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Radio. This video has nothing to do with uh football. The jets, the nfl it’s completely off topic, it’s about mental health, depression, anxiety, um, suicide prevention. These are all topics that people really don’t feel comfortable talking about, but we have to because these issues are prominent in in our world today there are so many people struggling, so many people scared to reach out for help. So many people scared to talk about these topics and it’s it’s. Just weird, because it’s like it’s everybody’s fear, is a fear of being judged or a fear of having a label on you and you can’t worry about that. The most important thing is just getting the help that you need to get through another day. So yesterday in the ufc um uriah hall, my prominent fighter talked about his own depression and also the fact that one of the stanley members attempted suicide but wasn’t successful. Thankfully, and all the things she accomplished after that – and it was such a moving and touching story that you wish it would get a lot more notice, because those are the kind of stories that need to get out there as fast as possible to help inspire people And give people hope and let you understand the impact of some of your decisions, the impact of depression and how it can bring you down like far too often, you feel like you’re in this place, where you can’t you can’t get out of it.

It’S, just nothing seems right or whatever else, and you want to give up and you want to quit and you just can’t and the reason why you shouldn’t or you can’t, because you’re so much more left in this world to accomplish there’s. So many things you’d accomplish and there’s some in. I think all the other thing is too i’m talking a lot. Sorry i’m on, like all kinds of like aspirin stuff. I boxed yesterday and my face feels like i probably look terrible too um but there’s. So many things that we accomplished that we don’t even realize, like you know you you have, you could probably accomplish things every day and you probably take it for granted. You probably have a lot in your life that you take for granted and you won’t realize that until it’s gone, so you know you know when you have like when when suicide happens – and you have you know – chester, bennington and chris cornell and anthony bourdain and rob Williams, it gets all these headlines, people like wow that’s, so terrible, but and it kind of hits you a little bit, but it doesn’t really hit home until it’s, your neighbor, your friend, you know, it’s a ben, an aj, a mat, a chris guys that you, you See every day – or you know it doesn’t know until you see that, like wow, why didn’t they reach out? Why did did i do something wrong? Why didn’t? I help her.

How can i do something to make a difference and the difference is letting people know talking about depression. Anxiety is okay, it’s acceptable because everybody, and when you’re gon na find out it’s a lot of people can relate to it. That’S. The crazy thing like we’ve, been doing these videos now, for i don’t know a year or whatever. So many people have reached out to me about different things: i’m, like dude, i get it. I understand and other people chime in and they all understand there is no. There is no. You can’t, you can’t be judged for admitting something. If anything, you should get credit for it, like you know what you’re trying to help yourself that’s a great thing if you want to go to gym and lose 30 pounds, that’s a great thing, if you want to ask for help for depression, anxiety, that’s, a great Thing because the end of the day you’re getting better you’re getting help and it’s going to give you a better day, you’re going to be in a much better mood so – and i understand it’s, not easy, it’s an uncomfortable conversation – i assure you, i’ve, talked about this People jud, yeah, i’m sure people think people think things about me. I honestly don’t give a, but you can’t worry about that. What you got to worry about is is making yourself happy, you know being there for your friends and family, because you don’t want to leave this world before you have to you just don’t, you really don’t and the thing is you see it um when say when Somebody does take their life, the aftermath of all that the pain and suffering of all the loved ones around them is tremendous, and i don’t think people realize how much people actually care for you.

You’Re, like you have like you may, oh you may say: oh i’m, you know i’m all by myself, you’re, never by yourself, you’re, a phone call, an email, a text. You know there’s hotlines and if you don’t want to go a family member or a close friend, because you don’t feel comfortable about it, call a therapist call a doctor, there’s there’s, you know you can look at websites. The direct message is one of us. I mean anything there’s help out there, you just can’t, quit you can’t give up. The other thing too is i’m an enormous fan of shine down brent smith, zach myers. They do smith and myers and they did a really. They did a show in starland ballroom. A couple years ago and i’ll never forget this moment because they’re a little bit about mental health as well and helping each other and they’re saying you know what how many times have you sat there in a lousy mood and you’re sitting there and you’re just like? I hate everything bad day at work. You’Re fought with your spouse, your girlfriend, whatever you’re just you’re, just in a nasty mood and a song comes on and just like that. Your mood changes like oh, you know what, like whatever it is rock song edm rap, like your mood kind of like you kind of get out of your funk. Like all right, you know what you change your whole spirit like that, so when you feel like you’re down in those places where you’re like i can’t get out of it, i don’t know what i’m doing use an outlet that you know can change your mind.

Throw on a radio show throw on a comedy, show, put on your favorite music. Go for a run, go for a workout. The weather’s changing go, go, walk in a park, take a hike, call a friend up, hey man! You want to go, get a beard! You want to like do something to get you to change your mind that you know, like you know what makes you happy or what can change it even when you’re down, like you know what get off social media get off all this stuff and just throw on Some music that you enjoy and slowly but surely you’ll get your mood back a lot of times, it’s just exerting exerting your focus on something completely else will help you, so this actually ended up being a pretty long, video but um. The uriah hall, conversa uriah hall interview, really struck me um and also just a lot of things around the world right now with the pandemic and the vaccines and all these different things, it can be overwhelming for a lot of people, and i get it right now. More than ever, people are judging everybody. Social media is a disaster with everybody, just sharing opinions and overpowering each other and politics and money, and all this, if it’s too much for you, it’s, okay, to get off social media don’t even worry about it. Nobody’S gon na judge you and a lot of times there’s a lot of wasted energy for all of us.

So if things are making, you feel uncomfortable, if you feel pressured, you feel overwhelmed ask for help talk to somebody it’s important, and i guarantee you once you have the conversation you will feel so much better and that tomorrow be a new day. Like i said you could wake up in the morning and be like this is the worst day of my life and at some point in day, something’s gon na be positive and you just got ta realize and keep an open mind. But you know what all right, maybe this isn’t, so bad like things aren’t, always as bad as it seems like i, i um crashed my car three days ago early in the morning, tired of backed into somebody’s car i’m, like god, damn it and you don’t know. What’S gon na happen, you’re like oh, you go out. You look at it: the bumpers, all this bumpers, all that you’re miserable. What a way to start the day i got ta drive an hour to work. All these different things. You’Re furious. You think about money. All this stuff i get to work, the crack is nowhere near as bad as i thought it was going to be. I could pop in at the other things and it’s like all right. You know what it’s, not as big as i thought it was going to be yeah. It sucks it’s going to cost me money, but you know what it’s not the end of the world: it’s just it’s, just a little speed bump and a lot of things we encounter speed bumps the little glitches in the system are like all right.

Not life is not always going to be one thousand percent: perfect it’s, not always gon na be 75 degrees and sunny we’re not always going to be rich, not always got the dream house. Everything it’s, just not going to be like that. It’S not realistic, but we have a lot of good things too, and a lot of things to look forward to so you don’t want to miss out on them. So stay positive, stay active, keep your mind and body right, drink plenty of water stay hydrated. Just all these different things to keep yourself going in the right direction and you’ll be fine, and if you don’t feel fine, get help ask for help and you will you’ll just be in a much better place. So i may have rambled and repeated myself a couple times like i said i’m on, like all kinds of like town, all kinds of other so have a good day.

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