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In deciding to field strike rate of 132 playing only his 20th match Applause and he’s in the right place, ishan’s going to deliver that then shikakawan’s in the right place. Well, it’s a different game. We were talking about a second slip and there’s a ball that’s flown high and gone one bounce into the boundary at backward point. That was a terrific delivery. What a shot played very fine and i think, it’s gone exactly they intended it to go Music shut down. Now so often we say you pull the extra ball and you pay the penalty. Well, he’s bowling the extra ball and he’s got a huge wicket. Just looking to run down to third man, not quite without good, i know he did that at the previous ball he got a boundary but angle that played on Applause. Music Applause is straight through the gate of dev dub punical back to back for the delhi capitals. Ddp’S got to go. He started well. 17. 30 for two glenn maxwell 88 matches shrek right. Look at that strike rate. He strikes in those numbers. Oh crunch, yeah that’ll do get off the mark just like that glenn maxwell on the top of the bounce. Oh, it started it started. The contest is on. Applause goes again and he goes downtown. Does it go for an academy cracking six? Of course it does feel that steve smith takes the catch mishra. Oh i’m, bringing him five years from now.

He’Ll still be taking wickets bring him 10 years from now, he’ll still be taking wickets and he’s got a huge one. Glenn maxwell gone for 25. i’m, the greatest in the history of the ipl, my greatest, the greatest of the game. That’Ll be six Applause. Once again, straight five thousand runs now in the ipo, for av to village has been one of the great stars. Great attractions of the ipo steve smith takes the catch. He’S been excellent in the deep there that was hit very hard, but he’s completed the catch. Another girls recordings this from Applause, oh through the gap. Now they did, he intended to go there, or did it just end up there, but this is evie de villiers batting and that’ll end the sequence right there on cue. A b de villiers right up should be a court and bold as it is yes comfortable for rabata. He picks up his first wicket off his last ball of the spell. I was actually wondering from the commentary box where the ball was. He just stood there. He didn’t put his hands up. He had absolutely no interest until this ball was firmly in his hands or a meter away from his hands just there that’s when he went up and that’s what he called the pool. Oh he’s, a cool customer. He really is washington. Sunday goes for six one, three, nine for five clean hitter of the ball daniel sams, but he’s got ta find something very early here goes short says: two might get four in the gap.

We’Ll get four between the two australians and av dws picks up another half century Applause for the great abd Applause, oh straight hard might have been on the full might have hit the advertising Applause. Is this six or is this four it’s six there we go so de villiers hits a six here. Applause short punished, six more! Oh offside, this time for six, more goodness, me’s hit that level. Sonny straight should get to keep that strike rate of uh well above 170 candidate for the safari super striker of the match. What an innings from a.b de villiers, 75 or 42 to finish things off or rcb, sent into that first 20. Overs done – and they have finished 171 for five 172 runs required. Eight point six and over for the delhi capitals and if cheers down 190 they’ve chased down 198. with three shores, had a big part to play in one of those and check out that one on board here’s daniel samps, too short too short and it’s. Four. Oh good shot onto his pants that’s, a freebie Applause. Oh just beat the keeper just made the keeper smashed back for four Applause. One of the two fielders is going to take it yesterday. Huge went to hell number two get there specifically for that shot. One d backward square, one long lecture hell was the one with the catch and the prolific shaka that one is gone shikha darwin departs for six off seven it’s 23 for one steve smith, is a new batsman.

This is a gorgeous shot Applause. This Applause deliveries that are just on the line of off stump or outside the second one smith has looked to do a similar thing play it through the offside, but it has just held its line. A touch big edge, amy de villiers loves it 28 for two smith goes before strike rate of rishab is 151. chart. Just got wind full local dust, perfect for print 3, sure it’s, 33.2. Oh, what a good sound! What a good sound that is! Maybe just wanted. The strike that’s why he sent pretty sure back. He said he said: they’ve come here to watch me. Music Applause, very, very confident, appeal and the finger goes up. A b was absolutely convinced and risa funt referred this yeah. There is a killer spike. You can signal. No doubt now, Applause it’s wide he’s got after it. Ap is convinced again and it’s. A big wicket really is you can see in the dugouts they’re, not happy they’re, all not happy. Why would you be happy it’s wide? They deserve to be here to got the bottom edge of the back de villiers is up rcb’s up, another wicket brickley sure goes for 21 it’s 47 for 3., marcus stoinis. I don’t think he’s. Reading him at all. Is there gon na go upstairs? He always leaves it doesn’t he that last second, because it was over three meters down the pitch and given not out it stays umpire’s call it’s crashing into legs.

It looked like it was crashing into middle and legs stunt from here Applause, but he’s got it fine. There is no fielder there, so he’s got that one away and it’s a good result for stoinis very hard now that’s. What steinis is good at doing? What about that? Oh! Is it that hard too? He is hitting that really hard out marcus 22 of 16 it’s 81 for three Applause swings away. He’S coming too far, oh dear, come in just a little bit too far, washington, sunder and it’s gone Applause, he’s taking another wicket inexpensive, but that’s his 17th weekend. He’S been in the wickets, this vivo, ipl and there’s. Another stoin is gone for 22.92 for four big tests. This now for the uh heavily built shimron hitmeyer from guyana in the air. Has he timed it well enough? I think he might have just Applause, slower ball, punished, leg side for four more, oh dear straight up a donut gets a no ball and i’m, not sure he’s going to get in. He is drops it, though there’s that paddy carl he’s normally really good in the field can’t get there. He’S got an overcomer now that is where he wants to be. This is heckmeyer, though Applause, oh he’s got hold of that. Shimron had myers playing the big ones. He’S, just missed the yorker by a little bit and it’s been deposited out of the ground that’ll go to this is real muscle batting.

What have you got for us? This ball he’s got a beauty for us.

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Jos Buttler, Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Indian Premier League, Cricket, Twenty20, Mumbai Indians ? Who's a safer bet for captaincy?

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