the mood tonight, maybe city can come up, he also handled one of city’s best and he did by the way in there de bruyne to play it in putting a performance as bright as their luminous kit. Nav has to cut this one back. Fernandinho had made a run in, there is oda. The surprise tries to find di maria who made the round. Miss ibrahimovic he’s got two hat navas good idea to try to pick up de bruyne and that’ll be a corner kick fourth year running and cavani on towards matuidi Applause goes down. The referee gives nothing no decision against manchester city, paris, saint germain protests. Sometimes manchester city’s defense has looked near or no but it’s a very great Applause, Laughter Applause and a fantastic save from joe hart. He’S done it again. He did it earlier in the competition against borussia ibrahimovic. That was relatively easy for joe hart after his you keep on falling Applause, but their strength is going forward. They need to play second yellow car for david louise. That has to play it in and well possibility there for david silva it’s, a great ball in from navas Applause, ibrahimovic. Looking for a bit of movement, he was caught out and ibrahimovic is in here one on one and again the chance goes begging not like him.

Oh, the ball just dropped in a lovely little area there around the there’s a carpet now there’s a huge shot. Two goal: advantages at the halfway point very hard to claw back, so madrid will have to be at least getting one back, you’d fancy them the burn about Applause to ravio Applause, motta cavani goes down and gets the free kick Applause. It is ibrahimovic and it’s a little debate. That’Ll rage on david. Louise plays the 1 2 and goes down fernando’s challenge that will be a free kick central and this is in a good range and it will be a yellow card as well for banana disney maria mississippi carved out something got aguero to his left de bruyne are On this side, big chance de bruyne manchester city have the away goal. Kevin de bruyne shots harry, says your man. What about that? Well, absolutely brilliant! What a goal from manchester city and again it’s, that type of taking so many players out the game by winning the ball in that fernando and off ibrahimovic and well. Well, that is an absolute catastrophe for manchester city. They have added barry sanderman an equalizer. What was that was a real horror, show there’s the little spanish winger again now that’s, trying to thread this through to driving at the heart of that defense. Looking between he’s in space here, oh and he’s got it wrong. The cross was all wrong. It was just waiting for a decent ball, but then that freak equalizer from ibrahimovic Applause.

It goes the way the flag was up anyway. I think ibrahimovic might have just made the run again and just caught up to mend his heel didn’t. He i think there Applause he’s, saying that there’s an accident, but the referee is not buying it in full view and technicolor in that uh barcelona, atletico game last night for manchester city, there cavani’s head up difficult one ahead of the near post, like that in the Squad that’s, another thing guardiola will have to think about forward there to cavani towards ibrahimovic couldn’t get enough on it. Yeah well defended city ottomandi to star with and then sanji on the back cavani with the movement ahead of him di maria goes. Matuidi mangala did well with his back very much a danger man it’s, given away by david silva, who recovered well to be fair to him, and the referee says play on yeah it’s. Exactly the point i was saying before the win. I feel so unease quarterfinals, there’s, a threat here right across the face of goal and just behind i’m gon na come off mangala last as well. I think it did. I don’t think in your french champions, cavani’s header and turned in by Applause header, joe hart, could only make a half stop and adrian that’s. His third goal in the champions league already this season, looking to play that into the danger area, still might be something here. Di maria plays this one. In nearly a known goal, came off sanya and my goodness me that could so easily have been three Applause and boisterous munich.

The oh matuidi alpha’s priceless when it comes to nicking the ball silva and aguero waiting in the middle navas, not noted for his goal. Scoring the spanish winger spent the best part of a billion pounds, Applause between Applause yellow card, since the opening seconds up to his outside the ball slid across on a wonderful chance and manchester city do get the Music Applause in a remarkable plot in paris. Well, it’s brilliant to see them in the competition in the 3, 1 win and that’s all they could have asked for tonight to still be in the tie. Aguero nearly nearly he got that through in the end patched up wouldn’t, you Applause city, look happy plane ride home for these manchester city players if they can keep it. There’S, lucas, moore Applause, van der veal’s ball and slot saying he couldn’t. Remember too many english clubs doing very well recently in the champions league, forgotten, chelsea, winning it in 2012 and getting to the semis a couple of years ago, yeah, i said at Applause doesn’t think he was guilty there, but the referee does and administers a yellow, tweety Insight to ibrahimovic i enjoy the ride home as well. His navas man just tiring a little bit aguero trying to get him behind david luiz with an awkward looking clearance. He was off balance and he’s. Hurt too, oh, i was just expecting mangala that’s a poor ball from no problem at all for joe hart.

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