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Watson. Watson’S name continues to hover over this draft for one very important reason: things have gotten very quiet in a litigation: 22 individuals all suing to sean watson. It was news news, news, news, news, public pressure, battle of the lawyers, instagram press conferences, press releases back and forth. They were in court on friday for a status conference allegations of destruction of evidence. Something happened after they walked out of that courtroom on friday. Can’T prove it. Don’T know it. This is just circumstantial evidence as far as i’m concerned, based on 18 years of practicing law and understanding how leverage works and the leverage for a maximum settlement of these cases against desean watson dictates getting it done now, getting it done before the draft before the end Of the draft before rosters are fully baked in for the 2021 off season program, training, camp, pre season and i think don’t know, but i think that the lawyers are trying to resolve these cases and just be ready, be ready for the double lightning strike boom. 22 cases resolved power, deshawn watson, traded somewhere between now and sunday miles. You can’t rule it out and uh. Unless and until the lawyers start squabbling publicly again, which would mean it all fell apart or they’re, making one last run at pressuring the other side to agree to their terms. It feels like something may happen: it’s the proverbial calm before the storm, and i won’t be surprised if it happens well so mike.

I think the biggest thing there is that what you’re? Talking about with the lawyers right? If these guys are really saying that there’s something that can be resolved here, then that’s – probably what’s, going to happen because they’re not saying anything publicly anymore, and i feel like every time that you and i would be doing a show. There would be something to say about desean watson, pretty much every single day and since it’s been you know this whole week. You know it just really has not been anything. That’S been coming out from either camp, and from that standpoint it just seems like you’re. Definitely right these things are quiet now because they’re starting to resolve every single issue, so i think it certainly would be interesting if these things do get resolved, these cases actually really call them things get resolved. You know before or during the draft so that it allows the texans to have some sort of time to get desean watson off of their roster and other team to say all right. This is what we are willing to trade for deshaun watson, because at that point you still have more value than you might. Otherwise, when it comes to deshaun watson, i mean i don’t know what his value is at this point now, especially because he still could be facing a suspension from the league after everything that has happened here so i’m, not sure what the value would be i’m, not Sure you know it how teams would really gauge their interest in what in in trading for desean watson but yeah it? If this starts to get resolved, if the cases do start to get resolved, then it would not surprise me either to then see.

Deshaun watson moved because, at the end of the day, he’s still the kind of quarterback that teams are going to want on their team because he is clearly a very, very productive player and he’s played at an elite level. Before and there’s. No reason to think that he can’t get back there again, i’ll see your could be suspended and raise you will will be suspended. I can’t imagine the nfl walking through this minefield without resolving the situation by an unpaid suspension of desean watson. The ben roethlisberger president from 11 years ago would apply here and at one point i actually found excerpts of the letter that the commissioner sent roethlisberger and some of the same concepts. Some of the same reasoning would apply to watson, even if there’s, an agreement as part of the settlement that he admits to no wrongdoing and let’s, say. Allegations of forced activities are retracted by the handful of persons who have claimed that, even with all that the pattern of behavior the nfl, i think we’ll say requires intervention, and if ben roethlisberger got suspended, six games reduced to four as a result of two incidents. One, a civil lawsuit one, a potential prosecution potential lawsuit that i think was privately and confidentially settled. If that happens for two for him and you have 22 for deshaun watson, i don’t think he comes out of it unscathed. But but if you trade for him, you go into it knowing okay, we may be looking at four games: six games, eight games, maximum we’re, still trading for the guy we’re, still making the move, because this solves our issue and and the other side of it miles To the extent that there’s compensation in 2022 draft picks, that would be part of this – you could very easily pick at least for one of the selections, a scale based upon what his suspension is if he suspended more than six games it’s an extra fourth round pick.

If he suspended four games it’s an extra third round pick if it’s fewer than four games it’s an extra second round pick something like that. You can do whatever you want to do from a creativity standpoint and i i think that he will get suspended, but that won’t stop a team from making the trade if the lawsuits are gone and the book is closed on any potential criminal investigation. I think that’s going to be enough to get someone to pull the trigger on a trade yeah, because when you’re thinking about a quarterback you’re, not just doing that for 2021 or 2022 you’re doing it ostensibly to set yourself up at qb through 2030, because that is The kind of player that you think desean watson can be, i think, it’s the kind of player that pretty much all of us seem to think that desean watson could be based on the things that he’s done in the league so far. So this is not just something that teams would do for now, it’s for the future as well. So i i think, that’s why it sets up for a team to say yes we’re willing to take that hit that whatever it might be from in terms of pr standpoint. You know from a suspension standpoint in 2021 because for the rest of the decade, and maybe even into the 2030s, we are set up at quarterback and we are set up to go after winning a championship.

John mcclaney houston chronicle recently reported that eight teams were interested before the legal issues arose. Dolphins, jets, patriots, broncos, washington, chicago carolina, san francisco, now of those only miami has not yet addressed its quarterback needs. Every other team has made a move. The patriots re signing cam newton, the jets they’re going to take zach wilson at number. Two broncos now have teddy bridgewater. I don’t think that would stop them from trading for deshawn watson. Washington has ryan fitzpatrick. I don’t know that that would stop them from trading for deshaun. Watson bears with andy dalton same panthers. Sam darnold same, i think the only ones that fall out of the 49ers who moved up to number three and the jets who hold the second overall pick. Those are the ones who fall out. Miami is the i think, leader and the other team that wasn’t reported by john mcclane miles. That i think we need to keep an eye on. Is the philadelphia eagles i’ve been told for weeks that if and when watson is in play, they will be inclined to try to buy low, get a franchise quarterback and not be troubled by how the off field issues could impact fan reaction? Whatever look they’re the team that brought mike vick back to the nfl they’re, not going to hesitate to give deshaun watson his next chance, especially because they’re just desperate to get a franchise quarterback for sure look. I think we’ve already seen that uh, what they think of jalen hurts is at least for now.

He’S got to be in competition at qb in order to maybe secure a role and who knows, if he’s going to be in competition with joe flacco or if they’re, going to pick up somebody else in this upcoming draft tomorrow night or over the course of the Next few days, so i think that certainly the eagles could be in play. It seems to make sense. Look any team that really does not have a franchise. Quarterback already could still be in play right. I mean whether we’re talking about the the patriots there, whether we’re talking about miami who ostensibly has one with to a tag of iloa those those quarterbacks are all probably not as good right now as desean watson is. So i think from that standpoint it would make sense if teams are going to inquire about sean watson and you say: look i have this price for him and this is what i am willing to give up in order to get someone like desean watson, based on Everything in all of the circumstances that have gone on over the last couple of months, so there’s a lot to this, but i’d, certainly think that you know when you’re thinking about the eagles.

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